45 original photos of furniture and furnishings

45 original photos of furniture and furnishings

Welcome to our latest post 45 original photos of furniture and furnishings

Decorating a kitchen in the decoupage style has its own nuances, so we will analyze its features in detail, with specific recommendations and illustrative photos.


First of all, you need to understand the key question: what is it? In fact, decoupage is decorating various objects with drawings, painting, mosaics, followed by varnishing.

He pursues two goals at once: to decorate the selected furniture or accessory and to ensure the safety of the coating.

There are several types of decoupage that are used in the interior. They differ both in style and in color. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • Simple City is the style of a big city. This technique is deliberately emphasized, various paper is used in the work, up to newspapers and unusual wrappers. Torn edges, overlapping layers and a certain deliberate negligence are characteristic – all this is very easy to do with your own hands.
  • A special technique is also used for the popular shabby chic. Here you will have to work on creating the effect of “former luxury”. Aging techniques are used to create a semblance of antiques.
  • Light, airy tones and landscape motifs are characteristic of elegant Provence. Try to create an imitation of colors faded in the sun – this is even encouraged.
  • Victorian style combines pretentiousness and understated classics. Use gilding, dark colors, scenes from classic paintings. In implementation, it is the most difficult, since it does not allow blots and requires an ideal structure of paints and decor.

Believe me, choosing the right option is not difficult for any interior. Let’s see how it is used in practice.

Fine finishing

Agree, the kitchen using decoupage technique looks cozy, beautiful and strongly domesticates the room. It can be applied on almost any plane – but the technique is slightly different. We propose to consider the points:

  • The floor needs to be prepared. It’s easier if you have laminate or linoleum – they are already even. But wood, parquet, will have to be sanded first. You will also need to cover the surface with masking tape. And then the time comes for creativity – paints, cans for graffiti, paper and decor for gift wrapping. Be sure to cover the result with two coats of durable varnish, otherwise the repair will not last long.
  • Idea: Fashionable modern technique – fabric decoupage. Try to create an imitation of a rug or a completely textile floor – non-standard and distinctive.

  • For walls now on sale wallpaper imitating decoupage… But there is little point in them – to achieve the same appearance, only original and created especially for you is extremely simple. Combine different materials, look for beautiful color combinations.
  • Various photos and small paintingsplaced in a chaotic manner. In fact, there are no restrictions on the choice of technique, the main thing is that the result suits you.
  • The decoupled ceiling looks stylish. Use newspapers, books, napkins. The design with the use of color magazines looks very bright – however, if you are not confused by the abundance of shades. Most likely, various templates or stencils come in handy – if you want to make an ornament or a complex pattern.
  • By the way: In the kitchen-living room, you can apply this technique for zoning. To do this, make two similar in style, but different patterns, or limit yourself to decorating a certain part of the room.
  • Decoupage looks great on tiles too. How do you like this idea of ​​a painted apron?

All this decorates the kitchen, but if you need a really cozy and extraordinary design in an apartment or in a private house, think about decoupage of kitchen appliances and furniture.

We decorate the environment

Even if you do not have the time, effort or money for a full-scale renovation, you can update the interior – decoupage is an ideal option for this.

Ordinary wooden chairs will turn into a designer exclusive, you just need to pick up a beautiful image and carefully transfer it to the seat. In this case, no special costs are required: glue, paper, varnish. Agree, nothing complicated.

Decoupage is especially suitable for Provence style kitchens: floral motifs, small landscapes, soft pastel shades. All this looks very gentle and stylish.

If you plan to decorate the back, the list of materials will expand: they use old curtains and curtains. And this is not to mention paper, napkins and just paints. An unusual and fashionable technique. The main thing is that the fabric is “with a twist”: lace, original patterns, batik.

The facades of hanging cabinets and a headset look good in this technique.

Design advice: If you do not want to decorate everything with the same drawings, try to make several plot pictures that continue each other in meaning. It takes some effort, but the result is definitely worth it.

By the way, when choosing a pattern for decoupage, remember the scale: in small-sized kitchens it is better to use small and thin ornaments, and large elements are suitable for spacious ones.

Do not ignore household appliances. Of course, decorating your hob in this way is not a good idea. But the oven door, refrigerator, microwave – it is quite. Moreover, these are flat surfaces that do not require pretreatment – unless degreasing.

Lay out a mosaic of pieces of fabric or make an intricate pattern on the entire plane. Alternatively, you can make a thin border around the edge of the device. It looks very stylish and natural.

A countertop decorated this way is also a good move. The only thing that needs to be chosen is the correct heat-resistant varnish, otherwise the coating will be damaged due to the supplied hot plate or saucepan.

Do not forget about the little things – we will talk about them separately.

We decorate the decor

It seemed, why add to decorate all kinds of accessories? But it is they who help create a general atmosphere. Various small decoupage items are an ideal choice. Plus, the technology is so lightweight that even children can handle it.

It is better not to touch pots and pans – unless you are going to just put them on the shelf and admire. But all sorts of salt shakers, cutting boards and decanters – what you need!

When it comes to dishes, treat the coating responsibly – you need a non-toxic varnish.

Several identical objects, painted with similar drawings based on motives, look more profitable than duplicating the same picture – for example, towel hooks or a set of glasses.

In principle, almost everything can be decorated in this way – including watches and even cutlery. True, the latter require painstaking work, especially if you plan to decorate the entire set of forks and spoons.

By the way: Outdated cutlery will make a wonderful pendant using decoupage technique.

As you can see, the method is not complicated, but beautiful. Its remarkable feature is the ability to decorate almost any element of the interior. Given the low price and available materials, most of which are always on hand, this is a great way to decorate your kitchen yourself.

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