60 cool photos + design tips

60 cool photos + design tips

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Chocolate, coffee, rich woody shades are ideal for kitchens and are combined with almost the entire palette. We are sure that our collection of kitchens in brown tones will appeal to everyone who is looking for original design solutions.

Monochrome interior

Single color rooms can be stylish and beautiful if you meet a couple of conditions:

  • Shades should be deep, and furniture and finishing materials should be of high quality.
  • It is necessary to add at least one contrasting accent, otherwise the overall impression will turn out to be insipid.

A good example is a chocolate-colored headset against the background of the same walls. It looks noble and elegant, and the light tabletop emphasizes the richness of the main tone.

The variety of browns makes it possible to pick up several colors from this palette. Make furniture darker than the floor, use textiles of the same color for the upholstery of the seats … A simple but very effective technique for creating a decor in a classic style.

The only thing that stands out from the general range is a white range hood and a black oven. But such strokes only add charm.

For a country house, the ideal option is a country-style kitchen made of natural wood in light brown woody tones. Natural, spacious and rather unusual, the setting looks amazing. Recommended. True, the cost of such repairs will be considerable – but the result is worth it.

With white

This combination is practically a design classic. White details accentuate the depth of brown tones.

An Art Nouveau kitchen in this range is an excellent solution. Make sure there is a lot of light in the room – brown is overly demanding in this regard. If you don’t want to make it look dull, it’s best to make sure there are enough lights.

A small brown kitchen with white countertops is another fun way to go. Choose a corner set – it is not only beautiful, but also functional. Such a design is suitable for not particularly spacious rooms, for example, in Khrushchev houses or houses where they were deliberately designed to be small.

A white and brown kitchen with aprons printed in the appropriate range is almost a classic move. The variety of shades allows you to create real paintings on the tiles – elegant and discreet.

By the way, if you use these 2 colors, brown can be very dark, almost black. In another combination it will look rough, but as you can see in this photo, with white we get the perfect design in a modern style.

With black

This is where things get a little more complicated. If you choose the wrong palette, then even the largest room will visually decrease, become dark and cramped. Therefore, we recommend that you draw up a detailed design project and stick to it even in the smallest detail.

The corner kitchen with a black countertop and laminated facades looks very catchy and non-trivial. We advise you to play on the contrasts of textures – use both matte and glossy.

note: All accessories are in the same color scheme. This helps ensure a neat yet stylish look.

This combination looks good in the interior of a loft, especially if you complement it with dark gray walls and concrete floor. The simplest forms, deep shades – and you get a kitchen like from a design magazine.

With beige

There shouldn’t be any problems here – related shades are perfectly combined with each other, forming an elegant duet.

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A beautiful kitchen will turn out when you install an elegant headset without sharp lines. It is better to choose a shade of brown darker – then beige will emphasize its depth. Such a design in the style of minimalism will suit a room of any size – a versatile, proven option over the years.

If a large working area is not necessary, then you can place it along one of the walls. In this case, we advise you to make an unusual apron. For example, from a small mosaic of the same color palette.

The modern hi-tech design also looks very curious in brown and beige. Give preference to a shade of milk chocolate or coffee – too dark here do not look so impressive.

Prints will help to beat the combination. Place them on facades or on an apron. Ideally, if the drawings are:

  • Thematic. Leave the cartoon characters for the nursery. Coffee, spices, sweets – what you need.
  • As close as possible to the main colors.
  • High quality. Here, it seems, you can do without comments – without a good source, the result will be blurry and short-lived.

For those who have decided on a vintage design, we advise you to think about headsets with patina – they will make the interior of the kitchen in deep brown tones even more elegant, contributing to the implementation of the intended effect.

With yellow

Bright and catchy yellow matches perfectly with discreet brown. Don’t believe me? Make sure now!

The classic combination of dark brown and sunny shades will suit small spaces. Regardless of the color saturation, the result is very elegant. Pay attention to the non-standard shape of the lockers – they look unusual, but they are comfortable to work with.

Such minimalism is what is needed for everyone who does not like to clutter up the kitchen with unnecessary details and massive furniture.

A lot of colorful accents against such a background do not look deliberate. At first glance, it may seem that there is too much of everything. However, after a couple of moments it becomes clear that the result is surprisingly harmonious. If you want an extraordinary and positive interior, this option will definitely suit you.

A brown and yellow kitchen goes well with a beige tile backsplash. A neutral tone emphasizes the intensity of the main shades, making them even deeper.

Advice: Add some darker accents to the apron for a more harmonious look. In addition, this is an actual fashionable technique.

With blue

A predominantly brown kitchen design does not imply that you will only use colors in a similar color spectrum. How about blue? An unexpected but stylish solution.

Even if all the furniture is dark, no one bothers to add bright colors. The rich cornflower blue technique looks very unexpected in such a frame and attracts attention. As a result, the interior turns out to be modern, despite the fact that it is made in the best classical traditions.

Does this approach seem overly eccentric to you? Limit yourself to a narrow Prussian blue apron. It will immediately refresh the overall look, make it more airy.

For fans of the Provence style, it is better to choose a blue color as the dominant one, and use brown as an accent color – otherwise there is a risk of going a little beyond it. However, if you find a balance, the kitchen will turn out to be simply amazing. Countertops, chairs, decor – all this will help create a cozy atmosphere.

This combination works well for country music as well. Try to use the lightest shades of brown possible and work carefully on the details. You will have to choose the right curtains, find dishes that fit into the general view and other kitchen little things … But the effort spent will provide you with an amazing result.

Turquoise brown colors are a great and catchy combination. Bright accents are in harmony with them, there is no need to try to hide everything behind the doors. This colorful kitchen is definitely worth your attention.

With orange

Kitchen design in orange and brown colors is almost a win-win if you are planning a custom interior.

The main thing is not to try to combine them in the same proportion – in this case, it is very difficult to maintain a balance so that the combination looks natural. But to select one drawer or a couple of shelves, to make a smooth orange apron is ideal.

If you want to decorate the kitchen-living room in this range, dose the use of brown. Choose the lightest shades of it so that the room does not turn out to be too dark and gloomy. Brown curtains and panels, bright orange chairs and headsets … It’s graceful and stylish, but doesn’t strain your eyes.

Remember that in working with such demanding tones, it is extremely important to observe moderation – otherwise any conceived interior will turn into kitsch. This is especially true if the kitchen is combined with the hall – oddly enough, it is easy to make mistakes on a large area.

With green

The natural combination of brown and green is not used very often. And in vain.

Even a small room of 8 squares looks interesting and stylish if light lime green is used for it in combination with rich chocolate. Not quite familiar, but beautiful. I would like to focus on the glass element of the hood – it is made to match the facades, which helps to create a holistic impression.

An original technique – embossed glossy lime-colored wallpaper. Against their background, even a standard headset without sophistication seems to be something unusual and modern. But you will have to refrain from decor – the color is quite catchy in itself, the abundance of decorations can either overshadow it, or turn the kitchen into an absurd room.

For those looking for something a little more discreet, we recommend a malachite countertop combined with a greenish-blue printed apron. This is a fairly modern style that doesn’t look extravagant. This cozy design will work well in small rooms.

With gray

Noble gray will suit lovers of classic interiors.

Choose simple typefaces with a minimum of detail – they look best in this color scheme. It’s a good idea to add one striking accent while maintaining general restraint. Light gray with steel is a good technique that is easy to beat, highlighting it with pink, purple, blue.

The combination is also suitable for a loft – brown brick, dark countertop and many smoky colors. The kitchen looks unusual but stylish. Pick up original themed decor items – they will complete the atmosphere created by the renovation.

In fact, this range will suit even tiny kitchens of 4-6 squares. Chocolate and light gray or wet asphalt colors are optimal for creating a beautiful interior in such conditions.

We are sure that we managed to convince you of the versatility and versatility of brown. It is ideal for kitchen decoration, blends beautifully with a variety of colors and fits easily into any style.

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