The architect: instructions for use

The architect: instructions for use

The architect often has a bad reputation: we do not want to use his services. He is however the privileged partner, even essential, of the private individual who wishes to build his house.

According to Flaubert in his Dictionary of Received Ideas, architects are “all fools (…) [ils] always forget the stairs of the houses“. Thieves, dishonest, costly, self-righteous: architects have a very negative image behind them. Why? No one knows. The only certainty: the collective conscience places the responsibility for all the evils of construction on its own. iconic representative. “If the fridge door doesn’t open, it’s the architect’s fault! “jokes one of them. So much so that only 7% of single-family homes are built with his help. Stop preconceived ideas: the architect, as the designer of your future home, is your main ally. L The Order of Architects, like the Council of the Order of Physicians, is there to watch over the bad apples, especially since the builders of individual houses themselves call on architects. to protect yourself from it than to go through a promoter. So, what is an architect for? His main role: to listen to you. He is there to advise you by proposing a project that meets your expectations, compatible with your financial means and above all achievable The architect is tailor-made where the builder offers “turnkey.” The delivery times are getting longer, but the adaptation to your desires, your lifestyle, the evolution of your family, are his main thoughts. From the plans to the reception of the works, Assant by applying for a building permit, the architect takes care of everything: choice of materials and energy saving, contacts and negotiations with companies, monitoring of work and meeting deadlines. The use of an architect is compulsory for any construction subject to obtaining a building permit, whether it is a new creation, a transformation or an extension. If the construction does not exceed 170 m2, the architect is optional. But how to choose it? Young architects who are creative and aware of new techniques or regulations have many advantages, as do their experienced elders. It’s all about trust and affinities. The Order of Architects in your region or the “Architecture Houses” can provide you with information on the appropriate people. Finally, the Architecture, Urban Planning and Environment Councils (CAUE), present in each department, will also provide you with information on professionals in the sector or will provide you with technical assistance on request, if you are going alone in your work.

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