Buy land

Buy land

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A beautiful view, three hectares, a superb hundred-year-old olive tree … Have you found the ideal land? It only remains to buy it. But how do you get started safely?

Let us take again: a beautiful sight, but soon blocked by the construction of the future hypermarket of the department; three hectares, of which at least one will be pre-empted by the town hall to extend the ring road; a century-old olive tree that will not resist the invasion of backhoe loaders … To avoid all these disappointments, the purchase of land must be subject to a series of essential checks. First thing to do: ask the town hall for a town planning certificate. In addition to the constructability of the land, it contains the town planning directives imposed by the municipality (limitation of the number of floors or even specific roofing), as well as a risk prevention plan (flood, earthquake, etc.). Public easements (regulatory constraints, such as the existence of public networks which require the passage of municipal agents on your land), the tax regime for the land, the planned public facilities and possibly the existence of a right of pre-emption of the land. city, are also mentioned there. Valid for one year, this certificate must be given to the notary when signing the deed of sale. For information, you can ask to see the town planning plan (PLU) which contains this information for the town. The PLU specifies in particular the destination of the land: areas of housing, activities or natural spaces. The demarcation is also compulsory. Carried out by expert surveyors, it makes it possible to precisely delimit a piece of land. It is an essential element in determining the selling price.

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