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transforming table for a small kitchen

In this article we will consider:

1 Transformers
2 Smart kitchens
3 Niche use
4 We take into account the sizes
five A few words about materials
6 Fill all the space
7 Choose the right color

Furniture transformer

Such furniture is one of the best solutions for a modern small kitchen, and its assortment is rapidly expanding both from foreign and domestic manufacturers.

Practicality and minimalism are key benefits for this class.

transforming table for a small kitchen

Firstly this applies to the working and dining areas. For example, while cooking, you can fold the table and chairs and thereby increase the room for “maneuvers”.

furniture for a small kitchen

pull-out dining table for kitchen

Once you’re done cooking, you can easily return the dining area and start your long-awaited lunch.

Smart kitchen

To save space in a kitchen set for a small kitchen 5 – 6 square meters, use smart drawers and shelves, photo examples of which are posted below.

main feature here lies in the correct selection of the width and height of the shelves and drawers even at the stage of ordering the headset.

The more time you spend on these calculations, the more chances that more things will fit in your kitchen.

In addition, this will allow the hostess to literally sort everything out on the shelves and find the necessary utensils easier and faster.

sliding drawers for kitchen

By the way, recently we have already told you about several ideas for organizing storage in the kitchen with detailed photos of various modern systems.

cargo for kitchen


Niches can be provided in the table, cabinets, cabinets. If it is possible to use the area under the working surfaces of furniture, feel free to use it.

for instanceas a rule, the area under the table is empty. It can be filled using a small shelf or drawer for storing small items, cutlery or dining textiles.

Don’t forget to use the living space on windowsills and walls. However, we recommend that you do not clutter the single window with any large indoor plant (ficus, palm, etc.).

Correct dimensions

The dimensions of the furniture elements must be commensurate with the area of ​​your kitchen. Remember that you have a small kitchen, so everything needs to be measured down to every centimeter.

You shouldn’t force her bulky chairs, armchairs or put your family oak dining table in the whole room.

Take a closer look at small-sized models made of wood or plastic. For very small areas, stools, folding chairs, a sliding or pull-out table for two will be relevant.

Speaking about the size of the headset, then, first of all, you need to pay attention to the depth of the cabinets. It should not exceed 50 centimeters. Otherwise, you will have very little room to maneuver around the kitchen.


The best choice would be lightweight materials and transparent elements.

You should not buy furniture for a small kitchen with forged elements, or made of heavy wood. Within your few square meters, furniture should move easily and effortlessly.

The most popular at the moment are various models made of high-quality plastic. Their advantage is a rather diverse range of colors, as well as all kinds of shapes and contours.

Using transparent chairs is a very nice and practical move.

First of allThese chairs have a modern look and are usually trendy in design.

Secondly, their transparency does not “load” the space, which is very useful for your small kitchen. The same applies to other more or less large interior elements.

transparent chairs for a small kitchen

To play along with such chairs in terms of design, you can use fittings for a kitchen set, for example, transparent handles.

Say no to emptiness

Design a headset with a calculation all the way to the ceiling!

In a small kitchen, as shown below in the photo, don’t leave empty walls, especially the one that will have a kitchen set.

When developing a project, try to make it as high as possible. This can be helped by using the top row of a headset or mezzanine.

In the upper shelves you can fold and hide kitchen utensils or small household appliances that you rarely use. It’s much better than just stacking it all on top of the crates.

kitchen cabinets to the ceiling

Remember that the key to success when designing a small but practical and beautiful kitchen is a careful approach to thinking through all the details and, above all, furniture.

Choosing the color of the headset and furniture

As for the color solutions for furniture, it is worth starting from the general palette of the kitchen. Nonetheless you should refrain from too dark colors… First of all, this concerns the color of the facade of the kitchen set.

interior of a small kitchen

kitchen design in Khrushchev

As you can see, even in a miniature kitchen, you can place as many furniture and interior elements as necessary for comfortable use, cooking and pleasant pastime with the family.

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