Marble-coated pans : what is it, how to choose, reviews, myths

what is it, how to choose, reviews, myths

In this article, you will find out what the pros and cons of marble-coated pans are and you will understand for yourself whether it is worth the candle.

We’ll also discuss what to look for when buying and how to choose a marbled pan. We will also show you what those who have had the pleasure of purchasing it say about this tableware.

1. Why is a marble-coated pan better than regular Teflon?
2. Is a marble frying pan as bad as Teflon?
3. How long does a marbled pan last?
4. How to care for marble pans?
five. Which pan coating is better: ceramic or marble?
6. How to choose and what to look for when buying?
7. Customer Reviews
8. Bottom line: pros and cons

Why is a marble-coated pan better than regular Teflon?

The marbled pan is really better than the other non-stick coating – Teflon.

But the point here is not that it is more environmentally friendly, but in the usual practicality and benefits.

They serve relatively longer.… If Teflon “lives” a maximum of a year with good care, then marble – almost two. Moreover, their price is about the same. Ordinary Teflon is too delicate and cannot bear the slightest touch of metal, and the stone chips, mixed into the composition, soften this shortcoming a little.

That is, if you scratch the inner surface with a fork several times, there will be no noticeable scratches.

In all other points – there are no differences… Absolutely none!

Marble pans, like Teflon pans, are afraid of abrasives, aggressive chemicals, and also cannot stand temperature extremes and overheating.

What, in general, is not surprising, is Teflon, only in a new, colorful wrapper, which they are trying to pass off as extremely environmentally friendly, speculating on the presence of natural stone in the plastic.

Is a marble frying pan as bad as Teflon?

First, a marble frying pan is synonymous with a Teflon pan, as we wrote above.

And secondly, the question of the incredible harmfulness of Teflon is very controversial.

It cannot be classified as a terribly poisonous substance, but the language will not turn out to be called harmless material either.

In fairness, clay baking pots, glass and porcelain, which are considered to be the purest materials in the world, are radioactive, albeit not critically, but there is still radiation.

Cast iron – has a crust of carbon, which contains carcinogens, aluminum – the property to accumulate in the body and cause dementia, metal – contains nickel, which destroys cells, crystal – lead harmful in all respects, melamine – formaldehyde …

In general, wherever you stick – a solid catch. And if you believe all this, then you can easily quit cooking, and indeed, there is.

But back to Teflon. To this day, controversy over its harm rages, moreover, the scale of the commotion is worldwide.

Both chemists of all countries and Teflon “victims” take part in the discussions, who are filing lawsuits against the largest company for its production – DuPont, in order that they compensate them for the damage caused to their health, at least several hundred thousand dollars.

And of course, it is not complete without British scientists adding fuel to the fire. Their one assertion, that after they started producing Teflon, more than a billion people died, is worthy of a prize for the most absurd statement of the century. It is strange, why did they not count the mass mortality of mankind since the time of iron mining and draw a parallel between these events?

But let’s all the same, let’s try to figure it out for ourselves, are comfortable pans so harmful to which nothing sticks?

Teflon is not a new material. In Russian it is called simply – fluoroplastic and has been used in various fields for a long time and quite extensively.

And the sonorous name of the well-known substance was given by the marketers of the DuPont company and received a patent for it. On the name, exclusively. However, the current “inventors” of marble pans followed the same beaten path.

Fluoroplastic, otherwise, polytetrafluoroethylene, due to the fact that biologically compatible with the human body, are successfully used for the manufacture of many implants: dental, for the cardiovascular system, ophthalmology.

But, do not rush to rejoice at this fact! Everything is not so rosy.

The human body has an average body temperature of only 36.6 degrees, and with this range, the fluoroplastic is “dormant”.

But when heated, it begins to emit the most harmful vapors into the air, which have a detrimental effect on the body.

True, such a danger occurs when heated to 300 degrees and, it seems, there is no danger, because the boiling point of food is nothing.

But!!! Do not forget that the combustion temperature of the gas on the stove is about 1600 degrees, and if we discard the heat transfer of the dishes, then we will get at least 800 degrees of heating of the unprotected bottom.

And if you consider that aluminum heats up just instantly, then catching up with these critical 300 degrees does not cost anything, even if you just heat up the pan for a few minutes.

And if you forget it on the stove for a while?

So that, teflon in a marble skillet is essentially harmless, but on condition that it is used correctly, namely, do not allow overheating.

Rumors that only pans with a scratched Teflon coating are harmful are devoid of any healthy grain, since fluoroplastic is compatible with the human body.

From the fact that some of its crumb gets into the stomach, nothing terrible will happen: it is not simply digested and does not decompose in the body, it is simply excreted.

How long does a marbled pan last?

Here it all depends on the manufacturer… The better the product, the longer it lasts. Well plus proper care

If you treat a marble frying pan carelessly, then it will last for several months on the strength, and if you follow all the recommendations, then about two years.

You should not expect eternal service from such pans. For this there is cast iron, and take it if you do not want to often spend money on kitchen utensils.

And, if you still do not like it and you simply do not know how to cook in such a dish, then take a marble frying pan, only do not neglect the recommendations for useotherwise, you will get tired of constantly updating your purchase.

It is very easy to notice that a frying pan has become unusable. Food begins to adhere mercilessly to it and no oil, even in large quantities, saves from this unpleasant phenomenon.

If this has happened, then you just need to throw out the pan and go to the store for a new one.

How to care for marble pans?

Marble pans are easy to clean and easy to handle. But you will have to pay for this bonus by the fact that in the process of using you need to be careful all the time and not violate the rules of operation.

And they are as follows:

  • Marble Pans do not scratch strongly with metal, which means that turning the cutlets over will not be so easy if you are used to cooking in ordinary pans
  • Along the edge of a marble skillet can’t knock, as microcracks appear on the coating
  • Also, you can’t soak in water for a long time, this also shortens their life.
  • Marble pans afraid of temperature changes… That is, you cannot take the dishes out of the refrigerator and immediately put them on the fire, you cannot pour cold water on a heated surface
  • Them by no means cannot be rubbed with an iron brush
  • But most importantly, overheating must not be allowed marble skillet, as harmful vapors are released

In general, they are very delicate, although somewhat stronger than ordinary Teflon ones without stone chips.

Which pan coating is better: ceramic or marble?

We wrote about ceramic pans in detail here: But, all the same, we will repeat a little and compare it offhand in this article.

If you choose from these two coatings, then without a doubt, marble skillet is better in every way

Ceramics is very expensive, as it is positioned as an absolutely environmentally friendly product, but in fact it does not even come close with complete safety and absence of fumes.

And the service life of a ceramic frying pan is calculated in several months. Six months without sticking is already a good time! Even if you take care of the pan properly.

Marble is much more durable and much cheaper.

Also, ceramic pans have one big drawback: it is very difficult to turn over the same cutlet or piece of meat during cooking, since they are too slippery, and wooden and silicone spatulas are not as tenacious as a regular fork!

But the marble frying pan has a rough surface, on which it is not difficult to turn the product over.

How to choose a marbled pan and what to look for when buying?

So how to choose a marbled frying pan?

First of all, try to take products from trusted brands. The best marble-topped pans aren’t always the most expensive. Italian manufacturers are greatly praised, but there are also domestic firms that are no worse.

For example, a Russian-made frying pan with a marble coating can be much better than an imported one, for one simple reason: there are many fakes!

Some Chinese manufacturers write the brand name in the pan, and under it they put the word Italy or Germany. And the buyer immediately (wrongly) understands: “Oh, European quality, you can take it.” And he writes off the cheapness to the fact that the company is new, and therefore dumping.

In fact, the word Italy is just a name! And it has nothing to do with the origin of the dishes. If you call a Russian girl Greta, then this will not make her German. Likewise, Chinese dishes …

Required look at quality assurance. If it is not there, refuse the purchase.

And the point here is not even that the frying pan will last little, but that it can be made using a prohibited technology and coated with not at all the Teflon, which is considered safe, but some kind of surrogate.

For the rest, rely on your taste and wallet!

Customer Reviews of Marble Pans

So, you guessed it, the marbled frying pan, the reviews are mostly positive and complimentary. Most people are happy with the purchase, and we suggest you verify this personally:

As you can see, the person also had not the most pleasant experience of using a ceramic frying pan, and buying a marble frying pan is not overjoyed.

In addition, it is worth noting that you must definitely pay attention to whether the lid is included in the kit, how comfortable the handle is and whether there are special recommendations from the manufacturer for care.

Bottom line: pros and cons of marble-covered pans

Now let’s summarize and formulate in one list the pros and cons of marble-coated pans.


  • Affordable price
  • Stylish design
  • Light weight
  • Food does not stick during frying
  • Easy to wash


  • You can’t relax, because you need to follow the operating rules all the time and take care of it
  • It is necessary to periodically change the pans, since no care does not guarantee their long service, they are simply not designed for it

Now you can clearly see what’s what. If you have not yet changed your mind about buying a marble frying pan, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the next block, which gives recommendations for choosing a good frying pan.

Our article has come to an end, and we very much hope that the material was useful to you. All the best and new culinary achievements!

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