5 cozy garden furniture ideas

5 cozy garden furniture ideas

When you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, installing a cozy garden furniture is generally quite important, especially if you like to entertain or even relax alone on your terrace. For optimal relaxation, prefer a pleasant and comfortable lounge. To do this, bet on quality furniture by adding cushions, throws as well as decoration such as flowers, light garlands or just a little color. Here are some cozy garden lounges followed by some tips to be able to create your own.

1) Rattan garden furniture for optimal comfort

Rattan furniture is a safe bet if you are looking for garden furniture that will last over time. It’s a vegetable fiber wild, like bamboo, but be careful not to confuse them! Rattan, on the other hand, is fibrous, full and flexible, while bamboo is fibrous, hollow and rigid. This is why the durability of this first is more important. Despite that robustness throughout the year, it is still preferable to maintain it like any other piece of furniture and bring it in in winter, or at least protect it with a special weather cover.

Credit: istock / KatarzynaBialasiewicz

2) A teak garden furniture for its warmth

The teak furniture will also add a touch welcoming to your garden. This wood is also known to be very resistant outdoors. It will therefore face all bad weather and all climate change without fail. However, choosing a good inexpensive garden furniture is not that easy. Moreover, one might think that buying a wooden garden furniture these days is contributing to deforestation, but think again! Today, the cultivation of teak is very regulated. Indeed, it is inside government spaces that these trees are planted and harvested. So, do not deprive yourself of this touch of natural wood which will bring natural warmth to your living room.

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3) Curves instead of straight lines

Placing furniture at round curves eliminates right angles and “sharp” edges. Bring roundness and warmth thanks to the round shapes by placing armchairs, cushions, ottomans, tables with circular shapes.

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4) A wrought iron living room for a touch of elegance

To bring a touch of charm to your cozy garden, opt for a wrought iron lounge which is also a fairly solid material! When it comes to comfort, add small cushions chairs for a softer seat. The fact that this is a material that rusts and therefore needs maintenance is the only downside that can be blamed. Nevertheless, this is the price to pay for having a nice garden.

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5) A large table

A large wooden table, a tablecloth, flowers, paper lanterns… in short, all the elements are there for a convivial moment. Your guests will miss the idea of ​​spending a few hours in your company and on your cozy garden furniture.

Credit: istock / KatarzynaBialasiewicz

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