8 steps to have a beautiful Japanese garden

8 steps to have a beautiful Japanese garden

Creating a Japanese garden at home is quite possible, provided you follow the rules. Indeed, there are aesthetic codes to manage to create certain perspectives. We want to imitate nature while idealizing it and limiting artifices, and all this in a small space.

You will rarely find straight lines in a Japanese garden because theasymmetry is the key word! Thus, objects are rarely present in even numbers, especially since the odd numbers represent something positive for the Japanese. There are also some shades of green and touches of color through some flowers or maple trees. In any case, to create a space dedicated to contemplation, you will need several elements:

1) Japanese steps

They were imagined in the 16th century by the masters of the tea ceremony to cross the garden and reach the tea hut without soiling one’s kimono. These steps are used to guide the person towards something specific.

2) A small bridge

To pass over a watercourse in complete safety.

3) A basin

The pools are reminiscent of natural water sources and bring a certain calm to the garden.

4) a fountain

Obviously, not everyone has the place to build a small pool outside. Then opt for a fountain which, by its noise, will bring softness to your garden.

5) bamboo

Bamboos can reach several meters in height and call to lift your head to the sky. They make it possible to really exploit the available space.

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