6 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Kitchen Set

6 Signs It's Time to Change Your Kitchen Set

What signs may indicate that it is high time for you to change or modernize something in the kitchen? There are several of them, they are not too obvious, therefore, not everyone pays attention to such inconveniences and endures discomfort for years.

Let’s look at them, and you will decide for yourself: is this the reason that the kitchen has become not nice to you or something else. If, nevertheless, such moments are present, then along the way we will tell you how to deal with this with minimal losses.

1 sign – tightness and endless corners

How often the owners of small kitchens, in apartments such as “Khrushchev”, make a typical mistake – they overload the space with elements.

For example, they somehow manage to build an u-shaped kitchen on 6 squares, or, instead of a small dining area, they put a huge table and chairs, or they do not calculate the scope of the upper drawers that open, and then they do not allow to pass, or even hit on the forehead.

If you have such a problem, then it is worth thinking about how to eliminate this inconvenience. The easiest way is if the dining table interferes with normal movement: you took it out, replaced it with something more compact and that’s it.

But if things are in the kitchen furniture itself, then things are worse. But in this case, there are two degrees of “severity”. If the upper drawers get in the way, you can simply remove them and put beautiful, open shelves instead.

This option is very popular in Europe, although it seems unusual for us. In fact, there are not many things in the kitchen to hide in endless closed drawers.

For example, the same cereals can be stored not in plastic bags, but in special glass containers that look great on an open shelf.

The same applies to dishes: if they are beautiful, then why close them? It is much better to put it in plain sight and it will become an additional design element. So, as you can see, the problem of poorly located top boxes is solvable.

But what if you haven’t calculated the configuration of the lower tier? Here, unfortunately, you will have to completely change the headset. You can, of course, try to modernize it somehow, remove some doors, but it is unlikely that you will get something that is travel and integral.

Sign 2 – you have started to accumulate too much dishes

If the family has grown, and the kitchen space is not designed for it, then the first thing that starts to wildly irritate is the lack of a dishwasher.

When there were two or three of you in the family, the dishes did not cause any trouble and you, of course, put a headset that was not designed for its subsequent installation.

But now is the time to think about purchasing such a useful thing, since mountains of dirty dishes really suppress and steal a lot of time.

How can you install a typewriter if you don’t have the money to replace the entire headset, but you don’t want to put it somewhere separately?

We can offer you the easiest way – changing the table top and eliminating a block of boxes in the lower tier. In principle, you don’t have to change the countertop, but just cut it and give it to the workshop so that the side sections can be decorated and glued to it.

3 sign – you are bored in the kitchen for a long time to cook, because there is no TV

TV is a good thing in the kitchen. But, for some reason, they take it into account in the very last place, and when they realize it, it turns out that there is no more convenient place for it – it is occupied by furniture or shelves.

Then the TV is “molded” in the most inappropriate place, for example, the hell is it up to the top, above the door, for example, or on the refrigerator. As a result, it becomes very inconvenient to lift your head and turn on the TV – the meaning disappears. So it hangs for years, collects dust – and cooking in the kitchen is still boring and reluctant to linger there.

If you have just such a case, then we highly recommend that you reconsider your attitude to the arrangement of kitchen furniture. Sometimes it is enough to remove some unnecessary drawer to free up space and the TV will find a convenient location.

Sign 4 – furniture has to be washed too often

A bad choice of a kitchen facade is just a disaster. And it’s not even about the color, but the texture and quality of the coating. Some doors are very difficult to clean, for example, the same painted MDF.

Bright juice or other coloring products tend to be absorbed into the surface, and they must be wiped off immediately, otherwise it will be difficult to get rid of them later. Rather, they are washed, but with difficulty and you have to rub the paint hard, which is why it is erased.

If you have just such a case – do not delay and just change the facades. They can be ordered separately from everything, therefore, it will not hit your pocket significantly. Agree, it is better to spend a certain amount, but ensure yourself a calm cooking without feverish wiping of streaks and splashes.

If the facade is normal, then you can dispose of your time – as you like and postpone cleaning the next day. And in the case of painted MDF, you have to do everything at once.

Also, very bad fronts, on which the slightest finger stains are visible. Glossy drawers are very nice, but they also need to be rubbed constantly, otherwise they look unkempt and messy. Sometimes, because of such a brand of cuisine, you don’t want to cook at all, because you imagine that now all this will have to be washed.

Sign 5 – you don’t want to be photographed in the kitchen

Well, this is perhaps the most obvious sign that your kitchen is so morally outdated that it is a shame to show it to your friends in Odnoklassniki. Even if, during some gatherings, you move to another room for a photo, then think about changing the headset.

In the end, the mood of the hostess who prepares dinner depends on how your kitchen is made, how modern it is.

And since you need to cook only in a good mood, then provide yourself with it, with the help of a new headset that will delight the eye.

6 sign – the kitchen just crumbles before our eyes

One could not write about this, of course, since this is not a sign, but simply a cry “Change me!” But still, for the sake of order, we will take this aspect into account. If the facades are swollen, the countertop is wiped, the mixer is leaking, then the headset’s time has expired and it’s time to save up for another.

Of course, you can try to renovate your kitchen furniture, but that won’t always work if it’s already very old.

Replacing facades and countertops, in this case, will not help much, since the box itself can be loosened. The fasteners that hold the doors are also loose. Therefore, carefully consider whether the restoration makes sense or whether it is easier to order a new set.

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