How to protect your house when you go on vacation?

How to protect your house when you go on vacation?

The holiday season is approaching and you are not sure about leaving your home unattended, or even during working days? This is understandable, because burglars have more than one trick up their sleeve. For this, several solutions exist and you will be much more reassured during your absence:

1) Ask a neighbor or loved one

You can obviously ask a relative or a neighbor to come once a day to open the shutters for example, turn on the light and simply show that there is life. A glance from the neighbor to make sure there is no movement around the house.

2) Call the gendarmerie

You can indeed ask the gendarmerie to pass during their patrol in front of your house to ensure that there has not been a break-in. In addition, the passage of these in the area could deter potential burglars.

3) Install an alarm

You can also choose to install an alarm for your home, a very reassuring solution for many French people, especially when it is with remote monitoring. Indeed, in this case, at the slightest movement or knock on your door or window (depending on the alarm you have chosen), the alarm sounds and the central monitoring station is notified. She then contacts you to let you know. Alarm with or without remote surveillance, burglars generally flee when it rings, because neighbors can hear it and therefore intervene.

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4) use home automation

Despite its somewhat high cost, home automation is very useful if you don’t want to disturb anyone. You will be able to remotely control your whole house! Open the shutters, turn on the light and the television, etc. Every day with a different rhythm.

5) swap your home

You can also lend or rent your house during your vacation, in addition to being maintained it will be monitored!

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