50 bright interior design ideas

50 bright interior design ideas

Welcome to our new post 50 bright interior design ideas

We bring to your attention a selection of the best purple kitchens with many real photos, useful ideas and tips for their implementation.

White and purple design

The traditional combination, which has not gone out of fashion for over ten years, is suitable for both small and spacious rooms.

A trendy option is a modern U-shaped kitchen with glossy lilac fronts and white countertops. Such a set is comfortable due to its wide working surface. We recommend purchasing built-in household appliances to create a complete composition.

An apron with a print will be a good accent. Find drawings for him that look organically in purple tones. Ideal, in our opinion, flowers. Lavender, violets, irises – the choice is wide enough. The main thing is that the image is of high quality and clear, otherwise the result will not come out too pretty.

However, you can also use berries if you plan to add bright colors. We recommend making a wide, long apron over the entire work surface.

A beautiful white and purple kitchen will turn out if you arrange it in muted lilac colors. This is a more classic design option, so choose the appropriate furniture and equipment: without too complex shapes, matte texture. As a decoration, we recommend purchasing a ball chandelier with an elegant weaving lampshade.

Black and purple design

Another popular combination that, however, requires careful attention to detail. Applying black in the interior, especially with dark purple tones, there is a risk of making the room too gloomy and even visually diminishing it. But if you play with the colors correctly, you will get an original and stylish design.

For spacious rooms the matte shade “eggplant” is perfect, complemented by glossy facades and black household appliances. If you’re worried that the kitchen will appear too dark, add one white wall. Use the dishes as accessories: for example, place bright purple glasses with a beautiful shape.

Does the interior seem to lack color? Nobody bothers to add them. Try a yellow countertop. It goes well with the main tones, while serving as a bright accent. This solution suits modern design styles – in the classic ones it will seem too catchy.

If in a studio apartment you do not plan to make a large kitchen area, arrange a neat corner. The corner kitchen will help with this – its side part will play the role of a partition, especially if you supplement it with a built-in bar counter.

Modern idea: For wall cladding, use a lavender decorative brick. It looks very unusual and fresh even in high-tech interiors.

In gray-purple color

Elegant gray blends in perfectly with purple tones.

We recommend experimenting with color matching: different shades complement each other and look completely new when combined correctly. A good example is in this photo. The apron is made of tiles of a similar range, due to which a three-dimensional effect appears. We advise you to resort to this technique in not too spacious rooms – in Khrushchev and other houses of panel construction.

Planning to remove the wall to make a real kitchen-living room? Try not to remove the entire partition. Its figuratively decorated part will become a luxurious addition to the interior, giving the renovation originality and unique style.

If 2 colors aren’t enough, add a couple of accents – rich chocolate parquet flooring and some white on the walls to dilute the interior.

You do not need to be limited to exclusively dark purple tones – gentle pastels look no worse, and in some cases even more advantageous. Find the right frame for them: metallic appliances, pink walls, a smoky apron.

However, the deep shade of fuchsia also deserves attention. If you manage to beat it correctly, then the interior will turn out to be original and stylish. We like this option, where bright glossy facades contrast with the subdued design of the partition. You need to think carefully about which wallpaper to choose for her – here the choice was made extremely well.

We advise you to abandon monochromatic surfaces in favor of a similar play of colors – it will add originality to the room.

Gray also looks great as a complement. Decorate the kitchen in violet colors, and make the countertops steel. It seems to be nothing special, and yet it makes an impression.

Green-purple kitchen

It would seem that they are two self-sufficient shades, but they are amazingly combined with each other.

Oddly enough, they are used mainly for light interiors – this is facilitated by a wide color palette.

A fresh and unusual option for a spacious room is a combination of light green and rich purple. It all looks very catchy and bright, so think carefully – perhaps this design will quickly tire you. If you prefer this kind of space, focus on accessories.

Exquisite wall painting, thin hanging shelves for dishes and wine – all this helps to create a unique atmosphere in the kitchen.

If space permits, we recommend placing an island in the center – it will not only serve as an additional work surface. Such centralization is in vogue now, so why not combine beauty and functionality?

However, there are more restrained examples – as in this photo. Purple bottom, deep grass color for hanging cabinets and white background. So, with the overall brightness, the interior seems quite elegant and does not tire the eyes. A great solution for minimalism style.

Delicate lavender tones look good when combined with pastel green backsplash and chartreuse walls. Add some print from the same range to the facades – be surprised at how elegant your kitchen looks.

Yellow-violet decoration

An interesting design will help create a combination of these colors. We recommend not to be afraid of its seeming excessive brightness – with a competent approach, the overall impression is quite decent.

A loft-style kitchen with yellow walls and a dark purple set looks unusual. Such a repair is done simply, and thanks to some details it looks amazing. Make the walls a little old, install a metal apron over the hob – a pretty picture, agree?

If this option seems overwhelming to you, use these colors as a complement. You will need to make a two-level stretch ceiling, find beautiful wallpapers and choose curtains to match. Both shades are used in sufficient quantity, but white furniture softens their brightness a little.

A classic modern headset in this palette will also sparkle in a completely new way. Fuchsia glossy fronts, matt solar apron. No complicated tricks or sophisticated decor – however, the room looks cute and fashionable.

Classic style

However, you can almost endlessly combine various paints – in any combination there are winning and absolutely disastrous options.

Therefore, we propose to talk a little about the traditional design styles. It would seem that other tones are more characteristic of the classics – it is associated with beige, white, brown or burgundy. However, the design of a classic kitchen in purple is not uncommon. Now we will prove it!

A rich dark purple shade combined with silver and cream marble flooring looks luxurious. Of course, such a renovation is not a cheap pleasure – but it makes an impression.

A lilac set and an apron made of small mosaic tiles looks less pretentious, but also deserves attention. A beautiful small kitchen with a minimum of effort. All that is required from you is to pick up several decorative elements. For example, a suspended chandelier of complex shape, a dining table with a painted table top.

Embossed facades with patina will not suit every interior. However, if you decide to stick to the main classic trends, you cannot do without them. True, it is better to abandon gold patterns – silvery ones are more in harmony with purple.

Modern style

Here everything is much simpler: any combinations and the most daring decisions are at your service. Moreover, purple is a very multifaceted color and it will not be difficult to find a suitable shade.

In a spacious room, a lavender glossy set with white countertops looks good. If you plan to design the kitchen-living room in this way, we recommend abandoning the partition in favor of the bar counter as a border. It is both fashionable and practical.

Good move: For finishing the walls, use photo wallpaper in basic colors. The print can be almost anything. The only thing, we do not recommend placing them on the entire floor – you risk creating an interior that is too overloaded with details.

Purple metallic furniture is also fine – especially if a high-tech kitchen is planned. It is worth complementing it with a multi-colored apron – a bright accent in mono design.

Look for unusual textures and color combinations. We like this option – extraordinary relief facades and walls made of small tiles, creating a 3D effect. Nothing fancy, but it looks great.

In a small kitchen

Is it possible to implement all this in a small room of 4-10 squares? Why not! The main thing is to take into account several recommendations. Read more about them in a separate article. Here we will just give a few successful design solutions for small purple kitchens.

Give preference to pastels – for example, almost transparent lavender or delicate lilac. So the room will visually appear wider, especially if you use a glossy texture.

If you prefer dark, rich shades, complement them with white walls and light countertops to balance the perception. This combination looks beautiful, but does not hide the space.

It is not necessary to buy exactly a corner kitchen: straight headsets are also quite appropriate. Especially for elongated, but not wide rooms. The deep plum tone of the façade looks elegant and noble.

Well, let’s make a quick summary. Due to its diversity, purple can be used as a basis for the interior of a kitchen decorated in any style. The many combinations and interesting solutions make it extremely popular, so you can easily find the one that suits you.

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