6 before / after photos of interior work

6 before / after photos of interior work

Have you ever thought about modifying the interior space of your home? Sometimes we would like to just change the color of the walls, sometimes rearrange the rooms, change the old bathroom or just tear everything down and start from scratch! And what satisfaction to see the result and to feel good at home! For many, the work of a house is synonymous with renewal, a new beginning that feels good. Here are 6 before / after renovation photos that will make you want to change your interior.

1. The renovation of an old bathroom

Sanitary level, the standards have changed in order to be more economical and more ecological. An old, shabby bathroom does not make you want to, especially if one day you decide to put your house or apartment up for sale! It can quickly become off-putting when it comes to hygiene. Here is an example of a bathroom that looks more modern and yet the work is not huge. A special stroke of earthenware paint and you’re done. The most important will remain the choice of color to stay in tune with the times.

2. A modern kitchen

Who does not dream of a kitchen equipped to make good meals in good conditions. To give a kitchen a boost, you must first define a budget. There is something for all budgets! If you hesitate to take the plunge, start by estimating your needs with a work loan simulation. What to get started with serenity! The large windows that delimit the space between the living room and the kitchen are trendy! Indeed, this allows to create a small separation without closing the space.

3. A brighter living room

A bright living room is much more pleasant than a dark and gloomy one. White for the walls is a safe color, but feel free to dress them up accessories so as not to give this sanitized side. Also play with gray tones, from anthracite to light gray through mouse gray. Sometimes, simply changing a piece of furniture like the sofa gives a whole new character to the living room!

4. The renovation of a parental room

If you are lucky enough to have a master suite, you are lucky enough to take advantage of the small private bathroom. As for the living room and the kitchen, a separation using a industrial style canopy will open up the space. This will give the effect of a larger room.

5. Switch from a bathtub to a walk-in shower

Tired of seeing that old bathroom with the yellowed tub and bidet that has stood the test of time? Opt for the walk-in shower. More modern, but also more economic, since you will no longer be tempted by the baths, which are too expensive in water, but also in the wallet. To dress up your bathroom, choose natural materials such as wicker baskets, linen, cotton, jute or even hemp.

6. Start over

Generally, it is at the time of the acquisition of a good that one plans to make heavy work. From the walls to the floor to the ceiling, major work totally transforms your interior that you yourself might have trouble recognizing! The renovation in the example below speaks for itself.

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