69 luscious interior design ideas

69 luscious interior design ideas

Welcome to our new post 69 luscious interior design ideas

Start your day in a bright kitchen, and best of all in a red one. Then a double charge of energy from your morning cup of coffee and the surrounding space is guaranteed. The main thing is not to overdo it with the color intensity and not overdo it with the combination of styles.

Pros and cons of red cuisine

The red color in the design, including the kitchen area, can seem aggressive, overly shocking and annoying. This is due to the dual nature of this color: on the one hand, it is the color of struggle, anger and a strong masculine principle “yang”, on the other, it is the color of healing and powerful energy nourishment (it especially helps with seasonal depression, anemia and general loss of strength).

Among the undoubted advantages of this particular color scheme of the interior are the following:

  • Creates a festive atmosphere. With a minimum of effort, maximum solemnity.
  • The right accents in the design details will help to improve the mood and saturate the room with positive energy.
  • It allows you to make the space chamber and at the same time, refined and luxurious.

But using such a color scheme has its weaknesses and disadvantages:

  • The intense color has an exciting effect on the nervous system, the red color in the design of the room is contraindicated for hypertensive patients.
  • An excessively bright shade can reduce performance and cause fatigue.
  • A small kitchen will seem even smaller if there is too much red in its design.

Knowing such nuances, you can successfully use red in all its diversity in interior design. And with the right palette, your kitchen can look chic Victorian or subtly minimalist.

A wealth of styles

1 A bright blow to high technology

Straight, austere lines, an abundance of glass, plastic and metal, a precise functionality of the space to the millimeter are the main features of the high-tech style. Not a home, but a favorite office.

But you want warmth and comfort. Even the most office-like kitchen can be easily domesticated if you use shades of red in the design. Dark cherry, raspberry, scarlet go well with chrome details and black and white accents.

A relatively new trend in high-tech design is eco- and bio-tech. These styles, with the same rigor and pragmatic approach to organizing space, do not argue with nature, but conduct a dialogue with it.

When decorating a room in these styles, a combination of antagonistic colors – green and blue – is used. It is appropriate to perform the decor with a duet of red and orange.

2 Industrial sounding loft

A relatively young architectural style has reached our latitudes. The loft (from the English loft – the attic) was very popular in the bohemian environment of New York in the 50-60s of the last century.

Then creative people began to use factory, warehouse and office premises for studio apartments. They cost an order of magnitude cheaper than ordinary apartments and promised considerable opportunities for the implementation of creative ideas.

Even a small “Khrushchev” can be turned into a bohemian loft. The main thing is to correctly zoning the space and choose a palette.

An untreated brick wall in terracotta or deep red is the perfect backdrop for rough-hewn wooden shelving and glass-topped metal chairs and tables.

red loft style kitchen

3 The understated sophistication of Victorian England

Usually, it is customary to decorate living rooms, offices, and sometimes bedrooms in a similar style. But even your favorite cuisine, combining noble burgundy with dark wood, can take you to Victorian England in the middle of the 19th century.

The peculiarity of the style is eclecticism. Rococo, classic, gothic and exotic are combined here. Exotic, in this case, exclusively Chinese or Indian. Leave other oriental delights for a different style.

The main thing to consider when choosing this style is that the whole apartment should be maintained in the same spirit. Victorian England abhors competition from other design trends.

red kitchen in english style

4 East is a delicate matter

The most fertile choice for red cuisine is oriental style.

All shades of red are actively used in interior design in Arabic, Moroccan and Chinese styles. The only difference is in the details of the decor, the combination of colors and the style of the space.

Openwork carving and an abundance of ornaments are characteristic of both Arab and Moroccan styles. The only difference is in the selection of colors.

The Arabic style uses basic neutral tones with bold accents, including red, burgundy, ruby ​​and terracotta.

The Moroccan style involves the use of more intense, heavy “spicy” color ensembles: a combination of dark blue, purple with burgundy, carmine red, warm yellow, emerald.

The Chinese style also favors red. The space is clearly zoned with decorative screens, textiles and wallpaper are painted with images of birds, flowers, mythical animals.

The Chinese style, like no other, has a natural combination of colors: dark green, blue, white, black, purple, gold – and all this within one room.

Riot of colors

Whichever style you choose for decoration, it is important to take into account the basic combination of colors.

The black

The most provocative combination. In its pure form, it is practically not used – the situation turns out to be too gloomy. Even to organize the space in a Gothic style, this duo is diluted with white, gray or soft pastel tones.

beautiful red and black kitchen

Another nuance, for greater respectability, you should choose more calm shades of red. The abundance of white will visually increase the area of ​​the room.

red japanese style kitchen


A classic combination that does not require the addition of other tones.

In the photo there is a red kitchen in a modern design from IKEA. Bright glossy facades look great in combination with white.

So that the room does not look boring, you should alternate between plain and patterned surfaces. With monochrome walls, a mosaic floor will look good.


A good choice for creating a cozy atmosphere. Most often, beige is “assigned” as a base color. Sand, straw, earthen go well with rich red.

When choosing a countertop for such a kitchen, take a closer look at acrylic surfaces or laminated chipboard.

For beige, almost all shades of red are suitable – from thick burgundy to pinkish-raspberry. This combination is applicable in retro style, classics, possibly in modern style, if thick red tones are present in the form of small decorative elements.


Quite a bold combination – the struggle of “Ice and Fire”. Nevertheless, it is this choice that will determine the psychological temperature of the room. Base red will make the space warmer, base blue will make it cool.


The most natural duet, but on condition that the colors match natural tones as much as possible. No “acidic” paints.

Even for glamorous boho, it will be too much. The green should be deep, dark emerald green, perhaps even bluish. At the same time, red should be chosen quieter and in the wilderness – burgundy, carmine, cherry, coral and success is guaranteed.


These colors are close. This combination in decoration looks harmonious. Appropriate for recreating the English style. An abundance of wood with dark cherry, burgundy accents will make your kitchen truly luxurious.


The warmest combination. It is important to consider where your kitchen windows face. If to the southeast or south, then this color scheme will have to be abandoned. The room, especially during the summer months, will feel blazingly sultry.

Details are always important

The modern furniture industry allows you to design any space, taking into account your stylistic preferences.

Against the background of neutral walls in gray-beige tones, bright glossy facades of burgundy, scarlet or crimson will look good.

If you decide to make the kitchen white and red, then it would be appropriate to make a patterned floor. Make three walls matte white, and part of the headset facades red. At the same time, the apron can be either ornamental or monochrome, but to match the furniture facades.

red kitchen with glossy facades

Red headset

The red set can be found in many modern kitchens. Facades are often made from MDF, covered with veneer, melamine or plastic.

In the manufacture of the most budgetary options, laminated chipboard is used.

Elite furniture is often made from natural wood. Redwoods are ideal for this.

Modern technologies and a variety of colors allow you to get an incredibly wide color palette of shades of red, so everyone will find the best solutions for themselves.

The metallic effect on the facades will look stylish and effective. Glossy surfaces look amazing, both in small and fairly spacious rooms.

Gray-red interior

On the basis of red and gray, you can create very effective and stylish modern solutions. It is important to pay proper attention to the selection of color schemes.

Gray will help smooth out too intense red tone, emphasize it, and bring harmony to the design.

This tandem can be used in styles such as neo-baroque, hi-tech, art deco. You can easily get stylish, trendy and simply luxurious kitchen designs.

If you want to make your kitchen look spectacular without being overly bright, use gray as the main color, while red will add accents.

Red and white kitchen

Red and white kitchen sets have made an enviable competition with the popular red and black variations. Combining a bright temperamental shade with cold and laconic white is not an easy task.

Be careful: pure white makes red even more vivid. So choose it as your background.

If you wish, you can use not pure white, but its shades: light gray, ivory, baked milk, creamy, cream.

Red can also be completely different, ranging from extremely bright and saturated tones, and pumping in terracotta, cherry, coral, etc.

Red-green design

Red can be combined with green by choosing the right shade. The best option for many can be olive, herbaceous, light green.

This is a very effective design move, which will surely be appreciated by lovers of bold, non-trivial experiments.

Accentuate green by using red as accents: a chandelier, textiles, dishes, household appliances, vases, napkins and even dining group furniture.

Experiment with both shades and combinations. Ideas can be drawn directly from nature, in which such combinations can be found very often.

Red corner kitchen

The corner configuration of the kitchen is the most functional, providing ample space for storing food, small household appliances, dishes and other utensils.

If you’re thinking of a modern design, look at the photo-print kitchen sets.

The image can be applied to the fronts of the upper cabinets by combining them with frosted glass. Choose a picture so that it slightly dims the brightness of red.

For classic interiors, a mahogany set with rounded edges and corners, curved facades is suitable.

In hi-tech, minimalism, pop art and other modern trends, it is better to adhere to clear, straight lines, including in the turns of a corner headset.

Red table top

If you are a lover of creative and non-trivial designs and the red kitchen seems too commonplace for you, use this color as an accent. We advise you to pay attention to the worktop of this color.

Products made of laminated plastic will delight you with the richness of textures and an incredibly wide palette of shades.

A noble and solid appearance is guaranteed by artificial stone countertops. They are very similar in texture and color to natural ingredients.

To ensure that such a countertop does not seem foreign to your kitchen, choose the same material for its edge that you use when designing your work apron.

Wallpaper in the red kitchen

The red kitchen itself is a self-sufficient piece of furniture. Everything else, including the design of the walls, should become a laconic background for it.

When choosing wallpaper, pay attention to light shades. It is not necessary to use white, because its softer shades will help soften the effect of red, providing a lot of opportunities for placing contrasts in the decor.

In any case, the red color in the interior looks very advantageous. One has only to observe the measure, choose the right color and stylistic solution.

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