Kitchen in a private house next to the stairs to the second floor (40 photos)

Kitchen in a private house next to the stairs to the second floor (40 photos)

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Features of the layout

It is hardly possible to call such a repair typical: too many nuances must be taken into account even at the planning stage. In order not to make mistakes, we recommend taking into account the following points:

  • Most often, the stairs are placed in studio rooms, divided into zones;
  • Think about how to use the space under the stairs: perhaps cabinets or even a full-size headset will organically fit there;
  • Think about where the shadow from the stairs will fall – if on the work surface, then you should make a good backlight;

To create a beautiful interior, it is important to draw up a design project correctly. This is especially true if you want to equip a kitchen combined with a living room. In this case, the steps can act as a separator between the two zones, if you beat them correctly.

As you can see, we didn’t say anything complicated or unexpected. And yet, many people forget about these subtleties, and the result is not very attractive. Let’s take a look at the most successful examples of placing a kitchen near the stairs.

Classic style

If you have a small family or you just do not cook much, you should not allocate a lot of space for this zone. Try to use a small part of the room rationally.

For example, this option is a kitchen located under the stairs to the second floor. It looks compact, but is actually quite functional.

A good idea: Built-in wardrobe is comfortable and spacious. Even if it repeats the steps in shape, you will have many cells for storing small kitchen items.

In this case, you get a small kitchen area with a dining area, clearly delimited by steps.

Place the kitchen unit along the gangway. This is a good move for narrow but long rooms. In a wooden house with a panel ceiling, try matching furniture. Not a very familiar solution, but undoubtedly elegant.

A U-shaped kitchen, where one part is turned into a dining table, is suitable for a cottage or a summer cottage. If the staircase is not too wide, but high, place chairs under it.

Provence style

Thanks to the selection of finishes, a kitchen with a staircase upstairs in a private house can look elegant and at the same time cozy.

We advise you to experiment with painted timber – it is ideal for this design. It is better to choose pastel, delicate colors, such as light blue or almost transparent green.

Idea: Make the steps in the same color scheme as the walls. So the interior will be holistic.

If the lift is hidden behind partitions, repair the room without looking back at it. This method is convenient if you are building a house according to your own design: immediately there are fewer restrictions. But it must be borne in mind that the partitions will take up additional space.

If you do not plan to disguise the gangway, make them part of the decor. Use the smooth lines characteristic of Provence without unnecessary curls.

Chalet style

A completely wooden house, typical for such interiors, is even more interesting thanks to the stairs in the kitchen-living room. Place the headset and equipment directly below it. True, for this you will have to make the steps wide enough – make sure that the area of ​​the room allows it.

We recommend installing a bar counter or a kitchen island as a border between the zones – this is functional and practical. In addition, if necessary, they can replace the dining table. Alternatively, take a small round table with a wooden top.

Feel free to combine traditional chalet-style materials and textures with contemporary furnishings. Such a combination can be effective, especially if you choose the right color scheme. For example, light woody walls and stairs with gray furniture with white stone countertops.

The main rule is that everything should be as natural as possible. Don’t get carried away with plastic or metal. Experiment with the shape of the stairs. Such a twisted structure with high solid railings looks stylish and uncommon.

In high rooms, a ceiling with beams, decorated to match the steps, looks good. A small work area is located directly below them. If you feel that this surface is not enough for you to work, we advise you to put a small bar counter. It will replace not only the dining table, but also provide additional space for all kinds of kitchen manipulations.

Modern style

And here your design possibilities are practically unlimited: any combinations and bold decisions are allowed.

Colorful brush strokes bring the interior to life, especially if you’ve chosen a monochromatic design. Try adding them not only as accessories, but also on the side panels of the steps. Buy chairs to match them. All this is easy to do, and the room immediately gets an original and stylish look.

A good option in a small house is the kitchen under the stairs. Match your headset to the exact size. It is very important to make all the measurements correctly, otherwise you will have to change the furniture, since it will not simply fit into the allotted niche. The arrangement of the remaining elements can be arbitrary.

We advise you not to abandon the use of the kitchen island – it will complement a not too large work surface. In addition, its use is justified even in small rooms: a few extra lockers and boxes for various utensils will not hurt anyone.

If you are designing a kitchen-dining room in the style of a modern classic, consider a twisted staircase with combined glass and wood railings. Extraordinary, beautiful and safe.

The kitchen near the stairs to the 2nd floor is a convenient technique that allows you to leave most of the room as a recreation area or dining room. However, avoid placing furniture exclusively around the perimeter – centralized arrangement is now in vogue.

We advise you to experiment with the design of the steps themselves. For example, make them glossy, but illuminate from the inside with small bulbs. Agree, an unusual picture.

In addition, this makes the structure safer: arrange the lighting in such a way that you can activate the lamps on both the first and second floors.

If the gangway leads to an open second level, place the kitchen at the bottom, and make the dining or living room at the top. Try to match your upper floor railings to match the decor of your staircase.

Country style

For such interiors, the use of natural materials is encouraged. Make a staircase to the attic floor of planks, perhaps even a little rough, “raw” texture.

Alternatively, experiment with log cabins. This is a rather costly technique, but it cannot be denied that it looks extremely impressive. A kitchen made in this way requires certain dimensions of the room: take this into account when designing.

It is best to place a corner set with a bar under the steps – it will clearly outline the working area, separating it from the living room. In addition, in 2020 they are at the height of fashion.

The staircase leading to the 2nd floor in country style should be an element of the interior. Do not try to disguise it or hide it behind panels – try to beat it by turning it into a kind of decoration.

Pay attention to the railing in this photo: the delicate carvings fit perfectly into the rustic decor. Of course, the implementation of such a project will have to spend a lot of money – but the result is definitely worth it.

Loft style

The twisted iron staircase visually echoes the backs of the dining chairs. These little tweaks help to ensure the integrity of the interior. In addition, black metal looks advantageous against the background of a red brick wall. Avoid intricate wrought iron railings – they are not very suitable for a loft.

However, there are also simpler solutions. For example, a narrow staircase with straight partitions and imitation of wooden steps. Oddly enough, it fits perfectly into the overall look. True, do not make it very small, otherwise it will be inconvenient to rise.

The difficulties in installing this structure may scare some loft lovers away. However, the result looks incredible – the steps seem to float in the air, creating an airy effect. Such an interior resembles a frame from a futuristic film.

Thanks to the high railings, the staircase serves as a full replacement for the wall. Place kitchen furniture and appliances on one side (oven, refrigerator, microwave), and on the other, arrange a lounge area with a sofa.

We recommend using this technique in spacious rooms: on a small scale, the impression will be slightly blurred.

The opposite option is a dark massive iron staircase. If the previous type seems too fragile or you are afraid of heights, consider these gangways. The monumental look and deliberate simplicity fit perfectly with the general trends of the loft.

As you can see, a kitchen with a staircase in the country or in a private house can be decorated in almost any style. The main thing is to think over the design features and harmoniously fit it into the interior. We are sure that with our advice it will not be difficult at all.

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