8 ideas to decorate your table with style!

No matter how talented you are in the kitchen, if your table doesn’t follow suit, the effect on your guests won’t be quite the same! And let’s face it, having a nice decoration on your dining table is still much more pleasant. Cutlery, plates, textiles, vases, centerpieces… the possibilities are endless to make your table the most trendy piece of furniture in your dining room. So let’s go for the makeover with these 8 tips!

1. Choose pretty cutlery

Setting your table with beautiful cutlery does not necessarily require a very large investment. Today, it is quite possible to find beautiful cutlery at all prices! For a little flea market spirit, you can mismatch them. For a more sober and chic style, opt for silver or matt black designer cutlery.

2. We dare the mismatched plates

To bring a little life and originality to a design and refined table, we dare the mismatched plates! A classic plate set set on a classically designed table can be a bit boring. So to give personality to your table, mix colors and patterns, always in moderation… or not!

3. Original napkins

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In recent years we have tended to move away from cloth napkins. For too long considered obsolete, they are making a strong comeback! The napkin can elegantly dress a table by bringing a touch of color or originality. Moreover, there are now personalized napkins for a 100% tailor-made decoration!

4. A touch of nature

What could be more beautiful than a floral centerpiece to elegantly dress your table? If you are a fan of fresh flowers, go ahead, it’s a safe bet! But the trend is for grasses which have been flooding interiors for some time. Eucalyptus, pampas, cotton branches, wheat sprigs or barley, there is something for everyone!

5. Unusual placemats

Rather than choosing classic plastic placemats, opt for crochet or bohemian-style doilies in natural and ultra-trendy material. You can also hunt for old advertising posters or newspapers in a flea market to bring charm to your table!

6. The ultra natural trivet

In the same vein as the bouquet at the center of the table, why not dress your table with a beautiful log? In addition to bringing a touch of natural decoration, it is very useful as a trivet.

7. Vases are THE trend

In glass, earthenware, ceramic or earthenware, the vases are endlessly available and adapt to all styles of decoration. Whether you opt for a huge centerpiece or several small ones arranged in an onion row, their effect is always guaranteed!

8. Candles do you want some, here are some!

Today, the candle has become a real essential in the decoration of your interior! And imagine that it can perfectly find its place on your dining table. Round, wavy, hand-shaped or even a totem, there are a multitude of models that will necessarily adapt to your decoration.

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