What to do with waste after the work?

What to do with waste after the work?

You’ve decided to go for some big work and here you are with a good number of bulky items on your back. Sometimes we can quickly be overwhelmed by the situation, not knowing where or how to throw our waste. First of all, you have to know the 3 different types of waste, which will not be treated in the same way.

There are the inert waste, which include rubble, concrete, concrete blocks, tiles, earth or even ceramics.

Then the rubble without danger, which includes plastic packaging, cardboard, wood, scrap metal, rock wool, plaster, PVC and green waste.

Finally, the dangerous rubble : paint cans, asbestos, solvents, liquid and radioactive waste.

1) Inert waste

When you do the work yourself, it is your responsibility to get rid of the waste. But these can sometimes be cumbersome when in large quantities. For this, you can get ” big-bag », Large bags specializing in the transport of rubble to then go to the recycling center.

You can also rent a dumpster bulky, to avoid several round trips depending on the quantity, generally useful if you have more than 8 m3 of rubble. They can generally contain up to 30 m3!

If all this is too complicated, call a cleaning company after work for more ease and tranquility, you will find your site all clean!

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2) Non-hazardous waste

For non-hazardous waste, you can also hire a company or do it yourself. Be careful, if you decide to take everything to the recycling center, remember to ask for an access card to the recycling center in your municipality beforehand.

3) Hazardous waste

Regarding hazardous waste, the call for a specialized company in the collection and treatment of waste fromasbestos is obligatory. Asbestos is an ultra toxic and harmful material for health, which only professionals can handle. So you won’t have to do anything! For empty paint cans, take them to a specialized recycling center because they contain products that are dangerous for the environment.

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