10 tips for decoration + photos

10 tips for decoration + photos

Welcome to our new post 10 tips for decoration + photos

We will tell you how to bring a particle of bright and gentle Mediterranean sun, sea breeze and Greek hospitality into the space around you.

Greek-style cuisine, as you can see in the photo, combines everything that is so rich in nature and culture of this amazing country.

Distinctive features

What unites all interiors decorated in the Greek style? Let’s take a look at the general features:

  • light colors in the decoration of the ceiling and walls, as well as natural natural shades;
  • frequent use of blue (windows, doors, furniture, textiles);
  • an abundance of ceramics, both on the floor and as decorative elements;
  • painted wood furniture of simple shapes, without upholstery;
  • use of light textiles (linen, cotton).

Combining all these elements, you should pursue one goal – to create a simple, but at the same time, elegant and cozy interior.

Color solution

The Greek style kitchen, as you will see below in the photo, combines all the colors and shades of this country.

To create the correct color palette, you just need to close your eyes and mentally travel to the Mediterranean. You will see:

  • bright sunbeams flooding olive groves with soft light;
  • protruding grayish peaks of mountain ranges with edges of snow-white sparkling snow;
  • the endless azure of the sea coast, smoothly flowing into the high blue sky;
  • grapevines that twine around the tiled roofs of cozy houses.

In a nutshell, everything is simple: white and blue… It is these shades that should be taken as the basis for any Greek interior.

Finishing options

Mosaic is the main material in kitchen decoration. A correctly selected option will allow you to create conciseness and simplicity characteristic of this style.

Use it when arranging the floor, work surface, wall fragment. If there is a desire and opportunity, build a compact hearth, finished with unglazed tiles.

When decorating windows, give preference to short roman blinds for the kitchen made of light, weightless materials such as linen. You can also use bamboo or other wood blinds.

The optimal solution for wall decoration will be light plaster.

It is necessary to make sure that outwardly it looks like it, which for decades systematically burned out under the influence of the bright Mediterranean sun. You can imitate brickwork by covering it with a light layer of lime.


The kitchen and dining area furniture should be wooden. Furniture is often painted blue.

The overall style will be harmoniously complemented by wicker chairs, antique, somewhat shabby sideboards with glass doors, and an abundance of open shelves. Covering with a layer of stain will help create a touch of antiquity.

It is important that all furniture looks simple and straightforward. Enamel paint, varnish and unobtrusive carving are all that the Greek style can afford.

Decorative elements

The main thing with the decor is not to overdo it, while maintaining the harmony and modesty of the interior solution.

The best option would be bunches of dried herbs and herbs over the stove, striped towels, ceramic dishes, bunches of wild flowers in jugs, pebbles in glass vases, wicker fruit bowls.

Harmoniously selected furnishings and decor against the background of simple wall, floor and ceiling decoration will allow you to create an interior that is unique in its color with a bright personality.

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