Chandeliers for the kitchen in a modern style: photo examples in the interior

Chandeliers for the kitchen in a modern style: photo examples in the interior

Chandeliers for the kitchen in the “Avant-garde” style

Avant-garde is a bold, bright and memorable style. The literal translation of this word from French is “a squad moving forward.”

And despite the fact that the avant-garde was born at the end of the twentieth century, to this day it is something extraordinary, striking, but at the same time not devoid of taste.

Rooms designed in this direction should have large, brilliant details. Or furniture, or accessories, or chandeliers. What exactly to focus on is up to you, but we can say for sure the following thing: you can’t overdo it.

If you have a lot of catchy elements even without chandeliers, then the lighting should be chosen more neutral and not attracting attention. For example, as in these photos:

But if there is no busting with other elements, then you need to select a bright, large and unusual chandelier, which will become the center of the composition. For example, like here:

Please note that geometric shapes are encouraged, not classic shades.

Chandeliers for the kitchen in the style of “Surrealism”

Surrealism can be briefly described – illusory. You can get a clear idea of ​​the style by looking at the sofa that Salvador Dali created. Here it is, in the shape of lips:

That is, the style is interesting and welcomes the presence of things that look strange in their purpose. For example, cutlery chandeliers are very suitable:

Or such:

In general: the worse, the more fashionable. And don’t be confused by the presence of drums in the kitchen. Indeed, in surrealism, the main thing is to amaze and cause a resonance.

Chandeliers in the style of “Constructivism” and “Cubism”

These styles are twins. Their symbol is large, geometric shapes that look quite cumbersome, illogical and even strange. The feeling from such a room is like being in the kingdom of broken mirrors.

Chandeliers for the kitchen in this style must also be matched. Any figures will do, the main thing is that they are strict, angular and no frills. For example, these are:

There is no need to focus on lighting, since the walls and furniture made in this style are already expressive enough.

Chandeliers for the kitchen in the style of “Minimalism” and “Hi-Tech”

These styles are also somewhat similar. They are distinguished by their half-empty space, a minimum of furniture, and the absence of accessories. Simplicity, comfort and nothing more.

The only thing in high-tech is allowed elements that embody high technology and progress, which can be expressed in any interior details.

And minimalism does not imply anything special, its only goal is to show how little a person needs to be happy. In short, these styles are ardent opponents of the so-called “philistinism”.

These chandeliers will be appropriate in this case:

And of course, spotlights are the best suited here, which may well replace chandeliers, especially, according to those who advocate a similar style, shades are superfluous: just dust collectors, nothing more.

Chandeliers for the kitchen in the style of “Grunge” and “Loft”

And here we combined the two styles into one block, since they have similar elements: bare walls without any decor.

But, there is still a difference in them and you need to select a chandelier for the kitchen, starting from which one of these styles you have, since it is important in terms of logic.

Grunge originated a long time ago, at the beginning of the 20th century, at a time when the French aristocracy moved to country houses, which had not yet been fully equipped. They brought with them varied, pretentious and chic furniture, which they placed in rooms without repair.

This interior was a marvelous sight: expensive, classic carved sofas, armchairs upholstered in silk, ornate copper chandeliers … And all this against the background of a simple frame. It looked something like this:

But the “loft” is a bit from a different opera and pursues a different idea, despite the fact that torn walls are also held in high esteem there.

The fact is that it appeared due to the fact that in the 40s of the last century, in Manhattan, there were such exorbitant housing prices for mere mortals that they came up with a way out: to occupy the attics of industrial premises and settle down there.

Actually, the translation of this word sounds literally – attic.

And the “new settlers” were not at all embarrassed by their housing, but on the contrary, in every possible way emphasized the industrialization tone in the room. And in the end, they infected the whole world with the idea. So, “loft” involves the deliberate exposure of communications, wires, pipes and all sorts of elements of unfinished construction.

That is why beautiful, expensive chandeliers of a classic look are suitable for “grunge”, but completely different for “loft”. For example, these are:

Chandeliers for the kitchen in the styles “Kitsch”, “Boho” and “Eclectic”

And these styles are sisters! Or brothers? As you please, not the point. What unites them is that they combine the incongruous. For example, the word “kitsch” is familiar to everyone, but they use it in the meaning of bad taste.

But in fact, the word means that this is an incompatible mixture. Eclecticism is also interesting in that any style can be combined in it: classic, ethnic, modern. And there is nothing to say about “Boho” at all, it is gypsy chic in which there should be more and brighter things.

So what kind of kitchen chandeliers are right in this case? Almost any! The only thing, do not forget that these styles are not hyper-modern, but vintage. Therefore, the chandelier must correspond to the spirit of the times.

Here is an example of how chandeliers look in the interiors of kitchens of this direction:

These photos show all the styles and you can see that they are quite similar. The first two images are eclectic, the third is boho, and the last is kitsch.

Eco-style kitchen chandeliers

Eco-style assumes the presence of wicker furniture and all kinds of natural accessories. Chandeliers for such a kitchen can also be made from natural materials: from vines, boards, cart wheels. Or there may be ordinary ones, just without any pretenses for chic and high cost.

Here is a photo where you can see the options suitable for this style:

Chandeliers for the kitchen in any rustic style

You understand that French country is not Russian country. Each of the styles corresponds to the spirit of the time that it reproduces, and, moreover, precisely in the region where it actually comes from.

The only thing that unites them is that they are stylized in antiquity, and not under the current interiors of modern villages.

In this case, choosing a chandelier for the kitchen is quite simple: take a closer look at any of these directions and choose something suitable. For example, forged elements are inherent in Provence, but a splinter is inherent in a Russian hut. So choose something that symbolizes the era.

Our article has come to an end and now you know exactly how to choose a modern style chandelier for your kitchen!

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