7 colorful kitchen ideas

7 colorful kitchen ideas

The kitchen is a central room in our interior. Whatever its size, we want to feel good to cook up good meals. To do this, create your kitchen in your image! It can be out of the ordinary by being very colorful or on the contrary very sober. However, if you choose the color option, be sure to choose it. Indeed, each color has its meaning and you might get bored of it. Find below some ideas to help you in your choice.

1) a yellow kitchen

Yellow will bring energy and luminosity to your kitchen. Be careful of which yellow you choose, however, as you may quickly get bored of it if you choose a shade that is too light or flashy. Opt instead for a mustard yellow for example. This color also promotes conviviality and communication, which is ideal for entertaining your friends and family in your equipped kitchen!

2) A blue kitchen

Depending on which one you choose, blue may bring a wind of freshness to your room while using the inner calm, to dreams and above all to peace. Plus, it’s a generally popular color, so your diners will likely feel right at home in your kitchen. But beware, too much blue could lead to self-isolation. However, in the kitchen, we need communication!

3) a green kitchen

Green will be synonymous with a call to nature and plants. This color will thus have an effect that is both invigorating and calming. Indeed, what could be more invigorating than a walk in the forest to be soothed afterwards? The same goes for your kitchen! This call for calm will allow you to spend hours in the kitchen without stress and with zen.

4) A red kitchen

Red is both a positive and a negative color. It brings energy, warmth to your kitchen, but it also recalls the color of blood and hell. Don’t worry, opt for a rather warm and dark red to avoid any visual aggression.

5) a pink kitchen

An ultra girly kitchen will appeal to the biggest fans of this color. This pale pink is quite sweet, unlike the fuchsia pink which might be too aggressive. Be careful, however, to already have your feet on the ground, because pink calls for disconnection from real life and can therefore lead to withdrawal into its bubble.

6) purple cuisine

If you want to opt for a purple kitchen, compensate with white to bring a little light and cheerfulness to your interior. Indeed, even if purple is synonymous with softness, meditation and femininity, it will need a “balance” color for you to find a certain harmony in your kitchen.

7) a multicolored kitchen

You can also opt for a multicolored kitchen, although this is not recommended if you want to spend several hours in the kitchen, because you may get bored of all these colors that surround you.

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