Bathrooms to live

Bathrooms to live

Bathroom atmosphere © Aquamondo

A hymn to well-being and relaxation, the bathroom is an essential part of the house. Dedicated to the pleasures of water, it gives free rein to all styles … to become a place of healing and in our image!

In the closet, the small and old-fashioned bathroom of yesteryear! The bathroom is being modernized to become a real living room. Relaxation, relaxation, body care, beauty… today it is the place where we take care of ourselves! From a simple hygiene room relegated to a small corner of the house, we have thus moved on to the room of well-being, of pleasure. We spend time there to recharge our batteries. The average time spent in the bathroom thus amounts to 30 min per day … women being the most adept with 40 min per day during the week and even 55 min at weekends, against respectively 35 and 40 min for men . Make way for hedonism and high-tech, therefore, with hydro showers, hammam, whirlpool and whirlpool baths…! Reflection of lifestyles, the bathroom adopts different atmospheres and various shapes! Symbol of purity and freshness, water becomes a source of inspiration. Jean Nouvel, Philippe Starck… the designers are not mistaken and create their own line of bathrooms. Pop, charm, design, contemporary or exotic … To each their own! And not just on the furniture side. The decorative accessories dedicated to the world of the bath are multiplying to create a room in its image … A way also to shape an atmosphere without necessarily changing everything and to give free rein to your imagination! In terms of equipment, countertop washbasins are essential, offering various shapes and patterns to always better match your style! New materials are developing, with the rise of concrete, Corian®, resin, natural stone… even metal. The colors set the tone, the light sets the mood… But beware, the trend is also towards “zapping”. Mixing styles is therefore possible, even recommended! The bathroom takes on a new dimension, becoming an extension of the bedroom … Invitation to water pleasure and relaxation guaranteed.

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