50+ photos with examples of color combinations in design

50+ photos with examples of color combinations in design

Welcome to our latest post 50+ photos with examples of color combinations in design

Perhaps you should not immediately repaint the wallpaper of the bedroom or living room in bright saturated colors, but you can even think about a sunny kitchen. After all, the kitchen begins the day in any family, and solar paints will help to tune in a positive mood.

So, let’s talk in more detail about the yellow kitchen, its role in the interior of the apartment and consider photos of ready-made projects.

In the photo, the interior of the kitchen is yellow in a modern style.

Making a choice in favor of yellow, many are afraid that it will look too bright, however. You should not be afraid of this, here you just need to maintain a balance of color saturation in one room.

Let’s start considering the design features of such a room.

With other colors

You can dilute the kitchen in yellow tones with different colors, while creating an individual and unique interior.

Black, green, gray, white and brown go especially well with yellow.

The black… This color combination is suitable for calm and practical people, but if there is too much black in the kitchen, this can be bad for the psyche.

Therefore, designers recommend diluting such bright colors with calmer ones, for example, gray or white, or adding lightness to the kitchen due to glass cabinet doors.

Green… This beautiful combination of two colors is rarely found in kitchen units, maybe because it is too summer and bright?

Nevertheless, if the choice is made in favor of these two colors, then it is better to make the lower boxes green, and the upper ones yellow.

This is a more natural and organic option. You can also infuse a yellow kitchen with green plants.

Grey… This neutral color in the interior of a yellow kitchen will give it sophistication and solidity; in this option it is better to stay on a muted yellow shade.

You can add silver elements in the form of a sink, hood, household appliances.

In general, this combination can often be found in modern European cuisines, especially in Germany and the Scandinavian countries.

White… This is the most fashionable kitchen design option now. For this combination, it is also better to choose a soft yellow shade in a company with a milky or, conversely, a bright white color. You can dilute this range with beige, silver or gray interior details.

Bright solutions

You need to understand that the yellow kitchen should be manifested in the interior either “through” the set or “through” the walls. That is, you cannot make everything yellow, in no case.

Painting the walls yellow can add the necessary bright touch to the interior, but at the same time it does not carry a temporary load, like buying new furniture. After all, the wall can be repainted in a different color at any time.

Designers advise to paint the north-facing wall yellow, paint the other light beige, and leave the rest white. This combination will not tire the household and will delight the eye for a long time.

At the same time, it is better to leave the kitchen furniture itself white with silver elements of household appliances.

The yellow color will harmoniously fit into almost any style of the room, you just need to choose the right shades. Intense yellow is suitable for modern interiors, softer and calmer shades are appropriate for classics or rustic styles.

In the photo there is a kitchen-living room in a modern style. By the way, this interior was included in the top 200 kitchen design photos according to our editorial staff.

Pictured is a chalet-style design. Warm and warming shades go well with wood beams.

When choosing a color, focus not only on maintaining the style, but also on your own feelings. As you know, warm colors fill with energy, and cold ones – have a rest.

We place accents

You can add home comfort to a room with just a few bright accents.

For example, you can use yellow chairs, an apron for the work area, appliances, dishes, wall clocks, or textiles. In this case, the main and dominant color should be chosen neutral.

The combination of a white kitchen set with bright chairs dilutes the strict design.

The bright and juicy color of the apron creates an accent in the design.

You can complement and support the theme of a sunny interior with dishes, small household appliances and textiles.

As with other bright colors, you need to be careful with yellow (especially when it comes to choosing the color of the countertop).

Since this color has different variations in midtones and is very dependent on lighting, it is recommended to watch the headsets or walls live. Also, this color should be liked by the rest of the family.

White and yellow kitchen

Do you like the delicate combination of white and yellow? Your tastes fully correspond to the current trend trends in the field of design. Look at the above photos, what such a yellow kitchen looks like in the interior.

In any case, one color should dominate, and the second should be its background or be added in dosage.

If you have chosen a yellow kitchen set for yourself, then use white in the design of the walls, ceiling and floor. He can be present in the dining group, decor elements, lighting devices.

Yellow-green kitchen

The combination of yellow and green looks very impressive and original. Thanks to him, the environment comes alive, acquires individuality and uniqueness.

If you want to get a completely non-trivial interior solution, think about facades with photo printing. Floral motifs on the doors of the lower or upper cabinets will fit perfectly into the given palette of colors.

Growing fresh flowers will help to dilute the brightness of the yellow kitchen set. If the kitchen space permits, you can purchase a couple of large floor pots with vegetation.

Black and yellow

Black is very effective in combination with any shades of yellow, but it is important not to overdo it with it. Otherwise, you risk getting a not particularly cheerful interior.

The main thing in this tandem should be yellow. White will make a decent part for these tones. It will smooth out both of these colors, and also harmoniously combine them with each other.

Black and white motifs can be present in textiles, dining areas, kitchen sets, chandeliers, and decorative elements.

The best companion to black will be a bright, cheerful yellow. Thanks to emu, even the abundance of dark tones will look spectacular and impressive, and not depressing.

Gray-yellow interior

The combination of these colors is self-contained. Even shades of white can look out of place in some cases.

Try to play with colors. Bright yellow will effectively complement the pale gray, making it a wonderful background.

The floor covering of their yellow and gray ceramic tiles, laid in a checkerboard pattern, will look original and harmonious.

Saturated shades of gray metallic, present in household appliances, furniture, lighting devices, are best combined with muted tones of yellow, otherwise you will get an interior oversaturated with colors.

Yellow-orange design

Yellow-orange interior solutions are ideal for those kitchens that are not located on the sunny side. Thanks to this, the room will be filled with colors, it will become brighter and more effective.

The main thing is not to overdo it because both of these colors are quite intense. They belong to a warm palette of shades. White color will help to dilute them, which can be used in the decoration of walls and ceilings, furniture.

If you make the main color yellow, then bright orange can be used in decorative elements, kitchen accessories, and household appliances.

Violet yellow kitchen

You should be extremely careful to combine these colors, otherwise the kitchen will become too bright and oversaturated.

Initially, choose which tone you want to make the main and which is the secondary. The first can be present either in the decoration of the room, or in the kitchen set.

A bright yellow kitchen against the background of delicate purple walls will look very impressive and original. Textiles, as well as two or three bright purple decorative elements will help to complement the range.

In a small kitchen

In a small kitchen, bright yellow can be used safely. Shiny glossy facades will reflect light, which will visually expand a small room.

Having decided to use glossy furniture, you should initially understand that fingerprints will be clearly visible on it, so you have to be painstakingly cleaned.

Matte facades will be more practical. It is better to make them from materials of more muted tones. Bright textiles, dishes, household appliances will help to complement them.

In a private house

In a private house, on the basis of yellow, you can equip a homely, cozy and comfortable country kitchen.

Natural wood will make the interior look more natural. The main thing is to choose the most suitable shade correctly.

Open shelves instead of solid top cabinets, an abundance of bright decor, vine chairs, a plank floor will emphasize a given style in the interior.

The kitchen is a special place in the house where food is prepared, a new day is celebrated, so any moment spent here should be enjoyable and comfortable. The yellow kitchen will give you a sunny mood and positive emotions.

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