Kitchen interior design in classic style

Kitchen interior design in classic style

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The photo shows the interior of the kitchen in a classic style of walnut, which gives it a warm golden hue.

Moreover, more and more often, not conservative options are used, but creatively developed ones, with an individual approach to each project. But, despite the introduction of bold solutions into the interior, the style remains a classic, as it has a number of features that belong only to it.

Typical shapes and formats

This style offers a lot of space. Of course, a small room can be decorated in this style, but a spacious room looks better. At the same time, there is a certain requirement for the correctness of geometric shapes and this applies not only to the room itself, but also to the furniture in it.

The photo shows another modern variation of the traditional design.

Thus, the headset should be purchased either angular or linear. The effect is enhanced in a large kitchen, but even in a small area it is possible to create a cute and cozy atmosphere. See photos as examples.


Like any other style, this one relies on a specific color scheme. Monochrome or contrasting palettes are most typical in such an interior. Bright colors that focus on themselves are unacceptable.

Color schemes are very different and widely available, but still, the main colors of traditional cuisine are reduced to beige, brown, white and black. These are the options shown in the photo.

Which material is better

Somehow it is already accepted that it is necessary to create the interior of a classic kitchen using natural materials. This is not only convenient and practical, but also right, because they are environmentally friendly for the health of not only people, but also animals.

In addition, natural tree species already naturally have a rich texture, original drawing or pattern.

For the manufacture of furniture, solid wood is used, countertops are made of polished marble.

The leading positions among valuable tree species are occupied by:

  • Carpathian beech;
  • natural or stained oak;
  • Karelian birch;
  • nut;
  • Siberian cedar;
  • cherry.

Pine is not on this list, although today kitchen sets are also made from it and they look no worse. Kitchens made from natural materials are expensive. And if you can’t afford it, pay attention to modern analogs of imitation wood imitation.

Of course, the use of such an expensive material as wood can be replaced with a more budgetary MDF. Facades made of MDF can be painted in any shade and even resemble the texture of wood.


Used as decorations:

  • panels and paintings;
  • decorative dishes made of ceramics or porcelain;
  • indoor plants or flowers, always in pots;
  • wicker items.

As for the design of curtains for the kitchen, it is better to choose models of strict, direct sewing, light, but not bright colors.

The dining table can be covered with a cotton tablecloth in pastel colors. Each hostess sees her kitchen in her own way and, decorating it, shows her individuality and style.

In general, the textile design should match the overall color scheme of your interior.


Furniture for a classic kitchen is the very grace, elegance and sophistication. The items perfectly combine functionality and sophistication. Designers prefer to divide kitchen furniture into two traditional types.

Rococo style headsets are preferred by lovers of luxury and everything original. Such furniture has a pretentious look, rich in carvings and other decorative details. The second view is simpler and more concise, but the appearance still looks expressive and elegant.

Of course, the set of furniture can be completely different, but a must-have element of this style is a dining table that will bring the whole family together, creating a unique atmosphere of kindness and love.

Correct lighting

Any kitchen needs good lighting. Designers make it a rule to make light not only functional, but also soft and diffused, as shown in the photo. An antique chandelier or luminaire is suitable as the main light source.

Additional lighting or even hidden lighting will be provided with high-quality spotlights located along the perimeter. Modern stylish shades are not suitable in such cases.

Despite the fact that the classic kitchen interior implies austerity of style and no excesses, the possibilities of modern design have no boundaries. You can create your dream kitchen and maintain a warm and comfortable family atmosphere.

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