Monoprix reissues its most iconic designer pieces

Monoprix reissues its most iconic designer pieces

Monoprix reissues its most iconic designer pieces © Monoprix

To celebrate the 90 years of Prisunic and Monoprix, the brand is reissuing the cult pieces of 5 of the most emblematic designers who have contributed to its success. It will also offer a reissue of 150 objects created over the past 20 years, on the occasion of various collaborations.

While Monoprix is ​​preparing to celebrate 90 years of its history joint with Prisunic, the brand is reissuing a number of its emblematic pieces, signed by some of the big names in design that have marked its success. Because their motto was simple: to offer everyday objects at the right price, so that they are accessible to as many people as possible. “The beautiful at the price of the ugly” at Prisunic, “The beautiful and the good for all” at Monoprix. a concept that marked the spirits and which is still a recipe for success. Created in 1931 at the initiative of Printemps, Prisunic has always been working to combining major design signatures and popular success. In 1955, when the modern consumer society was booming, Prisunic created her first style office, headed by Denise Faylolle, who would soon be joined by Andrée Putman. And the brand continues to innovate: in 1968, it released its first mail order catalog, thus opening the door to numerous collaborations with a new wave of designers who will quickly become references : Olivier Mourgue, Terence Conran, who has just founded Habitat, Claude Couretcuisse, Jean-Pierre Garrault and Danielle Quarante.

Cult designer pieces reissued for the 90th anniversary of Monoprix and Prisunic © Monoprix

Monoprix, created in 1932 by Galeries Lafayette, bought Prisunic in 1997, but the recipe did not change. The new management, convinced that proximity is the key to success, is in fact relying on the best of two brands, combining the style office of Prisunic and the commercial strike force of Monoprix. A new area opens up, with a new series of collaborations that have seen one another to date more than a hundred designers. To celebrate these 90 years of creation, Monoprix is ​​therefore offering the reissue of several of its cult pieces, as well as the reissue of no less than 150 objects signed for it in its last 20 years by Paola Navone, Constance Guisset, Ionna Vautrin, Vincent Darré, Antoinette Fish …

Navy blue seat, Terence Conrant x Monoprix; Scarf, Jean-Pierre Garrault x Monoprix © Monoprix

Iconics to find in a pop-up store in Paris and online from December 3 to 11. Another event not to be missed: retrospective exhibition “Design for everyone: from Prisunic to Monoprix, a French adventure”, from December 2, 2021 to May 15, 2022 at the Museum of Decorative Arts.

Silver Elysée lamp, Marc Held x Monoprix; Dièdre rouge, Dutch Design x Monoprix © Monoprix

Neon pink picolo, India Mahdavi x Monoprix; Salt and pepper shakers, Ionna Vautrin x Monoprix © Monoprix

Retrospective collection: the iconic Monoprix reissued © Monoprix

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