DIY: “Shaker Card” style greeting card

DIY: "Shaker Card" style greeting card

It is not too late to send our best wishes since we have until January 31st. So, if you are stuck with a creative idea and want to make something original quickly, we suggest you together make a “Shaker Card” in 20 minutes, top time!

First, prepare your equipment:

  • An A4 sheet of the color of your choice (on our side we have chosen a thick kraft paper)
  • A cutter
  • Self-adhesive foam
  • Double-sided
  • A “Happy New Year” stamp or a printer
  • Sequins / glitter
  • Embellishments
  • Transparent plastic sheet

Having no stamps, we printed our sheets. Here each is about 20cm * 15cm (we cut the sheet in 2, but it was not actually A4 size)

Make way for achievement!

Get the second half of your sheet and prepare a margin of about 5cm (the 3D self-adhesive foam is about 2cm wide), then cut the inside. This will give you a frame. Finish by gluing your double-sided (you can also apply glue).

Install over your transparent plastic sheet.

Let’s go back to the other part of our map, the printed one.

Position the double-sided foam, taking care not to stick it too close to the edge. Then glue your embellishments, and place your sequins and sequins.

Place your frame on the 3D foam, so all your decoration will be locked up.

Shake your card, and voila! In short, we love it and your card will be a sensation when it is received.

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