Shabby chic kitchen

Shabby chic kitchen

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This design direction appeared recently, but managed to get its fans. It is a mix of English and French styles. To make your shabby chic kitchen truly perfect, look at photos of similar interiors that you can admire.

Main features

Shabby chic is a style that will impress you. Some people like him very much, others consider him too intrusive, cloying. The style itself is very gentle, romantic and cozy.

It assumes a bit shabby, with a touch of casualness, but still very sweet and sophisticated bohemian luxury. And no wonder, because the name of the style is translated as “shabby chic”.

The main characteristics of the shabby chic style

Some dilapidation of walls, ceiling and floor: cracked paint, plaster or tiles, worn but sound parquet.

It is believed that shabby chic arose as a counterbalance to minimalism, which implies fresh renovation, the purchase of new furniture and a minimum of decor.

It is advisable to use only natural materials – wood, ceramics, glass, metals, textiles. The interior is characterized by the complexity of forms, the versatility of texture and layering of materials.

A unique unique atmosphere will help to create old-fashioned, vintage or artificially aged furniture and decor items, with decoupage elements or visible defects. However, modern shabby chic also allows the presence of new furniture with white, light or wood paneled or decorated with carvings facades.

Repetition of one detail on different furnishings… It can be a floral ornament, an image of a bird, flower or animal, an unpretentious symbol, an inscription or a monogram.

Lack of new or not stylized shabby chic thingsthat do not bear the seals of noble antiquity. Many home appliance manufacturers have even begun to produce ovens, hoods, microwaves, hobs and stoves in this style. However, this style is also perfectly combined with modern elements of the kitchen.

Light, soothing colorsconsisting of white, cream, light blue, vanilla, mint, light lilac, champagne, eggshell, ivory, light gray, beige, light pink and natural shades of red, brown or green.

Its monotony is diluted with decor or floral designs on the walls, tablecloths and napkins. Brightness and saturation should be as low as possible.

Mandatory presence of textiles from linen, silk, satin or even burlap. The table must certainly be covered with an openwork, lace or checkered tablecloth, preferably with ruffles or tassels. Floral motifs are very popular, although family monograms can also flaunt on the tablecloth.

Wicker baskets made of wicker, metal or paper, in which, by the way, you can hide too modern, contrary to the style of the interior, but necessary in the household gizmos or devices.

Beautiful, souvenir-like dishes, placed on open shelves above the work surface, and, if desired, around the entire perimeter of the room. It can be porcelain, ceramic, painted or, conversely, rustic simple – one way or another, this is a very important component of the decor.

A huge number of cute, and even better antique trinkets – figurines – angels, cupids, ballerinas, candles, bottles, vases – both with live and dry flowers.

The interior saturated with decorative elements, at first glance, creates the impression of some chaos, nevertheless, it is just very carefully and competently planned.

An indispensable attribute of shabby chic is considered to be an old wall clock.

If we talk about window decoration, the best choice would be strict classic, or luxurious Austrian or Italian curtains.


Until recently, semi-antique furniture was considered an obligatory attribute of a kitchen in the shabby chic style, but today the views of designers have changed somewhat.

Now you don’t need to buy tables, chairs and sideboards with scuffed, faded and cracked paint, it will be enough to choose a kitchen set in country style, classic or rustic. Such furniture can be found in any salon.

The color scheme of furniture items should be restrained shades: gray, beige, pale pink or light blue. White is a safe bet.

Table can be of any shape, with carvings, curly legs in the cabriole style, or, conversely, the simplest and most straight forms.

The best materials are untreated wood or glass combined with metal or wood. If your table does not fit into this style, it will be enough to cover it with a linen or lace tablecloth.

Chairs can be very different – from simple wooden, metal, plastic and ending with exclusive designer models. Benches, as if brought from a veranda or garden, are also suitable.

Ceiling, wall and floor finishing

If you decide whitewash the ceiling in such a kitchen, then no one can say that this is how you decided to save on repairs – after all, you just implemented one of the most popular design moves.

It is believed that repairs are not necessary to create this style.

But not every housewife will agree with him, because shabby chic can be represented both by furniture and decor, and not by crumbling plaster or whitewash.

Even stretch ceilings are allowed – matte or satin (but not glossy!), With built-in spotlights, a large central chandelier, and if you want – with a small floral or plant-bird ornament. For finishing the ceiling, textured plaster or gypsum panels are also used.

Stucco molding, gilding and moldings will look good – both on the ceiling and on the walls. Quite often, the walls in shabby chic kitchens, as can be seen in the following photos, are pasted over with wallpaper or finished with ceramic tiles, wood or plastic panels, clapboard.

Regardless of the type of wall covering, its color can be beige, gray, white. Light colors will visually expand the room, fill it with freshness. Small floral or plant patterns are allowed.

If we talk about painting the walls, then the paint should be matte or, in extreme cases, semi-matte. Gloss is not the best solution. An exception in this case is the kitchen apron, which is often trimmed with white glossy tiles, laid out “like a brick”.

The floor, as well as the ceiling and walls, are not the key elements of the decor in this style. They are just a background for the overall interior.

The best options for flooring are tiles, porcelain stoneware, laminate or linoleum. The main thing is that such a coating is durable. The woodgrain version will be optimal for many kitchens.

You may want to install old window frames in your kitchen to fully recreate the spirit of bygone eras.

Important: when choosing materials for finishing the kitchen, give preference to their moisture-resistant varieties.


Bright lighting can only be afforded in the work area. In the rest of the kitchen, it should be warm, muted and relaxing, or better – imitating the flickering of candles. But keep in mind that there should not be too sharp light transitions.

As lighting devices you can use:

  • exquisite glass, crystal or even plastic chandeliers with chandeliers hanging from wooden beams or from the ceiling;
  • wall sconces that look like candlesticks;
  • ordinary lamps with openwork lampshades made of thread or fabric, if you want – with a pattern or ornament;
  • lantern shaped lamps made of glass and metal;
  • vintage metal lamps.


What you should pay utmost attention to is the decor. Shabby chic style presupposes an abundance of original graceful gizmos, made with your own hands or selected with taste.

A lot of all kinds of decorative cups, saucers, plates, teapots, jars, vases, trays will give the room exclusivity and originality. Chairs, table legs and other elements can be decorated with silk or cambric ribbons.

Will look original wicker baskets different sizes that can be placed under the table, on the shelves, and even on the ceiling.

It is these cute knick-knacks that will make a shabby chic kitchen perfect.

Distinguished by sophistication and attention to even small details, this interior direction will certainly appeal to sensitive, dreamy and creative people. If you are one of them, then this style is for you.

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