Table setting at home

Table setting at home

We have compiled for you the best recommendations for setting the dining table with photos, visual diagrams and small life hacks that will help you build a reputation as an impeccable connoisseur of etiquette.

Of course, no one requires you to comply with all the rules of diplomatic feasts – however, small tricks will help make even an ordinary family breakfast a real holiday.

Everyday serving

Do you think that in ordinary life you can not bother, and it is better to leave all the difficulties for the holidays or the visits of relatives? Psychologists are sure that you are wrong: not only the appearance of the table depends on the presentation of the dish, but also your mood and taste. Nutritionists echo them: do you want to lose weight? Take the time to arrange the dishes correctly!

Such serving differs from the solemn one in a smaller number of instruments and decorative details, as well as softer requirements.

The diagram clearly shows the difference – if for a banquet you must provide for the presence of all the dishes that may be useful to your guests, then for a home lunch, it will be enough to limit itself to the most necessary: what you will definitely use.

Let’s try to make it out in more detail?

The first thing you should adopt from restaurant practice is a must the presence of stand plates. Do not think that this is overkill – they will prevent crumbs and drops from getting on the tablecloth, so they will significantly save you time. Agree, it’s faster to rinse a couple of porcelain than trying to remove borscht stains?

By the way: It is better not to try to replace the tablecloth with oilcloth – on the one hand, it is easier and more economical. On the other hand, do you want to create a beautiful table that will cheer you up by its appearance alone? Even a simple checkered fabric looks stylish and neat. We recommend choosing it for the overall interior of the kitchen or dining room in order to achieve visual harmony.

If you are serving the first course, such as soup or broth, you will need a special cup or deep plate for each. They must be placed on the table immediately, on a stand, and then poured food directly at the table. Of course, in a family circle, this rule can be neglected. However, experience dictates that it is much easier to walk with a saucepan and ladle than trying to neatly deliver a few hot plates.

Already under it, you need to put a plate for the main dish and side dish.

If your family has taken hearty dinners of two or three courses with dessert, take care of the cutlery: they must be laid out for everyone in advance, so as not to run after the forgotten fork.

There is a universal rule: the dishes for the first course are placed from the outer edge, for the last one – closer to the plate. So you will not only follow the traditions of serving, but also save your family from the painful choice – which spoon is the soup, and which is the cake?

Nuance: Although, in fact, dessert forks are served for sweets. Except for mousses, soufflés and jellies.

Not sure what to put on the table? Refer to the following diagram – it will help you figure it out. The purpose of cutlery is clearly shown on it, so you shouldn’t have any difficulties.

However, it is important not only to choose the right plates and cutlery.

An example of a beautiful setting can be seen in this photo.

It would seem nothing special. but a common color scheme and a couple of accessories turn an ordinary meal into a small family celebration… Agree, this is not difficult to do. It is enough just to get rid of the old dishes and show a little artistic taste.

For breakfast and lunch, the rules remain the same. You just need to remove unnecessary things (for example, tureens) and focus on what you plan to serve.

But what if you are expecting guests for the holiday? On the one hand, I don’t want to waste time on banquet serving according to all the rules. On the other hand, you need to add solemnity and emphasize a special atmosphere. Let’s try to figure it out in more detail with a few examples.

Have friends come to the child?

Children’s activities always give parents anxiety. It is necessary to take care not only of tasty and varied food, but also to think about safety – it is unlikely that a five-year-old baby should be trusted with thin porcelain cups. This is fraught with at least the loss of your favorite service, at the most – a visit to the emergency room.

Children’s table setting shouldn’t be too complicated – if you want the perfect holiday for your son or daughter, heed our recommendations.

  1. 1. If space allows, set a separate table for the guys – so they will feel like adults.
  2. 2. Try keep the design in a single scale or choose a theme: sea, jungle, favorite movie or cartoon …
  3. 3. Children’s best friend is disposable tableware… No need to think that we are offering you the white plastic cups and plates that everyone knows from picnics! In stores you can find many interesting devices: made of durable plastic or waterproof cardboard, painted with different subjects or unusual shapes … Undoubtedly, such dishes will please everyone, and there is no risk of breaking them.
  4. 4. An abundance of salad bowls, a difficult choice between different cutlery … Are you sure that a child needs this? Much better to serve many a la buffet portioned snacks… They are both more convenient and more fun.

A good example is in this photo. Bright favorite toys for decoration, shatterproof snacks and lots of little treats.

Want a stricter option?

Use the same principles, but keep the design in a uniform color scheme.

If you want, you can find many videos that explain in detail how to make this or that kind of decor for a children’s holiday table.

Do you have a holiday?

Of course, here you have to follow completely different recommendations. However, maybe your guests will appreciate the plastic dishes with Winnie the Pooh? You know better.

If you want a simple, classic birthday or anniversary setting, follow these tips:

1.Primarily pay attention to the tablecloth… It can be either plain or painted – it depends on your taste. The main thing to keep in mind (hopefully this is already obvious) – no stains or bruises! They will ruin the whole view.

2.Think carefully about the menu in order to choose the necessary dishes or cutlery. Otherwise, in a panic, you will have to look for a scoop for a cake or another spoon for a salad – agree, not the best pastime on your own holiday?

3.If you have invited a lot of guests, you will have to duplicate salads and snacks – it is inconvenient to drag them across the entire table. therefore make sure you have enough of the same cookware: salad bowls, dishes, fruit baskets and sweets. Disagreement will completely destroy the beautiful setting of the festive feast.

By the way: It is better to make sure that all the invitees come and you do not expect any surprises in the form of someone’s brother or wife. The number of fixtures must exactly match the number of guests.

4.When arranging the dishes, refer to the recommendations in the first section: first the plate, then the container for the main course and, if necessary, the broth.

five.Knives and spoons should be to the right of the plate, forks to the left.

By the way: If you know that one of your guests is left-handed – consider this when seating. A person will be touched by attention, and it will be convenient for everyone to eat.

6.Glasses and glasses are placed in the upper right corner. Make sure the containers are suitable for the drinks on offer. This may seem like a prejudice, but champagne really needs tall and narrow glasses, and, for example, for cognac, rounded wide ones – this helps to open up the taste.

7.Don’t forget about napkins. In addition to disposable, wardrobe must be present. Place one under the plates, one on top or on the side under the cutlery. By the way, choose them to match the tablecloths or prefer contrasting ones – in addition to the utilitarian purpose, napkins can also be decoration.

Modern trends in table setting for a holiday are noticeably different from those that were adopted twenty years ago – now there are much less conventions. Of course, one should not completely deviate from the classic rules of etiquette. They are not only beautiful but also very comfortable. But to introduce a pleasant unexpected variety – why not?

We recommend that you use this scheme – it is time-tested and suitable for almost any type of holiday.

But then the variations begin.

For example, you may like a beautiful fruit table setting – unusual, but very effective.

Carving is a carving method that transforms an ordinary snack into an amazing masterpiece.

Such compositions will appeal to both children and adults. Choose a design that will fit into the interior and style of the table – someone will suit flower vases or bouquets, and somewhere even a dragon or a castle will be appropriate.

Another interesting idea that can help out great at celebrating an anniversary at home is name cards on plates… How many of us are not familiar with the problem of seating a large number of guests? Solve it by ordering unusual napkins with names (two in one will never go out of style) or by installing cardboard cards. Guests will appreciate this attention and there will be no confusion.

If we talk about general recommendations, then keep in mind:

  • There should be no broken or cracked utensils on the table. Not only is this a bad omen – you don’t want someone to cut themselves, do you?
  • Maintain the general style – in no case do not use objects that are not suitable for each other, they violate harmony.
  • Once again, we strongly recommend that you make sure that everything is enough before the guests arrive.

We liked the festive table setting at home in this photo – all recommendations are followed here. In addition to the consistent style, harmony and use of the necessary utensils, the owner left cards with wishes for the guests – an unexpected, but pleasant bonus, agree?

It is these little things that turn an ordinary dinner with friends into a real holiday. More decor recommendations can be found here.

An important nuance of seating

When planning a home banquet in honor of any holiday, many forget one moment that can completely ruin the pleasure – how much space does one person need at the table?

We think everyone has come across an invitation to visit, from where they would rather want to escape – the neighbors pinch on both sides, it is inconvenient to wield a fork and it remains to look sadly at a salad or sliced, which is impossible to reach.

To prevent your friends from finding themselves in a similar situation, use the following schemes.

The following calculation will be relevant for the round table. It will make everyone feel comfortable. Of course, adjustments must be made for the size of the chairs and the radius of the table top.

However, remember that ideally, there should be at least 70 centimeters per person.

This rule is also true for square or rectangular tables. True, such schemes should not be considered an immutable truth – nevertheless, a child will need less space than an adult.

We hope our tips will help you set the table properly for any suitable situation – as you can see, it’s not difficult at all!

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