50 ideas with photos of beautiful interiors

50 ideas with photos of beautiful interiors

Welcome to our updated post 50 ideas with photos of beautiful interiors

We bring to your attention a large selection of classic kitchens in light colors with detailed photos and our recommendations. We are sure that after it you will be convinced that the classics are never boring!

In a small kitchen

Even the smallest room will look beautiful and elegant if you take a responsible approach to the design of the kitchen interior. Elegant classic style combined with light shades is what you need.

So you visually make the kitchen wider, add missing light and space. Here are a few options for this design – small light accents turn small kitchens into real examples to emulate.

For example, an interesting choice is a light set with a patina. Such furniture looks luxurious, but is inexpensive. Note that the facades continue along the perimeter of the room. This has two goals at once: to disguise heating radiators and to provide several more narrow shelves.

In such apartments, you should not chase difficult decisions – choose the simplest furniture styles without bulky decor. Better to bet on a combination of colors and grace – then you will be satisfied with the result.

You can add volume using level transitions. Several cabinets of different heights look harmonious in a classic kitchen. The main thing, allowing yourself such liberty, is not to deviate from the rules for the rest – graceful pens, deep tones, the absence of sharp lines and bright shine.

Well-chosen curtains can be a decoration of the room – make sure that they are not too massive. This is unacceptable for small kitchens. We advise you to choose a lightweight fabric to match the headset. A prerequisite is high quality.

This is true for any kitchen, but it is in small rooms that the shortcomings immediately catch the eye. Do not skimp on the design details that play the main role – otherwise you risk completely ruining the interior.

Don’t forget to make accents: if the headset is chosen as simple as possible, then you should choose a beautiful table with carved elements. We have already talked about the importance of moderation more than once, advising you not to get carried away with decor.

In the case of modern classics, there is a risk of making a mistake in the other direction – trying to maintain an elegant style, many end up slipping into a boring typical design without a twist. So try to pick one or two items that will become an accent.

An interesting technique from this row is bright chair seats, for example turquoise. If this is the only bright spot, then the kitchen will not lose its bright atmosphere. But the appearance will change for the better. Do not be afraid to experiment – just treat them carefully and remember the basic rules for creating classic interiors.

A good solution for a classic kitchen is a combination of light colored fronts with dark countertops. It is not necessary to decorate them with black – hazelnut and other woody tones will be appropriate.

Another beautiful move is the choice of complex textured wallpaper, for example, fabric with print and embossing. They may look defiant in a different setting, but in a light classic kitchen they will become a real decoration.

In a large kitchen

For those who are going to make repairs in a private house or apartment with a large kitchen, we also recommend taking a closer look at the classic style. Moreover, the spacious area allows the use of more modern design techniques: arches, columns, stucco, frescoes.

See how it looks in real photos.

Try the traditional combination of a beige headset with a dark table – it looks elegant and hasn’t gone out of style for years. You can complement the interior with graceful figured chandeliers and themed wall paintings.

the main thing, remember that the design should be predominantly light – do not try to harmoniously fit bright canvases or modern glass lamps. It won’t work anyway.

Even if you decide to use mostly white, do not forget that monochromaticity is not typical for a kitchen in the style of light classics. You will have to add accents: for example, beige or gold tone.

Black household appliances will look interesting on a white background – but you should be careful here. Not all models fit well with the classic interior – you may have to spend a little time choosing. Too modern devices are more suitable for high-tech style, so it would be ideal to find a vintage imitation.

If you like the American style, you can try a design like this one.

The black floor favorably sets off the light facades, and the kitchen island is not only a beautiful, but also a functional addition.

True, this is not feasible in every kitchen – the area should be really spacious.

But even in standard rooms it is not difficult to create a unique interior. You don’t have to focus on white and beige.

Light green countertops with the same edging on the doors are an unconventional move that will spice up the decor in your kitchen. True, here it is necessary to carefully weigh the need for each shade – if you want to adhere to the chosen concept, we recommend using only pastel colors.

A large-sized corner kitchen will really appeal to those who love to cook and need a wide surface for all kinds of manipulations. In a classic style, such headsets look especially impressive.

We advise you to pay attention to non-standard models with unusual details – for example, curly handles and dark glossy tabletops.

By the way, do not think that modern techniques in such premises are inappropriate. Of course, you need to know when to stop in everything – LED strips, bright prints, and so on will clearly be out of topic. But the floating ceiling will revive the interior, make it lighter and more original.

Another detail that is not typical for traditional design is the bar counter. It blends in with the rest of the furniture, so why not? It is not only fashionable, but very practical. Such an addition can replace a dining table for a small family or become a place for evening gatherings with friends.

Don’t you like these experiments? Pay attention to the curly light straight kitchens – they look impressive even when everything else is extremely simple.

True, the question of price becomes quite acute here. If you are planning to buy custom-made furniture, get ready for the fact that it will cost several times more than standard models.

Think about curly elements – for example, such an imitation of a fireplace. In a small kitchen, you are unlikely to be able to place them so that there is room for even the most basic work. But in the spacious one – let your imagination run wild.

We never tire of reminding you of quality: These kinds of jewelry attract attention, so they must be made flawlessly. Any chips and irregularities will catch your eye – you don’t need this.

The kitchen, combined with the dining room, in a classic style looks like a shot from a Hollywood movie. It is important to choose all shades very carefully. It is not necessary to make the whole room in light colors – such a background is enough. Wood countertops and panels will make the room more interesting, will be able to visually delimit it.

Whichever option you choose, remember about the decor – a beautiful chandelier of an unusual shape or colored curtains that match in tone can enliven a room. It is these little things that help turn a banal renovation into a design miracle.

In a studio apartment

For some reason, there is an opinion that modern style prevails in houses of such a layout.

We are sure that it is wrong. The kitchen, combined with the living room, looks perfect in a classic interior. Of course, if you listen to our recommendations and do everything right.

In any case, the first thing to look out for is zoning issue… For those who do not strive to turn an apartment into an open-space, one cannot do without a visual boundary between the kitchen and the room. This makes the room more organized and stylistically looks more advantageous than a single space.

A bar counter made in the same style as the headset is an excellent choice. It does not stand out from the picture, but it does an excellent job with the function assigned to it. In addition to beauty, this is also convenient – a moment that should not be forgotten, since you want a real kitchen, and not a photo for a design magazine.

An excellent option is a table decorated with the same painting as on the fronts of the cabinets. Even if you take it out into the living room, the overall impression will remain holistic and harmonious.

Interesting trick: Tiny drawers under the hinged shelves are a non-standard but very practical move. How many of us are unfamiliar with a mess in spices? With such mini-compartments, it will become easier to maintain good condition in the kitchen – and this is extremely important for rooms in bright colors, where every little thing is visible.

Sometimes there are exceptions to any rule.… For example, such. The designer combined the kitchen, dining room and living room into one space. This move deserves attention, but you have to think over everything very carefully. It is easy to overdo it and lose the elegance inherent in the classic style.

Pay attention to the little things… Even lighting plays an important role, so don’t discount anything. The depth of the ivory color chosen for the headset will be well emphasized by the rich azure hue. Volume can be added using a tiered ceiling.

As you can see, this design requires knowledge of many nuances. Therefore, if you want to see something similar in your apartment, order the development of the project to professionals.

However, you should not give up more familiar solutions – they can also be very curious. Even the simplest combination will sparkle, the main thing is to choose the right shades – you will make the upholstered furniture darker than the headsets and emphasize this with an appropriate carpet.

The living area can be almost invisible. Do you prefer to spend your free time in the kitchen? This move is fully justified. Wardrobes around the perimeter, a small sofa with a table – and you have a huge kitchen at your disposal.

Well, it’s time for a quick summary. A classic kitchen in light colors has a chance to look organically in a room of any size and configuration. But for this you will have to make some effort and take into account all the little things.

Besides, a good classic interior is not the cheapest pleasure. But if that doesn’t scare you, the end result is a beautiful and stylish kitchen that won’t go out of style for years to come.

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