How big is a 9l box?

How big is a 9l box?

Technical specification

Box Size Dimensions (length x width x depth – mm)
9 litre Really Useful Box 395 x 255 x 155 335 x 210 x 140
9 litre XL Really Useful Box (7″ small) 395 x 255 x 205 335 x 210 x 180
10 litre Really Useful Box 520 x 340 x 085 460 x 298 x 070
11 litre Really Useful Box 456 x 356 x 120 375 x 310 x 091

Just so, How big is a 22l box?

Heavy duty economy plastic tote box with a hinged attached lid. Suitable for both stacking and nesting.

How big is an 80l box? 80L PLASTIC STORAGE BOX

SKU 316229
Dimensions W 60cm x H 46cm x D 40cm
Colour Black, Clear
Material Polypropylene

Similarly, How big is a 7 Litre storage box?

Additional information

Dimensions 27.5 × 22.5 × 15 cm
Size 7 Litres
length 27.5cm
width 22.5cm
height 15cm

Can you stack really useful drawers?

All the boxes are stackable however only the ‘Nest andStack’ range will nest inside each other.

What size is a Litre?

A litre is a cubic decimetre, which is the volume of a cube 10 centimetres × 10 centimetres × 10 centimetres (1 L ≡ 1 dm3 ≡ 1000 cm3).

How do you measure a storage box?

What size is a copy paper box?


boxes are approximately the size of a copy paper box. These boxes, which are by far the most commonly used, will hold letter documents width-wise or legal documents length-wise. The dimensions of these boxes are roughly 15 x 12 x 10 inches.

Are useful boxes UV resistant?

Our main product is a range of patented, strong, stacking storage boxes. … The boxes can be supplied in a clear transparent material. This is our most popular option and allows you to quickly and easily identify the box contents. Solid colours are also available and suggested for security and protection against UV light.

What are really useful boxes made from?

Our boxes are made from polypropylene, the most commonly used recyclable plastic, and can be recycled in council recycling bins and centres.

What is the difference between litre and liter?

There is no difference between liter or litre. Litre is used by all English speaking countries influenced by Europe or British English and Liter is preferred by American English.

What items are 1l?

Around the world, a liter, sometimes spelled litre, is a standard unit of measurement, particularly for liquids.

9 Household Items That Hold 1 Liter

  • A Quart of Milk. …
  • A Two-Liter Soda Bottle. …
  • Glass Jars. …
  • Dish Soap Containers. …
  • Water Bottles or Thermoses. …
  • A Number 3 Can. …
  • Shampoo Bottles. …
  • Ziplock Bags.

What holds more than 1 Litre?

Step-by-step explanation: One liter is equal to 1000 ml of a liquid. The objects which have the capacity more than one litre can be a cylinder.

What is a standard box size?

The standard box measures 17 x 12 ⅜ x 12 ⅜. It’s also commonly referred to as “the book box” because it was designed to accommodate heavier items like books, albums, records, CDs, hand tools and more.

Is length always longer than width?

Length is describing how long something is while width is describing how wide an object is. 2.In geometry, length pertains to the longest side of the rectangle while width is the shorter side.

What is the width of a box?

The distance from the front of the product till the back measured across the side panel is your WIDTH. In our example we measured 15/16. The DEPTH or height of the product is the distance between the bottom and the top of your product as it’s sitting on the shelf, closed.

What size is a normal bankers box?

Bankers Box Legal Sized File Storage Box measuring 15 x 10 x 24 inches holds up to 700 lb and is featured with smooth rolled edges that increases strength and prevent paper cuts.

What size is a standard Bankers box?

Bankers Box®24 x 15 x 10 14

What is a standard moving box size?

Standard box sizes

Moving boxes typically come in sizes from small to extra-large. Small — Measure around 16″ x 12″ x 12″. These are ideal for packing things like books, CDs and DVDs, and kitchen gadgets. Medium — Measure around 18″ x 16″ x 18″ and are great for things like towels and decorative items.

Who owns the Really Useful Box Company?

Mike Pickles – Owner – Really Useful Products Ltd | LinkedIn.

What plastic are really useful boxes?

Really useful boxes are clear polypropylene multi-purpose boxes which are exceptionally strong and can be stacked, ideal for archival storage. The clear polypropylene material is acid-free making them suitable for storage and conservation use.

Are plastic boxes acid free?

Poly boxes can store and retain acidity and do not contain buffering agents to counteract acidity. If RH level is high in the micro-climate, risks intensify.

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