Buying your mattress online: advantages, disadvantages, price …

Buying your mattress online: advantages, disadvantages, price ...

The possibility of buying bedding online and having it delivered in a few hours is sometimes attracting more and more people. But is it a good idea to choose your bedding without trying it on? At what price ? Answers.

In decoration, online sales are no longer in their infancy. From the sofa to the television, including dishes or knick-knacks, you can buy absolutely everything on the Internet, and thus equip your house from floor to ceiling without leaving your living room. Buying on the web is popular with consumers, for furniture as well as household appliances, or even DIY materials.

The bedding is therefore there too! Tediber, Emma, ​​Eve, Simba, Kipli … Many players now offer to buy your mattress online. However, the sector is specialized in the sale of large, bulky items to say the least. And this is precisely one of the explanations for this growing phenomenon: the brands which opt for this new model save, in fact, the rental of a store which is by definition spacious, and therefore expensive.

But, for the consumer, the change is still radical. Maison à part takes stock of this new purchasing method which is shaking up the bedding sector.

Buying your mattress online: the advantages

We know that buying online has many advantages: no need to take the car – the bedding spaces are often located in shopping areas on the outskirts of towns – neither queue in store on a Saturday afternoon.

You may also be less lost between the different models of mattresses and box springs in front of your screen. You can choose quietly, including at 10 p.m. or on Sundays, without being blocked by store opening hours. Above all, you can decipher in detail the composition of the mattress, the technology, the type of support, etc. The buying guides online, like ours, are also just a click away when shopping on the web.

Finally, neither more nor less than in store, you can benefit from the home delivery of your bedding. However, some sites also offer express delivery which allows you to receive your new bedding in less than 24 hours.

Delivery is free 90% of the time, with some sites like Eve offering paid options to choose a restricted niche. The little extra: the mattresses are often delivered rolled up, which facilitates storage and delivery, without damaging the product.

Tediber and his “incredible mattress” © Tediber

Buying your mattress online: the disadvantages

On the other hand, on the Internet, impossible to test ! At least, not until you’ve bought and received the product. Still, bedding preferences are very subjective. While some appreciate the flexibility of a foam mattress, others swear by extreme firmness, like that of latex mattresses. This is why it is strongly recommended to lie down for several minutes on the mattresses displayed in the store to be sure to choose the model that suits you best.

In addition, recent technologies, such as memory foam or pocket springs, deserve to be tested and could change the mind of an informed consumer.

To compensate for this problem, most sites therefore offer you test the mattress for a period of time, and return it if it doesn’t suit you. This was already the case for many storefront brands, but this option becomes essential in the case of an online sale! The test period is an average of 100 nights, or just over 3 months, which should allow you to verify that this is the mattress of your dreams.

Some sites have also worked around the problem by opening their showroom, like Tediber. Unfortunately, these showrooms are often located in Paris, but some brands still have a network of resellers (such as Eve mattresses for example, present at But). Proof that the system has its limits?

Another drawback: the choice of models, much more limited than in store. Although they exist in several sizes, the mattresses offered online are only available in a few models, with most manufacturers focusing on the quality of their technology rather than on quantity.

Finally, be aware that most online sellers do not collect your old mattress. It’s up to you to manage with the bulky items in your city!

Online mattresses: what quality?

The question of quality often comes up when it comes to buying on the internet. Considered to be a concentrate of scams in all areas, the web has long had a bad reputation. It is impossible to judge from a distance the quality of a product, moreover a mattress, since you will not be able to look at the seams or touch the covering material.

Today, however, bedding brands seem to have evaded this negative image, in particular by being lauded by several consumer associations. This is the case of Emma, ​​who obtained the best score in the 2020 selection of the UFC-What to choose.

Most brands play on the notion ofinnovation, by offering a single mattress, but at the unique technology. A selling point … which can also backfire, since it is by definition a type of bedding that the consumer does not know, and therefore risks not appreciating. Others, like Kipli, put forward the environmental argument.

What quality for online mattresses? © Simba

In practice, the return rates are very low (around 5%), which would tend to prove the success of the concept. Note also that many brands now offer several versions of their mattresses, with improved or even high-end models of their original mattress. But here too the competition is raging. Some brands, like Casper, or Tulo (at Conforama), seem to have disappeared almost as quickly as they appeared on the market.

About the guarantee offered, it is often equivalent to that of mid-range brands, i.e. 10 years.

Buy your mattress online: what price?

This is obviously the sinews of war, and the main selling point of sites that offer mattresses and box springs. And for good reason: bedding is considered one of the most important expenses in household equipment. The credo of online brands? Offer products for direct sale, therefore less expensive.

Site Price of a 160 * 200 mattress Test Exchange and return
Bruno € 750 50 nights Free
Emma € 747 100 nights Free, home collection
Eve € 799 100 nights Free
Ilobed € 699 100 nights Free, home collection
Kipli € 1,490 100 nights Gartuit (One) € 679 101 nights Free, home collection From 259 € 100 nights € 69 refunded in voucher, home collection
Simba € 1,079 100 nights Free, home collection
Tediber € 750 100 nights Free, home collection

Remember, however, that most of these mattresses are made of foam, in particular those delivered rolled up. A material which, although it is an innovative technology that offers good support, remains among the cheapest in the wide range of the bedding sector. Tediber, for its part, offers a latex mattress, more upscale.

Buying your mattress online: advantages, disadvantages, price …

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