50 best interiors + design tips

50 best interiors + design tips

Welcome to our new post 50 best interiors + design tips

In this article, let’s dispel this misconception: we have prepared tips on how to make a beautiful kitchen in beige tones in various styles.

Let’s get started?

Timeless classic

If you can imagine a design without beige, it is clearly not in the classic style. There, this exquisite shade is considered almost the basis of the foundations.

Spacious kitchen the color of baked milk looks very elegant even without additional decorations. All you need is to choose a stylish set and a catchy spectacular chandelier. This interior is self-sufficient in itself, so why reinvent the wheel?

However, if this option seems too simple, pay attention to thin plasterboard molding… It is easy to do, and it looks very noble – a classic decor for this style.

Do you want to apply the classics in a typical Khrushchev kitchen? Here large furniture will have to be abandoned… However, who said that the beige corner set looks bad? Choose models with a golden patina on the facades – they look expensive and sophisticated.

American dream

The kitchen-living room with a dining area in beige tones with the addition of brown and white is a sophisticated solution that is perfect for large private houses. Combine these three colors to find the perfect match. We like the method shown in the photo.

Plain American cuisine is also a good solution. If you plan to do it in a space that is not very spacious, turn the island into a long dining table with additional storage boxes. Simple and functional.

The main thing is to avoid an abundance of glossy texture, it is not typical for this style. But individual elements, such as the countertop, will emphasize the matte light beige color of the facades.

Interesting idea: To make the interior even more harmonious, choose the dishes to match the main color.

Another noteworthy move is to decorate the kitchen in different shades of beige. They are varied enough that you shouldn’t have any problems with the selection. The main thing is to adhere to a single scale – warm or cold.

English traditions

The English style combines home comfort and sophistication inherent in hereditary aristocrats. Warm beige colors are what you need for this combination.

Combine wood furniture with crystal chandeliers. For example, in the form of an old candlestick. The walls can be made darker – a good choice, in our opinion, is a kitchen in brown-beige tones. Against this background, the furniture seems even more elegant and lighter, why not take advantage of this?

A spacious white and beige kitchen with a three-dimensional tile backsplash also looks good. You will have to take the time to select the appropriate accessories – without them, the result of the repair is unlikely to be truly English.

Appropriate items will help to add authenticity to the interior. How about styling the oven to look like an old European oven? Dark metal looks very monumental in a beige headset. True, there is a nuance here: you will most likely have to purchase such equipment to order, so the pleasure cannot be called cheap.

The use of kitchen islands came to America precisely from Foggy Albion, so you should not give up on them if possible. A solid wood base with a beige top is a good option. Maintain the entire design in 2 colors – a traditional trick that looks flawless here.

Romantic provence

To create the atmosphere of the French province in the kitchen of your home, beige is perfect.

Try a combination of beige and blue furniture with minor splashes of white. Such an interior seems very airy and it is designed in the best traditions of the Provence style. It is important to choose the right curtains so as not to kill the effect. Optimally – curly airy curtains, white or in tone with the main elements.

The beige corner kitchen with curly doors is also in keeping with tradition. Try not to overload it with unnecessary details – do not confuse Provence and shabby chic. The simpler the better.

But you shouldn’t forget about comfort either – add one decoration to the interior, for example, an unusual painting on the ceiling.

The dark beige tone of the furniture combined with the light floor is an interesting and non-trivial move that will be appreciated by lovers of warm home design. Try to choose exclusively natural materials and add a couple of bright accents – carpet, curtains, dishes that are in plain sight.

Laconic minimalism

Unlike many catchy tones, beige is an absolutely undemanding color. It looks equally good in luxurious vintage-style rooms and simple, comfortable minimalism.

If you want the simplest kitchen design, mostly in beige tones, you will love this part of the selection.

For a small apartment, this style can even become a real salvation. Especially if you take two close shades and find high-quality but functional furniture. But you don’t need to bother with the decor – it will obviously be superfluous here.

However, in a spacious kitchen, minimalism is in the subject. How about chocolate beige shades against vanilla? Simple but very sophisticated. True, here we would advise adding some kind of decoration – here it is a lamp of a simple, but original form.

You can add zest with an unusual apron – for example, ceramic mosaics of flowers that are used in the rest of the interior. It will not overload the visual perception, but it will become a non-trivial addition.

Cozy country

Quite different is expected from country style – a home atmosphere with many different details that create a complete picture.

Try decorating a room in beige and green tones – a traditional move, but for some reason not very popular in Russia. But it looks really great! You will need to select the appropriate accessories to complement the selected colors. In addition, we recommend that you abandon plain wallpaper – an unobtrusive pattern is much preferable.

A beige country style kitchen will be much more interesting if you add bright accents. For example, unusual curtains in a red and white cage with lace. Pay attention to the edging of the cabinets – textiles are also used there. This technique is rare in our kitchens, but it is very popular in Europe. Looks pretty cozy, so why don’t you give it a try?

The gray-beige color combination also fits perfectly into the traditional country. Choose a neutral tone of the wall, slightly lighter than the rest of the elements – then the interior will look harmonious.

You can also find a brighter composition – beige with terracotta. The kitchen looks especially impressive in such a palette in spacious rooms. We recommend using it when renovating a private house or a large studio apartment – the contrast is very impressive.

Refreshing Mediterranean

Natural materials, natural colors, a lot of space – don’t you think that in such a company I run the place?

Try to decorate the kitchen in beige and turquoise colors – you will be surprised how fresh and cute such a solution will be. It is not necessary to prioritize bright turquoise – a couple of bright accents, as in the photo, are quite enough.

The Mediterranean-style kitchen-living room also looks impressive. Use a mix of traditional shades to create an elegant and cozy environment. You can try adding aqua color to the beige – quite in the traditions of Italy, where this type of design came from.

However, a monochrome solution can be bright and uncommon. To maintain the authenticity of the design, we recommend using live plants as decoration.

Idea: They don’t have to be decorative. How about a spice and microgreen garden on your windowsill? Not only fashionable, but also useful.

Fresh green will perfectly emphasize the sophistication of beige furniture. By the way, we advise you to make the floor darker – then the kitchen will appear higher.

A beautiful kitchen in a studio apartment will turn out if you refuse zoning – we usually recommend this technique, but for the Mediterranean style and its desire to expand the space, it is not too appropriate. In such a room, beige is almost a must-have. It is neutral enough to blend in with other colors, but does not look pale.

Urban loft

If you want a modern kitchen, consider a loft. It has not yet become commonplace, but it looks great – definitely deserves your attention.

Many associate it with gray and metallic tones – this is not entirely true. Beige, with the right shade, will look no worse.

In a small studio apartment with a small modern kitchen, we recommend making it the main color – this will make the room appear visually wider. Moreover, you won’t have to give up materials traditional for a loft, for example, brick.

If the kitchen is spacious, you can add original elements to it – how about a real lift motor? Of course, you need to spend a lot of time searching – but the result is worth it. And neutral beige walls will not distract attention.

Do you have only four square meters? A glossy beige headset is the perfect choice for this kind of room. It not only looks harmonious in the interior of the loft, but thanks to its reflective functions, it will make the room a little larger.

Modern hi-tech

We would venture to suggest that the interior of the kitchen is in beige tones, the last thing that comes to mind when thinking about this style. But wait a minute. We will now show you some cool examples.

The straight kitchen with beige wood paneling looks interesting and is quite high-tech. It is suitable both for a small room in a typical apartment building, and for a large space in a private house or studio.

Metallic running is not a common occurrence. However, it definitely deserves attention. Glossy shine, straight lines … Try it out.

The brown-beige set with thin steel handles fits into the canons of style. Plus, it looks pretty without any extra embellishments.

Traditional light beige can be paired with matte black panels to accentuate depth without getting lost in the background. For those who love two-tone high-tech interiors – a real find.

Individualistic boho chic

Lots of accessories and rainbow colors go well with beige. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Of course, brightness is a prerequisite for boho. But if you make the walls and ceiling beige and the floor brown, then all kinds of colorful elements will become even more interesting. In addition, this will help to avoid the excessive diversity of the interior – the reasons why many refuse such a style.

Beige is in perfect harmony with even the most striking colors. Are you planning to use rich colors and extravagant jewelry? Dilute the kitchen with beige paneling and mosaic tiles in that color.

It can also be dominant: for example, like here. In this case, you have great freedom in the choice of accessories. Why not take advantage of it and express your personality through the boho style?

And that’s not to mention how beautiful beige paintings or mosaics look on bright walls.

Extraordinary fusion

Considering how actively he is entering fashion, it was impossible not to write about him.

The abundance of decor and bright accents suddenly become even more interesting if you choose a beige palette for them.

A great example is this design. A lot of light, dishes as decorations and other non-standard things, combined with smooth beige walls and furniture a couple of shades darker. If the background was brighter, the accessories would simply be lost and not make such a stunning impression.

Taunts and browns with bold accents are another nontrivial move we recommend for a modern studio. Unexpected, catchy and effective. True, the loft technique was applied to the ceiling, so this design can be called pure fusion at a stretch.

And here is its classic interpretation – with a luxurious watch, a voluminous chandelier and floor-length curtains. All this is an interesting contrast with the latest generation of household appliances and elegant white and beige shades of varying degrees of intensity.

Summing up, we note that we have managed to touch upon not all existing interior design styles in the article – there are more than 30 of them. However, we assure you that in each of them beige is used almost more often than other colors – is this not a worthy recommendation?

So if you are looking for a beautiful color scheme, we advise you to think about beige – elegant in any frame and versatile.

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