50 (cool) photos of interiors for every taste

50 (cool) photos of interiors for every taste

Welcome to our recent post 50 (cool) photos of interiors for every taste

We will give some advice on the design of almost any kitchen with a window: in Khrushchev, Stalin, Brezhnev, Czech, Leningrad and typical projects. Such apartments are most often found in the post-Soviet space.

General tips for arranging window space

Although the windows are different, there is one thing that is found in almost all kitchen projects. It – batterylocated directly under the window. Often, it gets in the way and does not allow the headset to be positioned as we would like.

What can you advise here?

Do not rush to remove the battery and replace it with a warm floor. Firstly, it is expensive in terms of electricity consumption, and secondly, in ordinary apartments, you can never be sure that the light will not go out at one “perfect” moment.

And it is good if the accident happens in the summer, and if in the winter, at 20 degrees below zero? And given the fact that we can wait for the masters for a day or more, then you can regret three times that you removed the battery. This is especially true of Stalinist buildings.

The second general recommendation is that no matter how beautiful the design looks, in which access to the window is closed (for example, a sink is placed there), remember that how will you wash the glass

For example, if you install a sink in front of a window, then be sure to make a countertop around there, on which you can stand and wash the windows. Because, there are such “craftsmen” who cut a sink directly into a plastic window sill, and then people do not know which ladder to buy to wash the glass. This is not a fiction, there are such photos on the Internet, you can google and admire.

Third recommendation: If possible, place the dining area directly under the window. It is convenient and cozy for any kitchen layout (of course, if there is enough space).

With such an arrangement, it is light to dine, it is pleasant to look at the street, and you still don’t have to remove the battery. And it is convenient to clean the window in the kitchen: they moved the table and that’s it, the way is clear.

Fourth tip: if you are doing window cleaning, do not forget about these important things:

1. Choose faucets so that the window can open. Some people forget about such “little things” and, as a result, they have to buy a new crane.
2. Do not forget about splashes that will remain on the windows. To reduce them, it is better to put a deep sink.
3. Curtains should be very short, otherwise they will be wet and dirty all the time. And it’s ugly if the curtains extend right up to the countertop. That is, if there is a sink, then only decorative curtains are allowed. But you will have to hide from excessive light with roller blinds, which curl and are not visible under short textiles.

Let’s take a closer look, using examples, various designs and interiors of the kitchen, depending on the layout.

In “Khrushchev”

First, look at the photo and you will see what a kitchen looks like with a window in the Khrushchev. They are all the same, there are few spaces there and there are no special options for an interesting arrangement of furniture.

It is in Khrushchev that we do not recommend placing a dining table by the window. It is much better to use the space under the window for household appliances. For example, under a dishwasher and even a washing machine (you can see how it looks in the photo).

In Khrushchev, after all, not only the kitchen is miniature, but also the bathtub, therefore, the washing machine cannot fit there. And, if, after all, you were able to place it (for example, you put it under a special sink without a leg), then a dishwasher would be fine under the kitchen window.

This thing is extremely necessary and convenient, but there is simply no place for it in a small kitchen. If you put a dishwasher, then it turns out that there is nowhere to put pots and other utensils, since on the cabinets, then, there are some 50 centimeters left.

Or, some, in order to save space, buy a narrow dishwasher, with a minimum load. Such a thing is money thrown into the wind, since almost nothing that has accumulated in a day fits into it.

That is, you still need to wash large pots, pans and other bulky items with your hands.

If you don’t want to install the equipment, you can make vegetable boxes under the window, this is very convenient. Also, you can build something like a bar counter near the window, only in a miniature version. But, this option is good if there are few tenants in your apartment. If the family is large, then it is better not to obstruct, otherwise the kitchen will simply have nowhere to turn around.

I would like to say a few words about the space around the window. In Khrushchev it is not, practically, even though the window is very small. Neither on the sides nor above (the ceilings are only 2.20 m). Therefore, no boxes and shelves can be made there.

In the “stalinka”

The windows in Stalinist-built apartments are very large, narrow and high. The ceilings there are at least 3 meters, and there are apartments where the ceiling is all 3.5 meters.

In addition, the width of the walls there is quite large and the space under the window can be played very interestingly. If the kitchenette is small and narrow (and this is often the case in “stalinkas”), then it will be appropriate if you make a decorative sofa under the very window, and move the table towards it. Such a sofa can be made with drawers and vegetables there.

There are also kitchens with two windows in the “stalinka”. They are big, spacious and you can think of a very interesting design for them. Take a look at the photo below and we are sure that you will take note of some ideas.

As for the space above the window, it would be simply a sin not to equip some kind of decorative shelf on top. High ceilings are beautiful, but don’t forget about the curtains that need to be removed and washed periodically.

In stalinkas you have to drag the stairs all the time, which is very inconvenient. Therefore, it is better to lower the cornice, and from above to make some kind of “exhibition” of decorative bottles or copper utensils.

Even in such apartments there are unusual kitchens with windows, if the apartment faces the avenue and the window opening itself has a semicircular shape. As a rule, these are very large windows that look great if there is a large dining table with chairs next to them.

To spoil such a place with something like a washing machine or a sofa is sheer blasphemy. Even worse is to close such windows with curtains, behind which the shape of the opening is simply not visible.

In the “Leningrad”

In the Leningrad project, the kitchens are very unsuccessful. There is no big window as such. There is a very small window that stands somehow obliquely and there is a balcony door with glass, through which light enters. This window is simply impossible to beat in any way and no interesting idea is suitable for this project. Better not to invent anything and just hang up a pretty curtain.

Usually, dining areas in such apartments are located in a niche where sunlight does not get at all. In this case, pay maximum attention to the lighting, since it depends on whether you will be comfortable dining there.

In “Czech” and “typical” project

Kitchens in panel houses are the most comfortable. They are usually square and light, with a window in the middle. There is enough space there, since there are simply no rooms less than 7.5 meters, and in such an area you can place both a work surface and household appliances, and put a dining table near the window. There is usually a battery under the window.

You can’t think of anything special in such kitchens, and you don’t need to. The main thing here is beautiful furniture and general design concept.

True, if you really really want something interesting, then you can build decorative shelves around the window. But we do not recommend spoiling the window by installing sinks and countertops there. In apartments it does not look as smart as in American films, where the sink is always by the window. Moreover, if we are talking about an ordinary, panel house.

Again, there is nothing better for such a layout than a table opposite the window.

In the “dormitory”

In the kitchen dormitories, not only with a window, but also with a balcony door. Such rooms are rather dark and we recommend one thing to you: remove this window opening completely, break the wall and expand the kitchen. The balcony in them is large, therefore, there will still be a place for drying clothes (it goes throughout the whole other room).

Look, in the photo, how beautiful the kitchen looks in the living room, if you remove this partition and make it large.

Putting the dining table in front of the balcony window will not work in this case, since the windows are raised high and you simply will not see anything if you are sitting.

A sink will look good at such a window, while standing – you will see everything. And the oven can be moved there, it will be light to cook and no problems.

In a private house

And finally, let’s talk about kitchens in private homes. It is simply impossible to predict what kind of windows there might be, therefore, we will just show you a selection of photos in which we found the most interesting designs.

There are windows in clay huts, windows in cottages, and several windows in the kitchen-living room. In a word – look! In the case of repairs, it is always better to see once than to hear or read some theory a hundred times.

Here’s another selection of photos that will come in handy:

Conclusion: We showed you the most interesting options for using the window in the kitchen. We hope our material will be useful and you will get a lot of new ideas.

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