rules of combination, photos of interiors, ideas for decor

rules of combination, photos of interiors, ideas for decor

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Of great importance is the color of the kitchen furniture, wallpaper, curtains, and other components that make up the interior of a modern room.

Cappuccino has long been recognized and loved by many housewives.

It is loved not only for its beautiful name. These are pleasant and light brown tones that are always pleasing to the eye.

This photo shows an example of a cappuccino-colored kitchen design in a modern style with glossy facades.


Modern catalogs offer a wide range of kitchen sets that can be ordered individually for the size of the kitchen or purchased ready-made.

The contrasting combination of light shades of cappuccino with darker ones looks impressive.

The upper tier of the headset can be made in lighter colors, almost white, like the foam of this wonderful drink.

If we talk about which countertop is best suited for such an interior, then, probably, in darker colors.

Playing with the colors of the floor covering, wallpaper, window decoration, you can create a pleasant, cozy corner.

Of course, it is not necessary that the colors of the upper and lower tiers differ. The solid color of the furniture also looks impressive and stylish.

A bright, cozy kitchen in cappuccino color visually expands the space. To further save free space, you can use a folding table, which can be folded if necessary.

You can complement this element of the kitchen set with highchairs with metal legs and swivel seats.

A small coffee shop right at home, which will always be a pleasure to “drop in” after work.

Such a place is conducive to receiving guests and leaves them with pleasant memories.

Household appliances and kitchen: color solutions

When creating the design of your cooking room, you should not acquire things by accident.

Even if you liked a piece of furniture, remember it, buy later the same or similar. Precisely by defining its place in relation to all other household items.

Usually in the kitchen, in addition to the headset itself, there are also household appliances: a refrigerator, a washing machine, a bread machine, a dishwasher, a gas or electric stove.

Household items in white and metallic (gray) colors equally perfectly complement the kitchen in light colors.

Modern kitchen lighting

Lighting can be arranged in various ways:

  • LED spot;
  • chandelier;
  • backlight;
  • mixed.

The LED strip will perfectly decorate the room, make it light, will not take up much space, will not interfere, arrange the furniture as it is convenient.

Many beautiful chandeliers hanging on a leg have a shade around them, and chandeliers that are attached directly to the ceiling, like a seashell, for example, are a worthy addition to the chosen color scheme.

Matte coatings with transparent patterns look very beautiful when on the ceiling in the evenings, when you turn on the lamp, you can observe maple or birch leaves, flowers or butterflies.

Color spectrum

The cappuccino color is organically combined with both dark saturated colors and pastels:

  • black;
  • blue;
  • cherry;
  • chestnut.
  • pale pink;
  • the color of young grass;
  • blue;
  • ashy;
  • orange.

The contrasting combination with black gives severity and restraint.

In the photo, a bright apron in a rich blue hue creates a contrast in the interior.

Bright light green apron brings notes of spring freshness to the interior.

Interior designers have noted the fashion trend to combine cappuccino with an orange peel hint.

Orange began to be used as a complement to beige, light brown colors.

This is reflected in the decoration of the headsets, the color of the glass in the display case of the upper tier, as well as in drawings and other small design elements.

Window and accompanying little things

Window decoration is a very important design point.

For a small kitchen space, it is best to make blinds or roman blinds. They open easily, do not interfere with airing, and are not difficult to wash.

If the room allows you to have something other than the usual cornice, you can order a lambrequin – it is very stylish and fashionable. The room where the food is being prepared will become more comfortable if:

  • access to the window will be free;
  • the window sill will not contain any foreign objects, including indoor plants.

The color of the kitchen is inextricably linked with the smells that a person represents, having a visual picture.

For cappuccino, it is the smell of vanilla and roasted coffee beans, which always have a positive effect on the perception of the environment, raise mood and appetite.

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