7 original piggy bank ideas!

7 original piggy bank ideas!

Piggy banks are great for teaching children about the concept of saving so they can buy what they need later. Usually, piggy banks are shaped like a pig, but do you know the meaning? In fact, they appeared in the 18th century in the British countryside where pig farming developed; pork represented a good investment for the peasants. The longer they were kept, the more they were well fed, and therefore the more they were sold for! It was a good way to earn a living then. Today, the piggy bank is available in all forms, all designs. Discover some inspirations!

1) A jar of Nutella revisited

Collect an empty Nutella jar, wash it well and then, using special glass paint, decorate it to your liking. Give it a designer or childish aspect, and especially do not forget to create a notch in the cover to slip your coins and notes.

2) a cute piggy bank

We can offer a piggy bank to his nephew, his niece, during a babyshower, for a brief birthday any occasion is good! We combine the useful with the pleasant by offering both a decoration and a useful object. To be sure to find the ideal and original piggy bank, the peggybank piggy bank site offers a multitude of piggy banks of all kinds!

Credit: tirelires-peggybank

3) A decorated house

You can make or buy a customizable wooden piggy bank. Thus, decorate it with the mediums you want, such as paper, decopatch or even paint so that it is in the image of your room where it will be installed. You can even enter the first name of the person to whom you offer it!

4) A showcase piggy bank

For a little encouragement and especially not to forget, opt for a transparent piggy bank where you will see the money already put inside. You can write your goal on the glass, what you save for, such as “Go on a trip” or “my first prize pool”. Thus, registration will motivate you every day to slip a small coin!

5) a designer pig

As mentioned in the introduction, the first piggy banks represented a pig! But to get the money back inside, it had to be broken. Today, there is no need to get there since they are equipped with a cap underneath to be able to recover the money. Those who want can opt for this traditional format and explain the little story to their children!

6) A piggy bank with a padlock

Choosing a piggy bank with a padlock allows the child’s parents to keep the key in a safe place. Thus, impossible to open the treasure chest before it is packed!

7) A decorative ceramic piggy bank

Some have gold in their hands and make pretty money boxes out of ceramic, terra cotta or other material. It is ideal for offering a unique piggy bank!

8) a glass jar

Recycle by taking a glass jar, such as a jar of green beans for example, then personalize it!

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