Organize a family day out: 7 inspiring ideas!

Organize a family day out: 7 inspiring ideas!

During school holidays, of course, children have their homework to do, but outside of that, they have to be occupied. So, how about organizing times, half-days, or even full days with your family? Plan an activity where everyone will be involved to relax and have fun together. Here are some ideas that will inspire you:

1) a treasure hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt for the kids. Put them face to face with puzzles that they will have to solve to find the next clue! Children can also organize one for parents.

Credit: istock / Romolo Tavani

2) A day in disguise

Define a theme and enter the competition for the most beautiful disguise! You can also take on challenges like “walking in the street for 5 minutes in disguise”.

Credit: istock / evgenyatamanenko

3) Children who cook

Leave the stoves to the children! Ask them what they want to eat throughout the day and help them prepare meals.

Credit: istock / evgenyatamanenko

4) learn sign language

How about learning sign language as a family? You will thus be able to communicate without speaking and you will of course be able to interact with deaf and dumb people.

Credit: istock / Jovanmandic

5) A foreign country day

Each choose a foreign country and then draw lots. Then organize a whole day on the theme of the country that will have been selected (disguise, decoration, meals) and even take out the dictionary to challenge yourself to learn a few words.

Credit: istock / Kristen Prahl

6) Construction of a sensory wall

If you have children of different ages, assign the older ones to build a sensory wall for the younger ones. Everyone will have been busy!

Credit: istock / Okrasyuk

7) Creation of gift vouchers

Create vouchers, both for children and parents, then collect them in two different jars. The parents will have to draw those of the children and vice versa. For example, you can ask for a kiss, a hug, a bedroom tidy, a smile, etc. Children can also ask for a kiss, a snack, offer you a show, etc.

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