Baroque aristocratic kitchens

Baroque aristocratic kitchens

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Notable features

Having chosen the baroque style for decorating your kitchen, you must understand that you have set yourself a difficult task.

It is important to combine high functionality of the room and a large amount of decor.

Stucco molding and decor on facades, carved massive furniture, columns, glass stained glass cabinet doors, open shelves for dishes – this is all that is inherent in this style.

Will have to the maximum hide modern household appliances, introducing disharmony into the given design solution. The refrigerator, dishwasher or washing machine is hidden behind the facades.

You will be surprised, but today the baroque style ovens and hoods are on sale. It is on them that you should opt for.

Wall decoration is designed to set off the richness of furniture, so it should be made monotonous.

The same applies to the ceiling. The transition between it and the walls, pieces of furniture, will favorably emphasize a massive cornice from several tiers.

Color spectrum

A warm color scheme is a must for such a kitchen. Often used cream, sand, beige tones

A luxurious impression can be created by combining contrasting combinations of light and darker variations of furniture and flooring.

The luxury of the furnishings will help emphasize the abundance of gilding. It is present on carved cornices and facades, chairs, dining tables.

White and gold splendor will be complemented by gilded taps, candlesticks, metal coffee sets, jugs, trays, vases. A darker floor and walls against a backdrop of restrained accents of gilding and white furniture will create a truly luxurious interior.


Furniture is what vividly indicates that the kitchen belongs to the Baroque style. The cabinets look like sideboards with glass doors. Expensive fine china dishes are on display.

The furniture is made from precious woods: cherry, alder, ash, oak, chestnut, elm, acacia. Varnishing, inlay, mother-of-pearl, veneer, carved decorative elements are used. The most common motives are garlands, flowers, branches.

The curved legs of the kitchen, chairs and tables add exclusivity to the furniture. The table top is often massive with carved edges, decorated with gilding. The backs and seats are predominantly oval or round in shape with fabric upholstery.

Decor elements

Rich decor is a must-have baroque attribute.

Such an interior should have a massive crystal chandelier. When decorating windows, give preference to flowing fabrics with embroidery or ornaments.

Ideally, if they will be made of the same fabric as the upholstery of the furniture, or at least have something in common with the pattern.

A well-chosen combination of colors and an optimal arrangement of accents will make it easy to create a luxurious kitchen.

You must understand that such a design will require not only a professional approach and detailed thoughtfulness, but also large material investments.

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