15 features that distinguish our kitchens

15 features that distinguish our kitchens

Welcome to our updated post 15 features that distinguish our kitchens

We will tell you about 15 features that will allow you to create an American-style kitchen interior: expert advice, tiny but important nuances, and, of course, photos! Let’s get started?

1. Combining kitchen and living room

If you paid attention to this, then you probably noticed that the rooms there are large in size, including the kitchen.

This is one of the main features of the layout of American apartments, where the kitchen is often combined with the living room and dining room.

In our reality, similar design projects can be implemented either in a studio apartment or in a private house, since apartments with a typical kitchen are often not too large.

Before you start planning, make sure you have enough space – a classic American style needs a lot of space and light.

We will talk about artificial lighting separately, but natural lighting should be enough – ideally, you need a room with two or more windows.

An important nuance: In addition to the fact that a kitchen-dining room with a living room is not realizable in every home, you also need to take care of choosing a good hood (or even more than one). Keep this in mind when calculating your budget.

2. Kitchen island

In the American style, you cannot do without it – it is not typical for it to arrange furniture exclusively along the walls. Here it is better to occupy the center and a kitchen island – the best choice.

It’s not for nothing that Americans love this piece of furniture so much: it is not only beautiful, but also functional. See for yourself:

  • The question of zoning has already been mentioned more than once – even directly in the kitchen area, sometimes it is necessary to separate one segment from another.
  • Additional work surface.
  • It is not necessary to buy a separate dining table for a kitchen with an island. This is especially true for a kitchen-living room without a dining room, decorated in an American style.

There is one more important point.: Have you ever noticed that most American homes have a special pantry in the kitchen for kitchen appliances and extra utensils that are not used every day?

With a kitchen island, you can do without it – the main thing is to order not a monolithic model, but with built-in shelves.

3. Divide the territory

If Americans have a tendency to combine everything in one room as much as possible, then why can’t they get chaos?

It’s all about the correct division into zones – despite the absence of walls, they do not mix due to the competent arrangement of furniture, the use of color transitions and decor.

For example, a bar counter. We talk about it in more detail in the corresponding paragraph of our review, but it also copes with this function perfectly, helping to isolate the kitchen from the living-dining room.

For the same purpose, a dining table, flowerpots or various structural elements can be used.

4. Walls and floor – the basis of the foundations

Simplicity and naturalness with high quality is the cornerstone of American design. Leave the pretentiousness and complex textures to the baroque and boho chic styles.

No wonder it was in this country that the now popular country music was born – pay attention to the types of finishes that are used there. Of course, this is only one offshoot, but it gives an idea of ​​what to focus on.

However, this only applies to repairs. What about the situation?

5. Practical furniture

When watching American films, it seems that even a middle-income family lives in luxury apartments.

There are two basic rules here: quality natural materials (or a good imitation of them) and elegance. The most simple and functional silhouettes are what you need.

There is another nuance: it all depends on the style you choose. Don’t think that American design is monotonous – it all depends on its direction.

Do you want retro? Buy lacquered sofas and cabinets with glossy top. If you like the classic – choose fabric upholstery and natural wood.

5. Pay attention to the facades

The most popular type of facade is paneled. But unlike our latitudes, where they often try to decorate them with curly handles or painting, Americans prefer a simple style – a plain wood in light colors.

This is true for other pieces of furniture as well – the simpler the better. Functional, practical and beautiful.

6. Now about color

It is difficult to single out an unambiguous set of shades here: it all depends on what you want to get as a result.

Love interiors from good classic Christmas movies? Then brown, beige, greenish tones are more suitable for you – those that are considered natural. Avoid flashy colors, try to keep the kitchen elegant and discreet.

There is an opinion that most often Americans make white furniture facades – this is not the case. The shade can be any, even coffee – it is important that it is natural.

Another thing is if you are planning an unusual interior in the style of an American cafe. This is where they come in handy – bright juicy tones are just what you need.

But here, too, there are nuances: the main thing is not to overdo it. One basic tone should be emphasized by a restrained background. Otherwise, the kitchen will turn out to be too colorful. This is no longer American design, but kitsch – why do you need it?

7. What’s behind the door?

If you look closely at the photos of American kitchens, you will notice two details:

  • There is no clutter of dishes, utensils and other kitchen stuff;
  • Lots of cabinets and shelves.

This is no coincidence. One of the basic principles of this interior is that everything that can be hidden must be hidden. The above-named items can only be seen if they are used not only for their intended purpose, but also as decoration.

We hide the rest! In large American houses, a separate pantry is sometimes specially allocated for this purpose.

Please note that these are not our mezzanines – no stepladders, everything should be as convenient as possible. Usually a separate corner in the kitchen is fenced under it – so that everything you need is at hand.

8. Let there be light!

We have already written above that such a kitchen requires a lot of space and light. And if it is clear with the first, then the second must be said separately – especially if you decide to try to make a small kitchen decorated in the American style.

First, it’s natural light – the more windows the better. True, turning the walls into one continuous aquarium is still not a good idea.

Secondly, a carefully crafted artificial one. This is where the difficulties begin. No massive chandeliers or heavy floor lamps.

If you want to create a cozy corner in the recreation area with a fireplace, warm carpet and sofas, you can place one elegant chandelier there – no more.

For the rest of the room, we recommend choosing spotlights. Firstly, they fit perfectly into the concept of the American interior – nothing superfluous where not needed. Secondly, it is convenient for them to make wiring for zone lighting.

An alternative would be pendant lamps with as simple lampshades as possible – but this requires a certain wall height.

Convenient solution: In addition to lighting on the ceiling, place spotlights above functional areas. It can be a stove, a sink, a work surface – everything where good light is often needed.

9. Cozy twilight

How about dimming the room when needed? No curtains or curtains in the kitchen area! Blinds, roller blinds or roman blinds. In fact, there is logic in this – it is easy to stain or damage a thin fabric in the kitchen. So this decision is dictated not only by style, but also by considerations of practicality.

Pay attention to the texture: glossy or printed options will not fit into the interior.

The best options are vertical wooden blinds or bamboo racks. If you live in a private house, we highly recommend thinking about shutters – then the American style will be complete.

10. Home saloon

We have already mentioned the bar counter. A practically indispensable element for a studio apartment with an American kitchen.

It is permissible to use it as an additional cabinet for kitchen trifles, and as a separator of two zones and, of course, for its intended purpose.

In addition, the original bar counter is already an interior decoration. If I were you, we would not neglect such a combination of style and practicality.

And, since we have already started talking about aesthetics, we will smoothly move on to the decor.

11. Decorative items

Let’s go back to cinematography. Pay attention to how their kitchens are decorated. On the one hand, it seems as if there is practically no decor – you will not find a collection of figurines, an abundance of paintings …

On the other hand, one cannot say that Americans are fans of minimalism. It’s just that jewelry should be functional too. Bright jars with spices, unusual dishes, motivating inscriptions – all this is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also plays a certain practical role.

A lamp sometimes acts in this capacity – on a wide wooden frame with light bulbs on thin chains, you can hang not heavy pans and pots, small kitchen utensils. Both beautiful and practical – what you need!

Greenery will be very much in the subject. Moreover, these are not necessarily decorative flowers – mini-vegetable gardens on the windowsills have recently become a trend. And the fashion for them originated in America. We personally recommend: this is not only a decoration, but also natural spices or vegetables to your table!

12. The technical age

Soviet refrigerators and gas stoves will have to get rid of. Built-in appliances look harmonious in the American interior.

By the way, there should be a lot of it: the love of Americans for technical innovations is known to everyone. Therefore, if you have long wanted to buy some kind of device, do not deny yourself this: choose a blender, sandwich maker, electric grill … All this fits into the conceived concept.

Pay attention to plumbing: wide and deep sinks, which easily fold all the dishes after preparation for a gala dinner – just what you need. It is better to choose natural materials – stainless steel is not quite suitable here.

13. The dining room is the center of the house

Even if you have a small family, a spacious and comfortable dining area is a must have.

The only indulgence is the ability to use a kitchen island or a bar counter in this capacity.

But ideally, it should be a beautiful dining table with a massive top in the dining area.

14. Place for breakfast

An island, wide table-tops, dining area … Americans believe that this is not enough.

It would be a good practice to arrange another place for rest – for breakfast or lunch. You can adapt a bar counter or a small coffee table for it.

15. Kingdom of textiles

Notice how many fabric elements Americans use in their interiors. This is easy to explain even in terms of history – they are still proud of their cotton products.

Therefore, choose natural fabrics for upholstery and accessories. Tablecloths, napkins – no paper will not be superfluous!

Of course, at first glance, this is not very convenient for those who are used to paper handkerchiefs – but it helps to provide a true American atmosphere.

16. Bonus for creating atmosphere

America is characterized by all kinds of bonuses and additional options. We decided that if we did not use this tradition, the article would not be complete.

Remember how parties are celebrated in the USA? An abundance of themed accessories can turn a kitchen into a zone into a festive zone. Do not neglect them – this will help you not only add variety, but also maintain a true American style in the kitchen, regardless of the season.

There are no trifles in this style. Even plastic dishes can play a role – for example, red cups familiar to everyone from TV shows.

We draw conclusions: the costs for creating an American interior in the kitchen will require considerable. Mainly due to the quality of materials and the need for a large area. But if you take the risk, then the result will delight you for many years: this style does not apply to those that pass quickly.

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