Cozy Ivory Kitchen: Design Examples

Cozy Ivory Kitchen: Design Examples

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An ivory (or ivory) kitchen can be a good alternative to the harsh and cold white color.

Psychologists say that it is this shade, among a number of similar ones, that people with good intuition and developed intellect subconsciously choose.

Ivory (from the English ivory, ivory) – it is white with a touch of yellow. Natural ivory can have a slight shade of beige or even pink, but yellow is always present in it. It is ideally combined with other colors, both with bright and pastel, muted tones.

Since ancient times, ivory has been associated with prosperity, moreover, with luxury and sophistication. And this is not only because natural ivory is a rare and expensive material.

The ivory color does not tolerate “cheapness” at all: in a low-quality, ill-conceived entourage, the ivory color will look faded, poorly washed or burnt out white.

If ivory gets a decent frame, then with its soft yellowish-neutral shade it creates an atmosphere of refined noble luxury.

The kitchen will look especially elegant if the ivory color is emphasized with other natural textures – rare species of wood or natural stone.

Moreover, in order to achieve such a visual effect, it is not at all necessary to spend fabulous sums – the modern construction market offers a large selection of artificial finishing materials that exactly imitate the desired natural texture.

From minimalism to modern

Ivory kitchens are a versatile choice that suits almost any interior style. It is a win-win base that can be complemented with stylish décor according to your individual taste.

A fashionable trend is to decorate the walls of the kitchen with ivory-colored furniture, natural materials (leather, wood, hemp, linen).

He quite comfortably “feels” in the laconic style of “minimalism”.

And in an ultra-modern black and white “neoclassical” interior.

In various versions of the cute and cozy Provence family style.

And in the solemn luxury of classic modern.

What exactly should you choose? The design style and the furniture set itself must be selected based on the general design style of the house or apartment, from the shape and size of a particular kitchen.

In order for you to determine your preferences in advance, we have prepared for you a selection of photos with various decor options for ivory kitchens.

Countertops, decor and accessories options

When choosing a countertop for a kitchen with an ivory-colored headset facade, remember that both light and dark work surfaces with gloss, imitating granite, marble or other polished natural stones, are very harmoniously combined.

Ivory will look luxurious in a frame of natural wood elements (or their high-quality imitation). Light wood species (Canadian maple, ash, bleached oak) look very stylish.

Contrasting countertops made of exotic wenge or noble rosewood are no less impressive.

The patina adds a luxurious look to furniture facades. Combinations of ivory and gold are considered classics outside the vagaries of fashion.

And also ivory combined with silver.

The chrome-plated range hood and the matching household appliances and lighting give the classic kitchen a very modern look.

It is better to use other colors for decorating walls in order to favorably emphasize the beauty and nobility of ivory. It can be rich beige, delicate peach, soft pink or deep brown tones.

As for the kitchen apron, it has long ceased to be only a functional protection against moisture and dirt. He can and should be a full participant in the overall design of the kitchen.

An ivory apron for the kitchen can be made of ceramic tiles, mosaics, decorative stone, glass. The apron pattern can repeat the pattern on the wallpaper or curtains, or it can be completely neutral, it can act as a bright single accent or overlap with other decor elements.

Classic style

Ivory color can be safely used in the arrangement of classic kitchens. It goes well with natural wood, endowed with a rich and original texture.

When making kitchen sets and other interior items, take a closer look at shades such as bleached oak and wenge.

Monochrome designs are not the best solution, even if you really like the chosen color.

They are devoid of individuality and exclusivity. The kitchen has a lot of dishes, accessories, household appliances, which allows you to experiment a lot with shades.

See how the ivory kitchen looks in the above photos. There are a lot of options and from them you can get some original ideas for yourself.

To decorate the walls of a classic kitchen, you can use wallpaper, paint, Venetian plaster.

Dark accents, in particular deep burgundy and chocolate, can easily dilute the given color palette, emphasizing the lightness and airiness of the main shade.

A dark countertop will look very impressive and stylish in a classic interior. It will become a laconic backdrop for an exquisite furniture set.

Household appliances can also be matched. Dark doors of the refrigerator, oven, base of the hob will help to emphasize the richness of the interior.

Pay special attention to the arrangement of the dining area. For spacious kitchens, you can purchase a massive wooden table and soft chairs for it.

The edging of golden color will beautifully combine with light facades, emphasizing their sophistication and perfectly fitting into the classic interior style.

Ivory color can be used not only in the decoration of walls and in the kitchen set. It will also look decent in textiles.

Delicate classic curtains with golden thread and beautiful garters will perfectly emphasize the set design.

In a small kitchen

Ivory, as well as many other light shades, makes the room visually more spacious and light. Therefore, it will become your indispensable assistant in the design of small-sized premises.

In this case, it is better to dilute the main color with not too dark shades. The accent can be made on metal accessories, golden or silver dishes, vases, baskets and other decor.

It is better to choose lacquered and smooth facades. They perfectly reflect light, visually pushing the walls and raising the ceilings.

A faithful assistant in arranging a small-sized kitchen will be glossy tiles or laminate, which resembles natural wood in texture. Choose the color so that it matches the ivory shade you already have.

In a particularly limited space, place the kitchen set along one wall. The opposite corner will be a great place to set up a dining area.

The stretch ceiling will also look very beautiful, stylish and modern. Using a few small recessed lights will fill the room with light and spaciousness.

Remember: in small kitchens, ivory color should be a priority. Several bright decorative elements will help to dilute it.

In a private house

Is there a spacious and bright kitchen in your private home? Have you chosen ivory as the main color for your interior? Pay attention to the vintage style.

This design direction is suitable for those who love decor, who are used to surrounding themselves with stylish trinkets that endow the surrounding space with individuality and originality.

Smooth curved lines should be present in the kitchen unit. Stucco molding on the facades can be decorated with gilding.

For wall decoration, wallpapers with an unobtrusive pattern are suitable: a cage, a diamond, polka dots, a strip. The colors should not be too bright, but contrasting with the ivory.

Similar motifs can be traced in dishes, textiles, decor and even household appliances.

For the arrangement of the dining area, you can choose a simple board table and the same chairs for it. They will be made more comfortable by soft harnesses, which in color and pattern repeat the motifs of curtains and kitchen towels.

The abundance of decor suggests detailed thoughtfulness. Even at the planning stage, they must clearly understand where even the smallest object will be located.

Whatever design style you choose for yourself, remember that ergonomics of space is very important for the kitchen.

In a spacious kitchen, everything you need should be “at hand” so that you do not have to travel kilometers every day while cooking, and in a small kitchen, everything should be located as compactly and safely as possible so that you do not bump into furniture when moving quickly.

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