5 facades renovations and possible assistance

5 facades renovations and possible assistance

Facade renovation is an essential step in extending the life of your home. If your house or building has a cracked or damaged facade, you notice fungus, paint or plaster peeling, the long-term consequences can be harmful. In fact, your home risks losing heat, the sound and thermal insulation can be affected, humidity can also infiltrate and your energy bill could increase. Admittedly, it is a big project, with a significant expense to be expected, but today, several financial aids exist to help the planet as well as the inhabitants to get by! Let’s discover together some renovations of facades.

1) A compulsory facade renovation

Renovating its facade every 10 years is mandatory under penalty of penalty according to the municipality where you live. This work is required by the Construction and Housing Code. It is a duty on the part of the owner and then let’s face it, it is still nicer to come home and see a clean facade with no moisture issues, no cracking and no mold. If you want to know more about renovation obligations, get closer to your town, it will give you all the necessary information.

2) A modernization of the facade

Leaves at renovate outside your home, you can completely change your style (unless you like the current one). Renovating its facade also means taking the opportunity to change the windows, isolate his house (from the outside or the inside), then bring freshness and modernity so that it is in your image.

The result can be costly, but there is a lot of help available to fund your project. These aids are constantly evolving and are now accessible to all wallets.

There is the Prim’Rénov which allows all occupants of a property built for more than 2 years to have a aid in the event of renovation with the aim of leaving an energy label classification F or G of the energy performance diagnosis or reaching a low consumption level with an A or B label. It is used for insulation work (through the floor, walls, attic or changing windows), heating, of ventilation orenergetic hearing. The landlord landlords and of condominiums can benefit from it, as much for their individual house as for their private parts of the condominiums (up to 3 dwellings).

Another change: until now, the site had to be carried out by a company RGE (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment), you can now opt for the qualification ” site by site Which also allows you to benefit from aid, but only for certain projects.

This premium is calculated according to the income and the ecological gain of the work!

3) A renovation with character

You can also bring stamp to your facade by adding stones for example. On the other hand, some municipalities have precise criteria (color of the facade, the roof, the shutters etc.) to be respected and you will not be able to choose a facade that is too out of the ordinary at the risk of distorting the spirit of the village. Depending on the material chosen, this will also have a higher or lower cost. It exists eco-loan at 0 rate which allows not to advance the sum and especially not to have no interestto repay. The maximum you can borrow is € 30,000. This eco-loan has been extended until december 2021, and this is effective on your main residence built before January 1, 1990 . It is of course cumulative with the Prim’Rénov.

4) Gain in volume

If you have a facade renovation project, you can take the opportunity to add volumeto your accommodation and give it even more character and charm. A single-storey house is more suited to this project and will have a extraordinary. Like here, you can add a raised entrance, a porch to shelter you when you arrive in case of rain, and most importantly, it can act as a mini terrace or space. relaxation . Also enlarge the windows to bring more brightness to your interior, and above all to obtain a better insulation as much in winter as in summer.

5) Renovation of a barn

The renovation of a barn, many people dream of it. Full of charm and endowed with a bulky spaceimportantly, it is ideal for making the perfect home! On the other hand, it requires a lot of job . As a first step, it is advisable to call on professionals who will establish an estimate as well as an estimate of the aid from which you will be able to benefit. Remember, renovating alone is a real challenge but you will not be able to take advantage ofproposed aids!

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