Viennese chairs in the interior of the kitchen: charming photo examples

Viennese chairs in the interior of the kitchen: charming photo examples

This is an original product made of beech wood, which is made using a unique technology – processing the material with steam.

This is because it goes well with both strict minimalist elements and modern non-standard accessories.

Each model in this series has its own distinctive features. But, in general, they are united by incredible strength and lightness of construction.

It can be placed in any room and will look incredibly organic. But what is the specific option to choose for various stylistic designs?

The perfect chair for large or small kitchens

Thanks to its neat design, this type of furniture can be placed even in a very small space. And at the same time keep the space light, airy and bright.

It is best to choose models with low backs. It is also worth noting that bar stools of this type look extremely interesting and intriguing.

They will be the perfect complement to a modern or country style kitchen. The square or trapezoidal shape of the seat will also help to emphasize belonging to these types of decor.

Chairs with drop-shaped backs look good in the kitchen. Their frame itself usually remains rigid, but in the middle there is a soft insert of a rectangular or any other shape.

They fill the room with graceful lines and fluidity, and can be placed around a round or traditional square table.

There are also such chairs, the backs of which are a complex composition of intertwining details. These patterns look so natural and lively that it becomes difficult to believe that they are made of wood.

For the kitchen, it is best to choose upholstered chairs that can be washed or wiped clean.

It is good if it is a material that does not absorb odors and is distinguished by functionality.

In this case, you will not have to worry too much about its safety, which is important. After all, as you know, kitchen chairs quickly deteriorate and lose their freshness and gloss.

Therefore, a chair with a leather seat is perfect for such a room.

It looks stylish, it is comfortable to sit on such chairs, but they require minimal maintenance.

This option looks great with a metal frame, such models are chosen for rooms with a calm interior in light colors. They can be arranged around a table with a marble top, and make your kitchen more aristocratic.

Viennese chairs in the interior, photos of which always confirm their sophistication and chic, fill the room with soft or, conversely, more strict lines.

If they are made in the “vintage” style, then they make the room incredibly noble. And they allow you to significantly expand your understanding of these interior elements.

After all, they can look like simple stools from a tavern, and brilliant armchairs with gilding and embroidery from the best European salons.

Should it be placed in the living room or dining room?

Of course it’s worth it. The main thing is to choose the most refined and comfortable option.

It is best to opt for models with soft high backs, wide armrests and plump seats.

Sitting on these chairs is a real pleasure, not to mention the fact that they simultaneously serve as a beautiful and mesmerizing accessory.

Such furniture, made with the effect of the so-called “aged” wood, looks especially luxurious.

Its distinctive features are texture and some special warmth and comfort. For lovers of extravagant solutions, chairs painted in gold or silver are suitable.

They look really expensive. But it is worth combining them with dark shades of natural wood, for example, with walnut or almond, or the color of wet asphalt.

Models with backs without corners, almost round or similar to an ellipse, are filled with some extraordinary tenderness and subtlety of lines. Add bouncy seats to these and you have the best fit.

But there are still a number of models and decorating ideas that are difficult enough to decide on, but taking a risk – you will be infinitely satisfied:

  • Silky seatsupholstered in a smooth, soft-touch fabric. Their subtle shine will fill the space with natural light, they look amazing, all because they have an exotic oriental flavor.
  • Color contrast wooden and soft elements. For example, a bright red frame and milky pillows, or a rich green with lemon.
  • Unusual armrests… Twisted, lamb-like horns are the chicest option. But the most unusual are the armrests, which are attached to the upper part of the back. Thanks to this, the chair takes on a non-standard shape that is highly valued among lovers of modern classics.

The legs of a Viennese chair can be absolutely straight or curved. The first option is simple and everyday, the second is stiff and elegant.

In addition, Viennese chairs in the interior, the photos of which are simply mesmerizing, are a godsend for those who seek to equip their home with as much comfort and irresistibility as possible.

In a classic interior

Furniture in this style is indispensable in a classic interior. After all, its graceful lines and softness of forms are the best fit for a discreet living room or a laconic dining room.

There are a huge number of options for Viennese chairs, and the mood of the room being decorated will depend on which one you choose:

  • Light chairs this type with carved backs is the perfect choice for a terrace or balcony. Place them around a tall glass-topped tea table for a truly sumptuous reading corner or cozy get-together.
  • For the dining room it is better to opt for dark models. These can be shades of dark gray, chocolate, coffee, cherry or just black chairs. With the help of rounded ornate shapes and decorative elements, they will fill the space with softness, add complexity to it, but not overload it.
  • To make the interior more eye-catching and not boring, you can use a bold technique and choose a Viennese chair in a bright red or yellow decor. Among the serene graphic furniture, these elements will become a real explosion of colors. They will create an unusual sense of the combination of old and new.
  • Metal Viennese chairs will also be an extraordinary solution for a classic interior. After all, their barely perceptible roughness dilutes the stiffness and “correctness” of the space.
  • The presence of armrests will provide maximum comfort during family feasts or business meetings, but the soft seats are conducive to long and intimate conversations.

In the nursery – an unexpected but winning solution

The Viennese chair can become a true decoration of a magical children’s room. The unusual shape of the back, saturated with various twisted elements, can give it a special charm.

And of course, bold color scheme… It is worth taking a closer look at shades such as lavender, lemon, azure, tangerine or light green.

Beech chairs are an environmentally friendly product that has hypoallergenic properties. That is, it is safe for the health of your little ones.

Besides, they are easy to care for, they are light in weight, and your child can handle it on their own.

As an unusual idea, a chair made in the form of a small throne… Such a charm will not leave anyone indifferent, and will become a favorite piece of furniture for your princess or little prince.

Features of the Viennese chair for the nursery:

  • It should be not too highso that the child can freely use it, move it or lift it.
  • It is worth paying attention to the elements with widely spaced legs, they are extremely stable.
  • Availability soft seat guarantees comfort when doing homework or doing creative work.
  • Avoid an abundance of decorative elements with sharp edges or sharp corners. This will reduce the risk of your children getting hurt during active play.
  • The color of the upholstery and frame can be any, the main thing is that your baby likes it and correctly complements the overall stylistic solution.

In restaurants and cafes

There are several main advantages of Viennese chairs, thanks to which they are indeed the most often chosen for establishments:

  • Low weight. Beech chairs are unusually light, so even a child can lift them.
  • Durability and practicality. As a result of special processing, these chairs can withstand heavy mechanical loads, do not deform or dry out. All structural elements are securely fastened together.
  • Naturalness and naturalness. Even if you do not paint the Viennese chair in any specific color, just treat it with a protective coating, it will still look elegant and attractive. This is because the natural pattern of beech has a complex and diverse pattern that attracts and interests at first sight.
  • Easy to care for. Unlike most types of wood, beech is not too demanding to care for. It is enough to regularly remove dust pollution and periodically apply special care products that preserve the original appearance of the product.
  • Variety of designs. Despite the fact that all Viennese chairs are, in one way or another, similar to each other, each model is the embodiment of a certain idea, exciting and extraordinary. That is why they are suitable both for a noisy restaurant and for a small cozy French-style coffee shop.
  • Affordable cost. Beech furniture is much more affordable than oak furniture. But at the same time, she looks no less worthy.

Moreover, Viennese chairs in any interior, photos of which are always pleasing to the eye, are a combination of often incompatible characteristics of furniture: practicality, simplicity and truly excellent decor.

This furniture is also different in that does not lose its relevance long years. Combining with other elements, each time it “sounds” in a completely new way, coming to the fore or simply emphasizing the overall style of the room.

Complementing the image of these chairs with covers with complex drapery, or changing the color of the upholstery, or even repainting the frame itself in a different shade, you can bring a completely different mood to the atmosphere of the room.

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