“A Rebrousse-Poil”, a poetic stroll in Chaumont-sur-Loire

"A Rebrousse-Poil", a poetic stroll in Chaumont-sur-Loire

The Marantes Valley – “A Rebrousse-poil” © Alexis Tricoire

Ecology takes on poetic accents in Chaumont-sur-Loire. On the occasion of its International Garden Festival, the estate is hosting the installation “A Rebrousse-Poil” by designer Alexis Tricoire, which takes visitors on an astonishing stroll, between wonder and awareness.

From May 8 to November 7, the Chaumont-sur-Loire estate is hosting the 2021 edition of its International Garden Festival. On the program of festivities not to be missed this year, the astonishing installation by Alexis Tricoire. The designer and scenographer of the plant is indeed the “Green Card” of the festival and invests the Vallon des Brumes with “A Rebrousse-Poil”. This astonishing project offers a delightful ride in an enchanting universe populated by strange creatures. Through seven stages and 25 creations, this course of around one hundred meters plunges the visitor into a strange forest, where animals, plants and humanoids have been shaped with recycled industrial brushes. An installation which aims of course to raise awareness of ecology and the preservation of biodiversity.

The cascade of the goupignons – The flight of the Perbrosquets – “A Rebrousse-Poil” © Alexis Tricoire

Alexis Tricoire intends to question us about our consumption patterns and the impact of the development of our society on nature, and in particular on primary forests. To take a step back on this issue, the designer was inspired by the civilization of the Amazonian Indians, whose relationship to nature is divine. Through his artistic approach, he has thus recreated a fantastic, almost magical forest, where the object is next to the plant, the industrial the natural, revealing the beauty but also the fragility of our planet.

Brossanawa – Les Brosseuses – “A Rebrousse-Poil” © Alexis Tricoire

These recycled brushes, whether their fibers are natural, metallic or synthetic, perfectly imitate plants and animals, and form, between humor and poetry, a unique ecosystem that appeals to our imagination as much as to our ecological awareness.

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