Kitchen to the ceiling – Is it worth it to do this (pros and cons)

Kitchen to the ceiling - Is it worth it to do this (pros and cons)

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Pros and cons of kitchen under the ceiling

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets have a lot advantages… Among the main ones:

  • Less dust… No gap at the top makes cleaning easier.
  • Large cabinet capacity… The wall modules can be used to store kitchen appliances, “ceremonial” dishes, food supplies. Seasonal items are also placed here: barbecue equipment, New Year’s and Easter decorations, containers for making jam.
  • Neat look of the kitchen… There is no temptation to force free cabinet surfaces with crockery and decor. Plus, as a rule, such kitchens are made without handles. That is, the facades look monolithic, which is ideal for minimalist design.
  • Changing room proportions… Correctly selected textures and shades can visually increase the height of the ceiling, create the illusion of spaciousness even in a small kitchen.
  • Disguise ventilation ducts and other communications.

Despite the obvious advantages, not everyone likes kitchens with mezzanines to the ceiling. Opponents’ arguments such a design:

  1. 1 High price… Wall cabinets will have to be made to order. Even the most budgetary option – the upper tier of standard small modules – will require additional costs.
  2. 2 Complexity of installation… Heavy tall cabinets are mounted on perfectly aligned walls, high-quality stops will be required. The work can only be entrusted to experienced craftsmen, whose time is expensive.
  3. 3 Lack of convenience… The top section is too high – you will have to use a stepladder to get things. It is difficult to maintain order in the mezzanine due to difficult access.
  4. 4 Closed access to ventilation… Kitchens with cupboards up to the ceiling obstruct the ventilation holes, which prevents normal air outflow. An open window will not save the day, especially in kitchens where there is a lot of cooking.
  5. five Complexity of registration… A ceiling-high set is not suitable for every kitchen. In a too narrow room, there will be a “glass effect”, even a successful color will not save

We recommend not to rush to order haute cuisine, but first carefully look at how they look in the salons (preferably more than one). This is the only way you can understand how comfortable they are for you.

No picture or photograph will give such an understanding. If there is a feeling that the modules placed under the ceiling press and cause an attack of claustrophobia, it is better to refuse fashionable design.

Kitchen to the ceiling: design features

So, what are the features here. As you know, a standard kitchen consists of floor-standing cabinets that form a work surface and hanging modules. The latter are placed at a convenient height for the hostess, in the upper part usually there is a gap, the width of which depends on the height of the cabinets.

Therefore, it is quite logical that people who do not like such gaps began to make kitchens, hanging cabinets of which reach the ceiling. By the way, this fashion came to us from the “decaying” West and took root very well in the post-Soviet expanses (especially when decorating a kitchen in a Scandinavian style).

The upper part of the kitchen unit can consist of solid cabinets forming a solid wall, from combinations with open shelves or modules with glass doors. For a small room, single-color cabinets of restrained colors are suitable. The lighter the surfaces, the more spacious the kitchen will look.

Designers recommend matching the upper cabinets to the color of the ceiling: this technique will increase the height of the room.

It is advisable to avoid too bright colors, contrasting combinations, large patterns. If you want to combine several colors, it is better to place the dark shades at the bottom, and the lightest ones at the ceiling.

A good idea for a kitchen of any size is to design the top cabinets with glazing (transparent for classics or muddy for more modern styles). They create a feeling of spaciousness, fill the room with air.

What should be the kitchen ceiling

Top cabinets that extend to the ceiling draw attention to it. In order for an expensive set to truly decorate the kitchen, you need to remove all the irregularities, think over the color and texture of the ceiling.

If it does not have large drops, protrusions and pits, the surface can be leveled independently or with the assistance of specialists. All irregularities are carefully putty, then the surface is painted in pastel color.

Designers do not recommend making multi-level structures in such kitchens, they do not harmonize well with tall cabinets.

A practical solution is a stretch ceiling. In the kitchen, it is recommended to use vinyl, matt or satin. Such a coating does not absorb moisture, grease and food odors, is easy to clean, and retains an attractive appearance for a long time.

The gaps between the ceilings and the upper section of the kitchen, if any, are closed with a cornice or false plank. They are installed after installing the headset and give the kitchen a finished look. The cornice not only decorates the kitchen, but also protects it from dust: it does not fall into the narrow cracks above the hanging cabinets.

Design options for kitchens to the ceiling

Ceiling cabinets work well for minimalist kitchens. The best choice is smooth matte or glossy doors with laconic handles, which can be combined with open shelves.

The classic-style kitchen will be effectively complemented by upper cabinets with glass inserts: matte, corrugated, stained glass. High-tech spaces will be decorated with sleek cabinet doors with an interesting texture.

A very unusual option is mirrored doors. It is better to place such cabinets in the upper tier, hanging them close.

High ceilinged kitchens are an interesting solution that is not suitable for every room. Before deciding on such a design, you should consult with a designer: a specialist will suggest the best options and help you avoid mistakes.

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