design rules + 30 bright photos

design rules + 30 bright photos

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Modern “Boho Chic” has become more elegant – now it is considered an original and elegant design that has not lost its identity. In our article we will tell you about the features of a boho-style kitchen – with detailed recommendations and photos.

What it is?

At first glance, it might seem that boho is an incomprehensible hodgepodge of various accessories and randomly selected colors.

But no: as in any other style, there are rules that must be followed.

On the other hand, a certain freedom remains – there are no such rigid frameworks as, for example, in the Baroque or Mediterranean type of design.

And yet, let’s see what it is worth focusing on:

  • Abundance of accessories and decor – the cornerstone of boho chic. They can belong to different styles, the main thing is that the decor expresses your inner world. Decorate your kitchen with things related to your hobbies, family traditions … Very antiques and various things are welcomethat are passed down from generation to generation.
  • Naturalness of materials: plastic and metal will have to be abandoned. Otherwise, it all depends on your imagination – wood, wallpaper, brick, ceramics …
  • Pay attention to ethnic motives: They fit perfectly the boho style.
  • The choice of colors is wide enough, but it is better to give preference to natural shades that are found in nature. They should be bright and rich, but not acidic – orange, blue, red … The palette in boho is practically unlimited.
  • Design advice: If you feel that the design project is very bright, add white as a background – it will soften the atmosphere.
  • Textile… Lots of textiles. It is impossible to overdo it here. Of course, this rule is more difficult to follow in the kitchen than in other rooms. However, curtains, upholstered furniture, tablecloths and napkins should be conspicuous and be full participants in the interior.

Boho-chic style in the interior of home kitchen has one big “danger” – it is easy to forget about the sense of proportion, turning the room into a sample of kitsch, where there is too much of everything.

We offer you to see a photo of examples where this error was avoided.

Real examples

Note that you don’t have to try to match all the colors of the rainbow. If this approach seems a little too daring, consider beige tones with bold color accents. Turquoise textiles look very interesting against such a background.

Pay attention to the pictures – they are different, but they are designed in the same scale. This helps to create a holistic interior.

Plant lovers shouldn’t even hesitate – boho will suit them. A large amount of greenery is another traditional move that can be played well. If the kitchen is small, but high, it is better to choose a planter rather than a pots – this way the valuable horizontal surfaces will not be occupied. In addition, this will add volume to the room.

Bright dishes, unusual chandeliers with decorations – such a combination could be lurid. But if you use a neutral background, the design will be stylish and not rude.

If you want a more modern design of the apartment, then try to borrow from boho only some elements: for example, bright colors and an abundance of paintings on the wall.

Of course, this is a departure from some key ones. On the other hand, if you are comfortable in just such a place, there is no point in refusing, self-expression is the priority moment in this direction.

The traditional technique is brick “aged walls”. They look especially impressive in spacious rooms. The impression is created by stylish antique chandeliers and a catchy retro refrigerator.

True, finding such items will not be easy: we recommend searching on foreign sites such as EBay or finding a store where they can be brought to order.

Pay attention to the little things: Any detail can play a decisive role in creating a boho chic atmosphere. Unusual colored vases, books, posters … All this is inexpensive, and the result is beyond praise.

You do not need to achieve ideal combinations: the main thing is that you personally like each element and reflect some part of life. But without exaggeration: trying to arrange a flea market in the kitchen with a thousand little things will still be overkill.

Remember that in the kitchen you will not only have to enjoy the interior, but also cook: everything should be as comfortable as possible.

In the spacious rooms of a private house, there are even more possibilities for imagination. Here you have to keep a balance: you need to use the dimensions of the room, but not make it visually smaller. Alternatively, experiment with textures, abandoning voluminous decor.

At first glance, this advice sounds strange – isn’t it more logical to do this in small kitchens? But boho-chic is fully revealed in a large space. Unusual furniture, painting on an apron, bottles and jars … Do not forget about the characteristic textiles: beautiful bright towels will be a better accent than a statue or massive stucco.

The combination of interior items also looks interesting: bright caramel household appliances contrast very stylishly with aged furniture. Here, too, you need to clearly maintain the line: antique styling is appropriate, but a table that has lost its appearance for natural reasons is better to restore.

Speaking of furniture: Don’t try to put together the perfect kitchen set. A little bit of confusion is what you need. Stick to general motives, but choose different colors and shapes of chairs.

The boho-chic style is also remarkable in that you can make many decorative elements with your own hands.

Posters and paintings, seat rugs, unusual boxes and figurines. All this is not so difficult to do with a little perseverance and accuracy.

If you are not confident in your abilities, then you also do not need to immediately run to the store. Dig in the mezzanine, ask your friends: sometimes real design masterpieces are located where no one could have thought. Or visit local flea markets – we are sure there will be a lot of original gizmos.

Here’s what we highly recommend spending money on is beautiful and textured chandeliers… Feel free to choose the most eye-catching options – they will be appropriate. And you will have to give up the usual spotlights – they are still too modern and do not carry uniqueness.

note on the apron in the photo: the transitions of shades look quite fresh and non-standard. However, the main nuance of the interior is not in it, but in the books matched to the tone. Out of the box, isn’t it?

Boho chic can also be decorated in restrained colors. How about classic white? In this case, nothing limits you in choosing a decor – all kinds of bright details against such a background will look very advantageous.

Plays a huge role dishes: nevertheless, do not forget about the functional purpose of the room. Books, toys, figurines – good and “to the point”. But if you miss the dishes and cutlery, you will lose a lot: boring plates can instantly ruin any design.

note on bright ceramics, colored porcelain, unusual painted glass … The more original – the better!

Let’s summarize? Despite the abundance of stereotypes associated with it, boho chic is a fairly simple style to implement. In addition, its budget is pleasantly surprised – most of the elements can be made by hand or bought inexpensively.

So if you like expressing yourself through the interior, we recommend giving it a try. Read about other ways to create a fashionable and beautiful kitchen in this section.

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