99 ideas and photos of interiors

99 ideas and photos of interiors

Welcome to our latest post 99 ideas and photos of interiors

It shares many similarities with styles such as Mediterranean and Country.

Design features

The photo shows a traditional Italian-style kitchen design for a country house.

The main component of the Italian interior is the use of natural materials in the work, which creates the effect of light negligence and harmony in the environment.

The photo shows a modern Italian-style kitchen that fits perfectly into a city apartment.

New global trends in interior design, although they did not fully touch Italy, gave it new opportunities for further reincarnation. This became especially noticeable in the decoration of the kitchen.

When decorating walls, paintings with fruits and landscapes are often used, which can be hung on the wall opposite from the working area.

Clay pots and flowerpots, wicker dishes, wine bottles entwined with woolen threads can be used as decorations, which perfectly decorate and complement the kitchen work area.

It will be perfectly authentic if you use original things brought from Italy.

You can complement the overall flavor of the Mediterranean with beautiful traditional dishes.

Small accessories should also be considered carefully. They should resemble Italy and can be souvenirs, dried herbs, artichoke, a bottle of olive oil, artificial olives. Such items should be placed in a conspicuous place.

The design of a tile backsplash is usually chosen based on the general color scheme and the combination rules 60/30/10. Often in the area of ​​the hearth, a beautiful panel depicting still lifes or landscapes is laid out.

Floor coverings, especially in the kitchen area, are not accepted in this style. To give a complete plot in the interior, they use cappuccino or light beige curtains and hangings for the kitchen and fasten them with a beautiful ribbon around the edges of the window.

Features of the choice of furniture

Italian furniture is famous for its variety of colors, textures and the use of natural wood species.

The features of furniture include:

  • Interesting combinations of wood species, wood grain pattern, toning;
  • Anxious attitude to the details of decoration;
  • Careful planning of the arrangement of things. Such precision allows you to get a slight artistic negligence with the simultaneous functioning of every detail of the kitchen interior;
  • Using only natural material (wood, stone, metal);
  • A combination of textures and colors in one range;
  • Contrast of colors in the interior. Many designers prefer to use sky blue paints and combine them with bright, juicy colors of greenery, lavender, bright yellow, red and orange hues.

Such furniture has no small cost, but its appearance and originality are worth it. It can resemble furniture that has been passed down from generation to generation.

In such kitchen sets, it is customary to use massive wooden benches instead of ordinary stools and chairs, and a stone one instead of a wooden countertop.

Particular attention is paid to the carving on each wooden kitchen set. The variety of floral motifs and traditional elements of the kitchen are simply impossible to miss. In Italian kitchens, in addition to decorative design, there is also the functionality of each of them.

There are wall cabinets, cupboards, a fireplace (electric, if not normal). All these details of the headset are made of natural wood, stone with various finishes.

Lighting in Italian kitchen

Light plays an important role in the design of the Italian kitchen style. It should be diffused, and the lamps should be retro.

Such a contrast will give the kitchen a soft light, which will emphasize the depth of color changes in the interior, the power and grandeur of natural wood and stone, and also add romance and tenderness to the room.

For the best antique imitation, antique lanterns, candelabra, crystal chandeliers and wall sconces are ideal. The presence of a large number of lamps is evenly distributed over the zones.

Even a table lamp on a cutting surface in this interior will look beautiful and be combined with other design elements.

The layout of Italian homes usually consists of fairly low ceilings. This effect can be obtained using suspended ceilings or ceiling beams.

Kitchens are often decorated with stained glass windows. These can be glass bottles made of colored glass, shades, door glasses, window openings, ceiling lamps.

Summing up

The Italian style in the interior of the kitchen implies the use of high-quality and natural types of wood, stone and metal.

A wide variety of decorative elements in the interior, paintings, stained-glass windows, light will give comfort, elegance and individuality to each room.

The love of Italians for flowers, bright colors is conveyed in the decoration of walls, headset panels, dishes.

It is the combination of different breeds and textures with each other into one whole that made the Italian style so popular and unique. Simplicity and grace interspersed with modern design allows you to embody this style in almost any room.

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