photos of interiors, furniture, combination with wallpaper

photos of interiors, furniture, combination with wallpaper

Welcome to our updated post photos of interiors, furniture, combination with wallpaper

If you remember what a pistachio nut looks like, but a light, one might say beige shell, and a completely unique light green color will certainly appear before your eyes.

So, this shade is best combined with these colors:

  • all shades of brown;
  • light yellow;
  • white;
  • beige;
  • sandy;
  • blue;
  • red;
  • light gray.

The photo shows a light and fresh kitchen of pistachio color combined with white.

Brown color from light shades to wenge goes well and looks contrasting with green. This natural combination is just perfect and does not require additional colors.

The combination with black looks good in a strict high-tech style.

The yellow color gives a joyful and sunny mood to the entire interior.

The blue color on the kitchen facades brings a bright and fresh touch to the design.

The composition of light green with red accents looks very harmonious and natural.

Choosing a style

As mentioned above, and as the designers say, you can only decide on more specific color solutions by deciding on the style in which the room will be designed.

The choice of style affects, for example, the material and shape of the furniture, the color and manner of laying the apron, what kind of accessories will fill such an interior and much more.

The pistachio-colored kitchen looks great in Provence and country style. Also, this color is popular among fans of the Mediterranean style.

And in more modern styles, you can find familiar shades.

Kitchen design in detail

In this section, we will talk about using pistachio color in kitchen decoration.

Walls… It is recommended to paint the walls of the kitchen in pistachio color if your kitchen set is made in beige, coffee or dark brown colors.

The same applies if the furniture is made of natural wood. This combination is natural and the most harmonious in all respects. If we talk about the combination with wallpaper, then see how it looks in the following photos.

Ceiling it is desirable to paint in neutral colors, for example, white or beige. If you have two-level stretch ceilings in your kitchen, then some of its elements can be made in pistachio or olive tones.

Floor… It can be laid out with large ceramic tiles, or lay a moisture-resistant laminate. In terms of color, the floor should play along with the walls and contrast with the furniture supplied.

The most common floor colors for pistachio cuisine are light or dark brown. But do not give up other possible shades, for example, gray or beige.

Furniture… First of all, I mean the color of the kitchen set, which will set the main color background for your kitchen. What color the other elements of the furniture will be has an optional and complementary role.

The color of the facades is clearly visible in the presented photos. Here, certain notes of pastel are clearly visible and, as it were, the color fades. The patina of panels for furniture, the design of which is close to classic rustic motifs, also looks very good. Other furniture should correspond to the general style of the kitchen interior, not go beyond the aesthetic framework.

When choosing a countertop for such a kitchen, you can look closely at materials such as laminated chipboard, solid wood or acrylic stone.

In this case, the most suitable color will be a brown or light gray work surface. This rule applies to the case when the headset is painted in pistachio color.

Apron… The design of the apron is very dependent on the style of the kitchen and, accordingly, on the material from which it is laid. In principle, it would be a good form if its color is close to the palette in which the walls are painted.

Dishes, appliances and accessories… For finishing touches, use colorful dishes, textiles, or household appliances. To describe to you all the possible options and nuances, see the following photos.

So, the design of pistachio cuisine may be exactly the solution that you like. This calm, diluted and devoid of fuss color, disposes to a pleasant pastime both at the stove and at the dining table.

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