50 photos of beautiful interiors + designer tips

50 photos of beautiful interiors + designer tips

Welcome to our updated post 50 photos of beautiful interiors + designer tips

But, with good taste and desire, even such a strange room can be turned into a very cozy and harmonious. The main thing is not to rush and plan the interior design of a narrow kitchen – in advance.

Where to start planning?

The first thing you should pay attention to are things that cannot be moved or moved in any way. This is a window, a heating battery, a gas water heater.

So dance from them, choosing a headset for this location, and not vice versa. In a tight space, it is difficult to find a better place for the battery than under the window. And by default, there is always a radiator.

Therefore, our advice to you is not to reinvent the wheel and try to move communications. This is not 10 sq. m., where maneuver is possible without loss of convenience. 2 by 4 meters – obliges, so be sensible. If you move the battery to the wall, then the kitchen will become even cramped, and you will only gain a small piece of space under the window.

Why do you need it? To put a sink there? Or just extend the countertop? It will be inconvenient and not very appropriate. A small table will perfectly fit under the window, and the work surface can be positioned in length.

The only thing that can be replanned in a narrow kitchenette is the doors. It is better to simply remove them, then the space will not seem so cramped and resemble a trailer.

The first step is to decide on the style of the kitchen

By and large, it makes no difference which style you choose. The main thing here is the correct arrangement of elements and the arrangement of furniture. But, I would like to note that design in a modern style (minimalism, for example) will not be as appropriate here as something more rustic, for example, in Provence or Scandinavian style.

Why is that? But because in the case of ordering furniture of a strict type, you will have fewer opportunities to successfully beat some empty corners. And in the rustic version, everything is possible: instead of a bulky cabinet, you can hang some kind of shelf that will fulfill a functional role.

As for the classics, in this case, you just have to be moderate in details. Naturally, you won’t hang chic curtains, but you can arrange the rest in the old style. Moreover, if the window is large and the ceilings are high – all this will be very appropriate.

The only thing we categorically do not recommend is “modern” and “avant-garde”. Still, there is not enough space, and tall objects, catchy details will not be “in place” in this case.

Also, be careful with styles such as fusion or shabby chic. Do not overload the room with decorations, otherwise, the kitchen will look like a cluttered trailer.

Choosing the color of the walls and ceiling for the headset

For a narrow long kitchen, there is nothing more suitable than white. Moreover, it will be appropriate both in the color of the walls and in the color of the headset. Do not be afraid that the room may look boring.

All kinds of decors simply “burn” on the white walls and they will attract attention. And also fittings, appliances, dishes, textiles … All this will in no way give the kitchen a pale look.

But – this is our opinion, and you can think differently. Of course, if dark and bright colors dominate in the rest of the rooms, then making a white kitchen is wrong, it will stand out from the general style. And so – it is impossible. The general appearance of the apartment suffers from this and the repair looks handicraft.

But, in any case, whatever tone you choose, remember the main rule for combining colors in the interior: the main color should be given 60%, the second tint – 30%, and the contrast – only 10%.

In practice, it looks like this: the main tone is furniture (if there is a lot of it), the second is walls (for example, wallpaper), and the third is paintings, textiles, decor. Moreover, the brightest color should be in these 10%. Do not need more, otherwise overload comes out. And in a small narrow kitchen, any excess will be noticeable.

A few more words about the texture of the ceiling. Do not make stretch ceilings with a reflective effect. They will visually “stretch” the walls up and the kitchen will look even longer and narrower.

We use the ceiling height as practical as possible

Since there is not much space in a rectangular narrow kitchen, you should definitely consider how to use a high ceiling. For example, to store some little-used items, it is better to use a mezzanine.

Now this kind of shelf is going out of fashion, but in vain! It’s comfortable. The main thing is to make the box under the ceiling comfortable and beautiful, and not the same as in the apartments of typical buildings of the times of the USSR.

There are many ideas for this. If you look carefully, then you can make a mezzanine not only for storing kitchen utensils, but also with a decorative bias. The drawer can be combined with open shelves on which bottles, coffee grinders and other nonsense that delight the eye and soul are placed.

Also don’t forget about pencil cases. In very narrow kitchens, this is what you need. It will fit so much of all sorts of things that you will instantly have no problem organizing many lower drawers. And from them – it would be worth getting rid of, on one side. But, more on that below, in the corresponding block.

Making the floor

The darker the color, the narrower and smaller the room appears. Therefore, we recommend light colors. If you obeyed us and made the main color of the kitchen white, then the floor here will suit a natural, woody shade.

The floor texture, ideally, should be non-shiny, without the effect of reflection. Otherwise, the floor, like the ceiling, will “pull” the room up. And we don’t need this at all. Our task is different – to divert attention from the “trailer” and focus it on other details.

By the way, if you lay the floor in the form of long stripes, then place them not along, but across. This little trick will greatly expand your floor space. Visually, of course.


The more light, the larger the room appears. Everyone knows this, I guess. But, if the room is 9 sq.m. or in a private house this rule can be slightly neglected, then in a very small kitchen – nothing.

Here you need to make good overhead lighting, arrange the ceiling lamps in two rows or sconces along one of the walls. For example, above the dining area, this would be best.

We think over the placement of equipment

But this is the most important thing. Do not pursue beauty, think about comfort. Ideally, the most necessary kitchen items (stove, sink, refrigerator) should be located nearby so that it is convenient to approach them. It is called working triangle

That is, for example, the stove and refrigerator are on the same side, and the sink is between them, but on the opposite. Or, a stove with a sink, and opposite – a refrigerator.

Of course, this is not easy to achieve in practice. But you still try. Do not put the refrigerator outside the kitchen just because the layout and design of the kitchen furniture “does not allow” it. It is better, we repeat, to order a headset, already based on how the main elements are located.

As for the other technique – see for yourself. What do you have? If you are a dishwasher and a washing machine, then remember that all this eats up a work surface that could be used for cooking. And, if the dishwasher cannot be removed in any way, then it would be worth organizing a place for the washing machine in the bathroom. Moreover, now there is a modern idea for tiny bathtubs – a special washbasin that is installed above the machine.

Kitchen furniture

Well, here we come to the most important thing. As you can see, before ordering furniture, you had to do a lot of things and the kitchen, practically, took on its shape. Now just measure the space that remains and draw the initial plan on paper: wall cabinets that should be located along, lower drawers, niches.

Making a sketch with your own hands is easy. And the master will already come and make more accurate measurements. The main thing is to draw yourself, and do not rely on the taste of furniture makers. They just want to stuff more cabinets, because it’s more profitable. But in the end, the appearance of such kitchens comes out pretty standard and in your case everything will be sad.

There is no need for a large number of cabinets on the walls. It is quite possible to get by with open shelves. It expands the room fashionably and visually. Likewise – lower cabinets. Often there are enough of them on one side, but furniture firms compulsively offer two rows. As a result, there are a bunch of cabinets – and there is nowhere to fit a table with chairs.

Apron over the work area

Remember that any excessive diversity is the enemy of a narrow kitchen. In general, if you have it very, very tiny, then instead of a picture or a tile in this place, it is best to put a mirror… Naturally, not simple, but special, fireproof.

This technique will expand the space many times over – a fact.

The mirror looks especially good if the work surface is visible from another room, for example, a corridor. The only trouble here is that you will have to carefully monitor it and wipe it in a timely manner. But for the sake of such an advantage – these torments are fully justified.

Decorating the room

And now it’s up to textiles, paintings, pillows and other beauties.

Here we are no longer advisers, just recall: do not overdo it.

Look at the photo below, how the decorative elements are located in the interior of such premises, maybe you will like some idea.

Interesting design solutions

Above, we have described the general concept of the layout, without taking into account individual elements. Now let’s clarify some details and consider how best to organize the space in one or another popular occasion.

Narrow kitchen with bar counter

If your kitchen goes into the living room, then instead of a door, it is better to put a bar counter (perpendicular to the long wall).

But here keep in mind that the tabletop should not stand tightly, but rise so that it is convenient for you to walk. There is no point in making a very short stand. It will be just decoration, without any functionality.

Narrow kitchen-living room

There are kitchens, not just narrow, but microscopic, but they have a plus – an exit to the living room. Then you need to remove the door and connect the rooms. The dining area will be in the living room, and you will cook, respectively, in the kitchen.

Here, look at the photo of how the kitchen-dining rooms look in the interior:

Narrow kitchen with sofa

This is possible in one case: either the kitchen is wider than 2 meters, although it would be 2.5 by 5 m, or your sofa is very tiny. A sofa is not very appropriate in a 10-meter kitchen even in a mini-version.

But, if you really want it so badly, you will have to move the battery and put it by the window. There is also a table with chairs. Otherwise, you simply will not pass between it and the furniture if you place it along a long wall.

Kitchen with a window at the end

Usually, the window is always at the end and is, this is a typical option. We have already written above that this is the best place for the location of the dining area and it is difficult to come up with something more original there. And is it really necessary? There is near the window – it is light and cozy, and this is the main thing.

Look at the photo, this is how such an interior of such a kitchen looks like:

There are also other options for playing with the window space against a wall 1.8 meters wide:

It may be interesting to see a selection of successful kitchen interiors with a window in different styles.

Kitchen with access to the balcony

Now this is just a misfortune … The narrow kitchen is already cramped in itself, but with a balcony it is completely dark. The best design solution in this case is to demolish the partition between the balcony and the kitchen, and put a dining table in its place. It will be light, but visually even longer.

By the way, more options for such a layout can be found in this article.

We hope you enjoyed our design ideas. The photos are fresh, 2020, therefore, you can be sure that it is fashionable and relevant.

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