Which automatic watering system for my garden?

Which automatic watering system for my garden?

Maintaining your garden well requires effective watering. There are many irrigation systems that can provide the right amount of water to your crops, with serious savings. Which automatic watering system to choose and how to install it? Advice.

You have pruned, planted, sowed, embellished your garden, fitted out your terrace and put your swimming pool back into service. All you have to do is enjoy the sunny days … Not quite! The big problem in the garden, besides mowing, is watering.

Fortunately, automatic watering systems make life much easier for home gardeners. No more evenings spent watering each flower bed, but also the headache of maintaining your plants during your holidays … Ecological and economical, these systems allow you to reduce your water bill by 50%. Automatic sprinklers indeed offer systems adapted to each type of garden: vegetable garden, flower beds, grass, etc.

Underground, drip or rotating sprinkler system, they all meet very specific demands. Which of these systems matches your needs? We take stock.

Surface sprinkler systems

Automatic watering programmer © Leroy Merlin

In the family of sprinkler systems, there is surface sprinklers, known as “flying”. This type of system is particularly suitable for small surfaces. Rotary or localized, automatic surface watering can operate at low or high pressure and can be programmed in the same way as its underground version. Not very discreet, the main drawback of this type of watering could be its lack of aesthetics. Often made of plastic and made up of many fittings, it can also suffer from leaks. Here the network of pipes is laid on the ground and can be moved as needed.

For the sake of economy, plan to purchase a programmer to manage the installations during your absences. Attached to the tap outlet and operating with batteries, they allow you to select periods (days of the week) and watering times chosen according to regular sequences.

Count 25 to 50 € for a sprinkler. From 50 € for a programmer.

The rotating jet sprinkler system

Automatic sprinkler on the surface © Hozelock

Recommended especially for lawns and certain flower beds, rotating watering covers small surfaces up to 150 m. Inexpensive, it is one of the most popular systems for individuals.The rotary sprinkler is equipped with two or three horizontal arms that rotate under the pressure of the water. Some models are to be placed on the ground, others are to be raised by a pick or a tripod. The installation is very easy, simple connections to a water inlet and to the programmer are sufficient for the proper functioning of this type of flywheel watering. There are models for high or low pressure. Warning ! Badly adjusted, the rotating jet can quickly overload your lawn with water. Count on average 25 € for this type of sprinkler.

Drip irrigation or localized watering

Drip irrigation © Leroy Merlin

For ultra-precise watering, the drip irrigation system, or micro-drilled sprinkler, is the most efficient. It is notably recommended for vegetable gardens, hedges or flower beds. The water drains slowly to the roots of the plants through pipes pierced with small holes. It waters the target plant, and only that plant. It is most certainly the most economical system of all.

The biggest advantage of this type of watering is that it allowsavoid overdose (which can be fatal for some plants). It is also valued for its ability to prevent the proliferation of weeds.

His very simple installation is within everyone’s reach, although some subtleties need to be mastered. It is important to know that simple drippers are installed directly on the main pipe or at the end of a micro-pipe, the plugs must close one end and are useful for purging the system in winter. “This system is very appreciated by the owners of balconies, terraces, or urban gardens because it allows to have beautiful flowers without worrying too much.“, specifies Quentin Taudon, Truffaut adviser. We regret all the same the lack of discretion of such equipment. Count on average 60 € for this type of sprinkler.

The underground sprinkler system

Garden – underground watering © Algoflash

The underground sprinkler system is mainly recommended for gardens with a large surface area. A network of underground pipes feeds outlets distributed over the entire area to be watered and is connected to a programmer making it possible to regulate the time, frequency and duration of the watering.

This integrated sprinkler is completely invisible and allows you to enjoy a garden with perfect aesthetics. He is also recognized for his professional efficiency. But beware, there are some drawbacks to choosing this type of system.

It is arguably the most complicated system to install. “There are very few individuals capable of installing this type of system on their own. It is better to call a professional to be sure to avoid the damage“, explains Quentin Taudon. This type of installation requires a multitude of studies to be carried out beforehand: measuring the water pressure when it arrives, choosing the appropriate type of water outlet, choosing an efficient installation. .

In addition, the buried system, as its name suggests, needs to be underground. It is therefore necessary to dig trenches in which to place the pipes. So many delicate stages that it is better to master so as not to have unpleasant surprises on arrival, such as leaks, for example.

From 150 € excluding installation.

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