Corner furniture for a small kitchen

Corner furniture for a small kitchen

The situation is often aggravated by the kitchen window, which makes it necessary to place the headset at an angle.

It is no secret that such a headset is less spacious than U-shaped counterparts and there will also be difficulties with embedding household appliances.

To make the most of from such a small corner kitchen, you will have to order a custom kitchen.

This, believe me, will not be more expensive than buying ready-made models. But they will make you furniture that is ideal in size and as you like.

Let’s, for a start, dwell in more detail on some of the nuances that it is desirable to take into account.


So, to solve this problem and achieve a better result can help the following actions:

  • Make the most of your wall area… Do not leave empty niches under the ceiling and do not make the base too high for the headset;
  • Think carefully about the dimensions of all drawers, section and shelves… This is an extremely important step, which determines how much will fit in the headset and how convenient it will be to use it;
  • For this it is advisable for you to estimate how many large utensils you have (pans, pots, etc.), dishes, small household appliances. Having done this, it will be much easier for you to plan the size and number of boxes;
  • Since the kitchen is small, focus on light colors for facades – white, beige, pastel yellow or orange, etc .;
  • To roughly estimate the concept of the future corner set for your small kitchen, look at photos of ready-made projects, as well as furniture showrooms.

The most compact

Let’s look at examples for the smallest kitchens up to 6 sq.

For example, as you can see in the bottom photo, this headset is made according to the most, whatever you can eat, the possible minimum.

This is an exhibition sample, so no mixer is installed, there are no sockets for equipment and other things.

However, we can see there are crockery sections, a large drawer for large items, and a high section on the left for small items.

Also note how well the size of the hob was chosen, and under it there is an oven with support for the microwave oven.

Further there are two examples in a more modern style, which, in our opinion, are just perfect.

Both headsets are made in white: the one on the left with matte fronts, and on the right with glossy ones.

Primarily it is worth noting the maximum use of the available space. The furniture is made to fit the ceiling with a minimum gap.

This not only makes it possible to expand the capacity of your sections, but, mind you, this option looks great.

Kitchen with a pink apron smaller in area than white, but at the same time it seems that it fits no less.

Here are a couple more examples of how you can place a corner set in any small kitchen.

One of them, obviously, is an exhibition version, since there is no stove in it. But it is visual in how the sections and boxes can be placed.

On the second only one part is presented, but it is indicative of the successful compact placement of many important elements of the headset.

And here are the real drawings with detailed indication of all the parameters of the two projects. This will help you estimate how much is usually allocated to a particular compartment, as well as the overall dimensions of the furniture.

So, we showed this, probably, the minimum permissible dimensions that are suitable for premises with an area of ​​5 to 7 square meters.

A little more

Now let’s see how you can make a corner set for small kitchens up to 9 sq.m.

In general, they are united by the fact that they are slightly larger, respectively, have a larger number of sections and boxes.

Let’s start with two projects, which are indicated in the photo above and are very similar to each other in design, style and content.

As you can see, the facades are made in light colors, while the predominance of the dark orange chipboard coating is visually felt.

As for the functional part
, then in these two headsets, in our opinion, the distribution of sections is very successful and convenient. Note that the shelves and drawers are quite different sizes, which will come in handy when laying out your kitchen goodies.

Further, a couple more design projects corner headsets for small kitchens, which are shown below in the photo.

Externally, especially in terms of color, they are, of course, different, but conceptually similar. The orange kitchen has a larger bias towards the spaciousness of the kitchen. It has more drawers, external radius shelves, and only a stove from the built-in appliances.

In the wenge kitchen on the right in this photo, we managed to build in a washing machine, but it has significantly less space for various utensils.

Small lyrical digression… When designing any furniture, you need to initially understand the maximum allowable budget, that is, the cost limit. To do this, you may need our tips on how to save money when ordering a kitchen.

Another little tip… Since your kitchen is small, you will have to constantly maneuver in it, trying not to hurt anything. But practice shows that the outer corners of the headset, countertops or shelves will regularly touch.

To make this “contact” painless, it is highly recommended to round these corners. Be sure to keep this in mind when ordering all items that you could potentially bump into.

In the photo above, we see for the first time that the refrigerator is built into the headset. This is a relative rarity with such layouts, but we must admit that sometimes this is the right decision.

In our opinion, this example clearly shows how you can place a refrigerator in a corner kitchen, but the kitchen itself is made for 4 minus.

note a huge margin on the left, and a bunch of empty space at the top. It was possible to quietly “occupy” this area and the hostess of the kitchen would be very pleased with the additional space for dishes.

White facades are great for compact spaces. They perfectly reflect light, do not constrain the space and look modern.

It should be notedthat when ordering furniture you will have to choose various pull-out systems, roof rails, rotary corner mechanisms. We advise you to try opening, closing and opening drawers with different such systems yourself.

This blue headset we really liked its stylish design, but did not like its height. For miniature kitchens, not using so much space above the headsets is simply an unaffordable luxury.

Do not forget aboutthat in small rooms there should not be little light. Do not cover the only window with blackout or dark curtains. Use lighting for the work area, and a chandelier or spotlights on the ceiling as artificial lighting for the room.

The initial project can be done in the form of a simple sketch or drawing (see photo below). It will seem that it is very difficult, but, believe me, as soon as you start drawing the first contours, it will go like clockwork.

For the most accurate measurements, in any case, ask an experienced measurer or designer to come. It is possible that this person, in the process of measurements, will also be able to suggest several points about the width and height of the headset, as well as the content and color scheme.

Remember that the final aesthetics, functionality and convenience of your kitchen will largely depend on how much time you devote to the preliminary analysis and planning of the future headset.

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