50+ photos of design and decor

50+ photos of design and decor

Welcome to our new post 50+ photos of design and decor

Waiting for you:

  • photo gallery of examples of stylish interior design;
  • action plan for combining rooms;
  • modern design techniques;
  • some useful life hacks.

But before you combine the two rooms in the Khrushchev, it does not hurt to get acquainted with all the consequences – both positive and negative. This will help to competently organize the space, plan the time and determine the amount of work.

“Pros and cons”

Most often, the kitchen is combined with the living room in order to gain additional space, place a full dining area and make moving around the apartment more convenient.

There are other pluses as well. You expand the kitchen area, you can communicate with family members while cooking, while looking at the TV, change the environment without moving. In addition, you have a sea of ​​possibilities for extraordinary design.

However, if you have already thought about a kitchen combined with a living room, then you know the benefits of this step.

Now about the disadvantages. The good news is that there may be less of them than you think.
As you know, to combine rooms in Khrushchev, you can:

  • demolish the entire wall;
  • make a wall instead of doors;
  • demolish part of the wall.

Until recently, those who wanted to combine rooms were stopped by the need to obtain special permission for redevelopment or reconstruction of an apartment. And this applied not only to the Khrushchevs, but to any apartment buildings. It is not hard to guess that this procedure involves a long and expensive bureaucratic bustle with papers.

The rules have changed today. If, during the repair of the Khrushchev, you do not touch the main (load-bearing) walls, do not interfere with the sewer pipes passing through all floors, as well as ventilation, heating and water supply systems, you don’t need permission

When such an intervention is nevertheless planned, it is necessary to amend the technical passport of the apartment. This will avoid possible unpleasant consequences for the whole house and will not break the law.

By the way, administrative responsibility is provided for illegal redevelopment or reconstruction. And the actual registration certificate of the apartment will not complicate its sale, rent or renewal later.

For reference: you can familiarize yourself with article 26 of the Housing Code of the Russian Federation.

The disadvantages of the kitchen-living room are:

  • spread of kitchen odors;
  • noises from household appliances, guests or TV;
  • the need to use moisture-, dirt-resistant or at least wet-cleaned materials that are resistant to temperature extremes;
  • maintaining cleanliness in both rooms.

As you can see, the kitchen, combined with the living room, generously shares the latest design pretense.

But, you must admit, it is not difficult to deal with such shortcomings by installing a good exhaust system, silent equipment, by choosing the right materials for decoration and textiles. And for some, these are not disadvantages at all, but insignificant side effects. One way or another, it is better to know about them before you start designing a kitchen-living room.

Action plan

A well thought out plan is the key to the success of every business, right? After you have received permission or have found out that it is not required, you can start working on the project. It can be compiled by yourself or commissioned by professionals.

It is very convenient to use modern programs on the Internet – the so-called 3D online planners. You bring in previously taken measurements, virtually demolish or move walls, arrange all objects and modules.

It is important to remove the correct parameters of the rooms, taking into account all niches, protrusions, pipes, because the smallest error can lead your plans to collapse. And although the layout of the apartments in Khrushchev is identical, it is better not to focus on standard parameters.

So, you have a project with accurate measurements. Next plan of action:

  • determine the size of the kitchen;
  • we place the dining area;
  • we visually separate the kitchen from the living room;
  • choose a design style;
  • we select materials.

First of all, you place the main modules tied to the hood, drain and other engineering systems, then – other functional items. Together with this or in the end, think over the interior of the kitchen from the living room.

And here we would like to share the following recommendations:

  • the smaller the size of the kitchen-living room, the more carefully it is necessary to think over its layout;
  • the more little things you take into account when designing, the more comfortable the room you create will be.

Important little things

Why are we so persistently drawing your attention to the practical side of the issue? The fact is that the concept of beauty is very subjective, moreover, the aesthetic side in all its glory is represented by a selection of photos.

But some functional aspects can fall out of sight, which in the worst case will lead to lifelong inconvenience. In addition, as you know, smart design is in fashion, which will be especially appropriate in Khrushchev.

Therefore, we have prepared an approximate list of little things that directly or indirectly affect the layout and, accordingly, the level of comfort:

  • the number of people and generations in the family, taking into account the addition of offspring;
  • family traditions, habits, hobbies and ideas about convenience;
  • the amount of food consumed and the “scope” of its preparation;
  • cooking frequency;
  • daily regimes, biorhythms, height and weight of each family member;
  • important points and factors for you.

Believe it or not, it is recommended to even consider whether you are right-handed or left-handed. It is good that in most cases the previous layout of the rooms and the already noticed inconveniences in the placement of furniture or equipment will act as a reference point.


So how much space is better for the kitchen in Khrushchev? Ask yourself if you have had enough space for cooking before, if there is a need to place a table in the kitchen area for a quick snack. Ask yourself other questions that are relevant to you.

A window sill can be used as an additional work surface. Turning it into a folding or hanging table that folds out as needed, you also design a place for a light breakfast.

A popular idea in organizing a kitchen space is a bar counter, on the console of which all kinds of roof rails are placed. The dimensions of the kitchens in Khrushchev simply force the maximum use of the vertical and literally every piece of space, and here is one example. The design of the bar counters is so diverse that they have gone beyond modern trends and are found in interiors decorated in a classic style.

For small kitchens, a linear or L-shaped layout, presented in the photo below, is suitable. Parallel (two-row), U-shaped, layout with an island or a peninsula is convenient from the point of view of ergonomics, but appropriate in medium to large kitchens.

Dining area

Recent studies have shown that eating alone is unhealthy. It is not for nothing that a large dining table for family and friendly gatherings has been an integral attribute of the house from time immemorial. It is placed between the kitchen and the living room, and if in your traditions, eating in the living room area, in front of the TV, then it is better to put the table in front of the sofa.

An interesting, modern and functional choice for a living room would be a transforming table. When folded, it looks like a coffee table and is suitable for 2-4 people, while when unfolded it is much more spacious, taller and suitable for 9-10 guests or family members.

Furniture sliding or folding according to the principle of matryoshka is ideal for a Khrushchev house, and its intricate mechanisms will emphasize the rationality and good taste of the owners.

Living room

The main character of the room is a comfortable and beautiful sofa. Like the kitchen, it is arranged linearly, with the letter “G or” P “- depending on the number of family members and free space. If you plan to receive guests often, do not forget to provide additional seating in the form of poufs, folding, sliding chairs or floor pillows.

The role of the seats, if necessary, will be played by cushions or cushions. And here the degree of your foresight depends on the size of the room.

The interior of the room should overlap with the kitchen in colors, textures and materials, uniting both rooms into a single whole. Elegant but expensive natural stone, wood and other trendy materials can easily replace or complement practically indistinguishable imitations.

They are undemanding to care for, withstand high humidity, temperature extremes and frequent cleaning. To appreciate the similarities mentioned, take a look at these photos.

Visually expanding a small room is stereoscopic wallpaper – the latest fashion trend, which is used to decorate an accent wall. They will literally push the wall aside, creating the illusion of spaciousness – isn’t that so necessary in Khrushchev?

Another regular in the living room is the TV or fireplace, usually placed in front of the sofa, in a position that is comfortable for viewing. Alternatively, both can be placed on a small partition that visually separates the kitchen, combined with the living room.

A false wall or partition 1-1.5 m long will not burden the interior. On the one hand, you can hang a plasma to it, bring in sockets and cables for the Internet, on the other, place a small table, shelves for kitchen utensils or indoor plants. In addition, this is one of the good ways to divide space into functional areas.


As in the case of the union, the design of the ceiling, floor, walls and lighting acts as a tool for zoning the kitchen-living room. Two-tiered ceiling structures will highlight this or that area, and lamps mounted in the ceiling or furniture will provide all the conditions during cooking.

Yes, the ceilings in the Khrushchevs are not high, but 10-15 cm is not so much and is barely perceptible. But glossy stretch canvases will visually enhance the room, and even save neighbors from flooding.

Interiors decorated in a modern style are often decorated with LED lighting. However, it is used in other styles as well, because from time to time everyone wants a festive or romantic atmosphere.

Various lighting devices are also used for zoning: in the kitchen, built-in swivel lamps are useful, in the living room floor lampshades and wall sconces will look. A wide chandelier is often placed above the dining room in combination with ceiling lighting.

Most often, the kitchen is separated by flooring, which should be more practical and durable than in the living room. Examples of such zoning are in the photo.

Advice: A small step between the kitchen and the living room is not a good idea.
To make sure of this, conduct an experiment: put on the passage any obstacle through which you have to constantly step over, and force yourself not to go around it for at least a couple of hours. You will immediately understand what’s what.

For interior zoning, Khrushchevs also use:

  • one of the lines “G” – or “P” -shaped layout of the kitchen;
  • bar counter;
  • sliding screen;
  • stylish curtain made of threads or ropes;
  • Japanese curtains;
  • whatnot;
  • decorative partition (with or without niches);
  • florarium, aquarium, terrarium, mini-greenhouse;
  • floor plants;
  • table;
  • openwork, glass or bamboo partition;
  • shallow two- or one-sided cabinet;
  • bamboo (or other) trunks.

How it looks – shown in the photo.

Perhaps this is all that we wanted to share with you. A final tip: no matter how perfectly you think over your project, do not be lazy to do it again!

We hope that everything you see and read will contribute to your home harmony and personal comfort!

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