Blum Kitchen Fittings – Should You Buy?

Blum Kitchen Fittings - Should You Buy?

Thanks to it, it is possible to use every free centimeter of the area, as well as to use unique options for the location of the drawers and headset compartments.

Products from the Blum company are one of the most advanced and innovative solutions in the field of accessories for headsets and furniture.

The manufacturer has made a lot of efforts to ensure that modern housewives can organize the most optimal storage of products, use the kitchen, and also facilitate the cooking process.

Basic systems

The technologies used by this manufacturer are based not only on many years of experience, but also on numerous practical tests and studies.

All this makes it possible to obtain ergonomic, reliable and functional solutions.

Innovative accessories provide the drawers and doors with smooth opening and closing, allow the most ergonomic organization of the available working area.

Thanks to this, each item stored in the kitchen will have its own place and will be pleasant to use.

Among the variety of engineering solutions Blum is classified into separate categories:

  • lifting systems (AVENTOS);
  • mechanisms for pulling out drawers (METABOX, LEGRABOX, AVENTOS, TANDEMBOX, etc.);
  • guides;
  • loops;
  • components for the interior of the kitchen.

All of these fittings were developed by the engineers of the Austrian company from scratch. It is the result of numerous tests carried out both in laboratory and in real conditions.

They are designed to make your daily food preparation process more organized and thoughtful.

Lifting mechanism

AVENTOS lifting mechanisms make door opening not only much more convenient, but also much safer compared to standard four-hinge hinges.

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Open facades will no longer hang over your head, so you can freely move around the kitchen without fear of earning yourself a bump.

Drawer mechanisms

The systems of the renowned Austrian manufacturer, installed on drawers, amaze not only with their reliability and functionality, but also with enviable decorativeness.

Intivo series equipped with original side inserts for drawers, stylized as glass, leather or wood.

The Antaro line presents laconic and simple solutions with emphasized straight lines, which makes them ideal for kitchens made in the style of minimalism and high-tech.

For kitchens made in the classic interior direction, the fittings included into the Plus series

In line METABOX you will find inexpensive products. At its affordable price, it is endowed with enviable functionality, reliability and practicality. The external solution is the simplest and most restrained.


A distinctive feature of the series MOVENTO is that all these mechanisms will allow drawers to be fully extended.

In addition, they are reliably hidden, that is, they are invisible to the eye when opened.

The TANDEM rails are their counterpart, also providing full extension, but they are visible.

Look for an inexpensive but reliable solution – take a closer look at STANDART fittings. These are roller visible guides that ensure incomplete extension of the drawers.

Whichever option you choose, you can be sure that these components will fully cope with their obligations, guaranteeing convenient, long-term and reliable operation.


The conventional four-pivot hinge is also available in the Blum product range.

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Such an engineering solution cannot be called advanced and innovative, because it is almost impossible to create something fundamentally new in this area.

But the manufacturer managed to make this product more reliable and practical. Its service life is practically unlimited.

Doors equipped with such hinges open and close more smoothly and easily, which is a guarantee of increased convenience during use.

Secondary fittings

Everyone agrees that without baskets, carousels, trays, holders for knives and dishes, dividing partitions and other similar components, the functionality of even the most sophisticated kitchen will be reduced to a minimum.

The engineers of the Austrian company have developed ORGA-LINE linewhich includes all relevant fittings. Thanks to it, the kitchen workspace becomes more ergonomic, thoughtful and functional.


Let’s summarize the key advantages of the Austrian Blum hardware, because they will help answer the question of whether it is worth buying.

Here are just a few of them:

  • based on them, you can create advanced modern solutions, endowed with increased ergonomics and reliability;
  • the ability to maximize unused centimeters of area;
  • high aesthetics and versatility;
  • duration of use even with intensive use.

All this in combination with numerous reviews of consumers who have already managed to evaluate in their own practice all the advantages of this product allows us to confidently assert that fittings for the kitchen Blum Is one of the most thoughtful, innovative and cutting edge solutions.

Perhaps it is worth applying these progressive solutions in your kitchen as well?

What do you think?

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