7 examples of original creations made in pyrography

7 examples of original creations made in pyrography

Today we invite you to discover a fun activity: pyrography. Pyrography is an ancestral art, in fact, the fact of decorate a wooden object using a heated iron tip had been practiced since the discovery of iron by man. The oldest pyrography was discovered at this time in Nazca, Peru. Today, it still consists of burning a surface, often wood, using a pyrograver which itself consists of a metal tip. There are in different forms to create various effects and designs. Discover magnificent creations below that will certainly inspire you:

1) A nice log

For a rustic decoration in its image, personalize a wooden log! As a gift, or for yourself, it can be used as a trivet or as a simple decoration.

2) Engravings on pencils

In this illustration, the level is high. Engraving pencils takes a lot of patience and thoroughness. There is little surface but this can allow you to customize your drawing tools for example. You have to choose your pyrograver to be able to achieve minute details.

3) Unique coat racks

Personalize your coat racks with pyrography! You will then have unique pieces at home to hang your clothes and those of the guests.

4) A turntable

Engraving a turntable is ideal for decorating your table. It will make a splash when you receive guests!

5) candle holders

Here is an original gift idea: create and engrave candle holders. The subdued light of these will highlight your creations.

6) Coffee tables

These beautiful little tables will be perfect in your living room!

7) A nice sign

Collect a wooden panel then using your pyrograver, let your imagination run wild. This medium can be ideal for testing the different tips of your pyrograver and thus seeing the multiple possible effects.

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